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First (Anglican Use) Mass of Fr. Cornelius

January 28th, 2013, Promulgated by Bernie

Click HERE to view clips from the first Mass of Father John D. Cornelius of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter.


Father Cornelius’ first Roman Catholic Mass in the tradition of Anglican worship was celebrated by the Fellowship of Saint Alban and friends in the old Church of the Good Shepherd in Henrietta yesterday, January 26. John Cornelius was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church the previous day at Immaculate Conception Church in Wellsville, New York (Diocese of Buffalo).

The Anglican Use Mass was approved by Pope Benedict XVI especially for those former traditional Anglicans and Episcopalians who wish to reconcile with the Catholic Church but desire to worship according to the their previous tradition. Any Roman Catholic, however, may attend the Anglican Use Mass and receive the Eucharist; there are no restrictions other than the communicant must be a Roman Catholic and in a state of grace as well as having observed a fast for at least one hour before receiving.

The Anglican Use Mass will be celebrated every Sunday at 3 P.M. beginning Sunday February 10. (Evensong will be celebrated February 3 as Father Cornelius will be unavailable.)

It is best to check the Fellowship’s website if you decide to attend Mass some Sunday: Website Link


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7 Responses to “First (Anglican Use) Mass of Fr. Cornelius”

  1. Dr. K says:

    Welcome home, friends!

  2. ROBERT says:


  3. ROBERT says:

    Some questions. Is there a Mass book available to foloow and particpate in this rite? Where and cost? If they don’t have a bishop, who was the persona as a bishop? Rev. Msgr with a PA? Didn’t think a PA was in ACTIVE rank of our Church. I think I’ve got more questions, but let’s get these answered first. I’ll ask more. Who fills in when this priest is away?

  4. Andrew N. Jordan says:


    Yes, if you attend the service, a mass booklet is provided free of charge! The liturgical Use is currently under revision, but the older book is called the “Book of Divine Worship”; a pdf can be found online, but it is simpler and more accurate to use our provided booklet. We are currently using a provisional use that will be eventually replaced by a definitive, international one. Those books will be published and you can buy a nice hardbound edition – but it is a way off still.

    Our Ordinary, Msgr. Steenson, was present Sunday (he is the fellow wearing the miter in the video). He functions effectively as a bishop in that he has ordinary jurisdiction, but is a married priest. He is indeed a P.A. as well as a Msgr. It is still active, but has been restructured – see the Wiki on Protonotary Apostolic, for example. See also his biography on the Ordinariate website.

    Who fills in when the priest is away? At present no one: next week we will have Evening Prayer, with the faithful going to their local parish churches for mass. Fr. Cornelius is going to Houston to meet with the head of the CDF with other Ordinariate clergy. Hopefully in the future, we can find a willing priest able to fill in.

    More questions? The Ordinariate FAQ is a good place to start. Coffee hour following the service this coming Sunday is a good way to continue!

  5. Scott W. says:

    Any Anglican rites in the Diocese of Buffalo?

  6. ROBERT says:

    Evensong [Vespers?] sounds like a poor excuse not to have Mass? Why not direct them to a near-by RC parish? Sounds like Vatican II is starting in to revise what they have? Bless them all!

  7. Bernie says:

    ROBERT: Members of the Fellowship have been attending Mass in their local Catholic churches while waiting for Father Cornelius’ ordination. They have also been praying Evensong on Sunday afternoons so that they might gather together as fellow former Anglicans/Episcopalians. They will all be attending Mass back in their local churches this Sunday while their own priest attends a conference. Evensong does not replace Mass but is in addition to Mass. BTW, just a reminder that members of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter are Roman Catholics in every sense. Think of the Fellowship as just another parish -not exactly accurate but close enough for this comment.

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