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St. John Bosco Schools – Open House Tonight (1/29 – 7PM)

January 29th, 2013, Promulgated by benanderson

If you’re interested in getting an inside look at St. John Bosco Schools you might want to consider:

Open House and Information Night: Tuesday, January 29 at 7 PM
For parents and anyone else interested in learning about the unique curriculum of SJBS.

If you like what you’ve seen of St. John Bosco Schools and would like to donate, you can do so right from your computer. Scroll down to the bottom of the giving page.

You might also be interested in this:

The Fifth Annual Gala and Silent Auction to benefit St. John Bosco Schools will be February 2, 2013. Click the Gala tab for more information and to make your reservation.

And if you can’t make it to one of their informational sessions, you can get a peek into what SJBS is about by watching this:

(here’s the link to youtube in case the video doesn’t embed for you)


4 Responses to “St. John Bosco Schools – Open House Tonight (1/29 – 7PM)”

  1. Jim says:

    Ben, thanks for the very informative video! I’ve known of St. John Bosco School, but have never seen the teaching dynamics and the mission for these children. Very encouraging!

  2. SuburbanDad says:

    Does anybody know if there is a possibility of a similar K-8 school being set up in Buffalo? The diocese is prepared to unveil some new plans this week but I fear it may involve more bad decisions on their part.

  3. Ben Anderson says:

    SuburbanDad – yes, it’s possible. The folks that created this school put everything they had into it. It was an impossible task only made possible by hard work, sacrifice, and much prayer. As more schools are built using this grass-roots model, there are becoming more patterns to follow and more guidance to be offered. I was talking with someone the other day about why I send my kid here instead of homeschooling. I shared my opinion that a good Catholic school is the ideal – not homeschooling. I think there is too much group think in the homeschooling movement today – as if it’s the ideal. I mean, it is certainly a good option and often times the best one in certain circumstances, but I don’t think it’s the ideal. And then the other options of either public schools or Catholic schools that are basically public schools that don’t hate on God – I can’t really tell them apart (not knocking these options – in certain situations and circumstances I could see these being good options)… my point is that Catholic schools who measure themselves by public standards and setting themselves up for failure. The point is – yes, it’s possible. If you would’ve asked folks on the sidelines observing the beginnings of St. John Bosco school whether they’d “make it”, many would’ve told you there was not a chance.

  4. SuburbanDad says:

    Thanks, Ben! Do you have a point of contact? They just closed 10 schools with a lot being South of the City so now’s a good chance for lay Catholics to take up the challenge of giving their children an orthodox Catholic education.

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