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Lessons and Carols at St. Thomas the Apostle Church

December 15th, 2012, Promulgated by Mike

Some photos from yesterday’s Lessons and Carols Service at St. Thomas the Apostle Church.

My thanks to everyone involved for an inspiring evening of Scripture and song.

(The photos in this slideshow are available here.)




6 Responses to “Lessons and Carols at St. Thomas the Apostle Church”

  1. avatar Rich Leonardi says:

    Mike (et al.),

    I’ll be home next Thursday through Sunday, the weekend before Christmas, and we’re very much looking forward to the trip. We usually worship at OLV on Sunday, but on this trip we’ll be heading back at the crack of dawn that day. Do you know of a parish on the West side that offers a vigil Mass on Saturday that isn’t … appalling? The last time I went to St. Pius X, the closest parish to my mother’s home in Chili, Fr. Dan Holland wandered about the church with a wireless microphone during his homily, skipped pronouns and sections of prayers he didn’t like, and posted his support for women’s ordination in the bulletin. My last experience at St. Helen a few years earlier wasn’t much different. Any suggestions you or your readers can give will be appreciated.

  2. avatar Rich Leonardi says:

    Thanks, Ben! Did they recently add it? I seem to recall only a 7 pm Mass not too long ago.

  3. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    As long as I’ve been going there (about 5 years now), there’s been a 4:30 on Sat, a 10AM on Sun, and a 7:30PM on Sun. The bulletins are here:

    I’ll also note that Fr. Holland retired a few years ago. Fr. Mayer is there now. He seems to be a good and holy priest, but he is merely an “assisting priest”.
    The last time I attended mass there with the current PA, the congregation was asked to stand and tell those around them what their favorite flavor of ice cream was. One wonders if this unlawful role of leadership will be tackled by +Cunningham or if this will be left to the next bishop to deal with.

  4. avatar Dr. K says:

    In the late 90s/early 2000s, I believe there was a 6:05 PM on Saturday.

  5. avatar Jim says:

    Jim M. here: Thanks Mike for posting the slides of the “Lessons and Carols” celebration from last week. I belong to St. Thomas, but had to work that night and couldn’t attend. It gives me a good idea of how beautiful the celebration was!

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