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Bishop Watch

January 9th, 2013, Promulgated by Dr. K

Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Bp. Ricardo Ramirez, the first and only leader to serve the Diocese of Las Cruces. Bp. Ramirez led Las Cruces for 16 months after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 75 (contrast with Bp. Clark’s 2 months). What follows is an updated list of American dioceses in need of a new bishop:

Bishops serving past 75
1. Card. Francis George, Chicago [12 months]
2. Abp. John Vlazny, Portland, Oregon [11]
3. Bp. Michael Pfeifer, San Angelo [8]
4. Bp. Walter Hurley, Grand Rapids [8]
5. Bp. John Kinney, St. Cloud [7]
6. Bp. Joseph Latino, Jackson [3]
7. Abp. Henry Mansell, Hartford [3]
8. Timothy McDonnell, Springfield [1]

Vacant sees
1. El Paso [14 months]
2. Bridgeport [10]
3. Portland, Maine [8]
4. Fargo [8]
5. Oakland [6]
6. Rochester [4]
7. Ft. Worth [4]

Bp. Dennis Sullivan was appointed earlier this week to lead the Diocese of Camden following the early retirement of Bp. Joseph Galante for health reasons.

For our friends in the Diocese of Albany: Bp. Hubbard turns 75 on October 31st.

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9 Responses to “Bishop Watch”

  1. Persis says:

    Dr. K, a question.

    Of the Bishop’s who are over 75, but still serving,
    have any of them had a tenure as long as +Clark?

  2. Dr. K says:

    Here are the tenure lengths for all active diocesan bishops over 75, rounded up:

    Ricardo Ramirez 31
    Card. Francis George 16
    Abp. John Vlazny 16
    Bp. Michael Pfeifer 28
    Bp. Walter Hurley 8
    Bp. John Kinney 18
    Bp. Joseph Latino 10
    Abp. Henry Mansel 10
    Timothy McDonnell 9

    Bp. Clark served as Bishop of Rochester for roughly 33.3 years. He was appointed a couple months shy of 42. No active bishop over age 75 has had a longer tenure, though Bps. Ramirez (31) and Pfeifer (28) came close.

    Bp. Hubbard, a year younger than Bp. Clark, has been Bishop of Albany for 36 years. He was appointed in 1977, while Bp. Clark was appointed in 1979.

    Interesting factoid: There are no active diocesan bishops under 75 who were appointed during the 1980s. The next longest tenured bishop under age 75, after Bp. Hubbard, is Bp. David Fellhauer. He was appointed thirteen years later in 1990!

  3. Persis says:

    Very interesting. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Another question though.

    In the the post, it say +Ramirez retired after serving 16 months, yet here you say it was 31 years. Did the diocese he retire from, which was a new one I beleive, split off from the diocese he was the Ordinary of for the first 30 years?

  4. raymondfrice says:

    As I said in another posting a few days ago, the administrative knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, prelates in the Vatican should get moving!!! The amount of our Peter’s Pence donations demands some service for us.

  5. Dr. K says:

    He has been the bishop of Las Cruces since the diocese was formed in 1982. The 16 refers to the number of months it has been since he submitted his resignation upon turning 75.

  6. Dr. K says:

    San Antonio auxiliary, Bp. Oscar Cantรบ, has been appointed to lead Las Cruces.

  7. DanielKane says:

    With respect to Cardinals, it is not unusual for them to serve beyond age 75 because they hold voting privileges until age 80; presuming that their health holds up. The many prayers for Cdl. George have been effective in that the good Cardinal has beaten off the Big C now twice and both his voice and spirit remain strong.

    You heard it here first – my money is on Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta to be the Windy City’s next Red Hat when Cardinal George is ready to retire.

  8. Persis says:

    OH, I see that now!!
    Thanks, Dr. K!! Very interesting info! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. raymondfrice says:

    Dr. K!!
    Inquiring minds want to know: not to give you extra work to do, but do you know off-hand how many current Catholic bishops are order priests? This seems to be a trend in some larger dioceses(Philadelphia, Boston.)

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