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The Election

November 7th, 2012, Promulgated by Dr. K

Gay marriage passes, for the first time by popular vote, in three states: Washington, Maine, Maryland.

Defense of marriage amendment fails in Minnesota.

Washington and Colorado legalize recreational pot (not medicinal, but recreational buy-it-at-your-local-gas-station marijuana). Massachusetts approves medicinal marijuana.

Democrats make gains in the House, hold ground in the Senate, hold the White House, and may soon dominate the Supreme Court with as many as three Justices contemplating retirement. If anything goes wrong with the upcoming “fiscal cliff,” Republicans in the House will be blamed and Democrats will take full control.

Barack Obama won the Catholic vote 50% to 47%.


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10 Responses to “The Election”

  1. avatar DanielKane says:

    “Put no trust in princes, in children of Adam powerless to save.” (Ps146:3). Hope and Joy like mass and energy can never be created or destroyed only directed. We can deconstruct 11/6 one thousand ways but in the end, those who hope in princes can only be disappointed and those who live in hope experience joy. Lacking both hope and joy, our nature returns to our bellies. Last night everyone voted their belly – pot, sex & free stuff unearned. The problem is that the belly is soon hungry again. It should be obvious that political means do not evangelize the culture. The mandate of Christian witness in joy and hope is independent of the White House occupant and transcends the American experiment. There is a failure – a failure of authentic joy and hope by those who have every reason to possess and share both.

  2. avatar annonymouse says:

    The news is grim. Indeed. Our nation is divided. Hopelessly so. And it appears that the forces of evil enjoyed a smashing success yesterday.

    Sadly, many of our Catholic brothers and sisters, including many among the clergy, are gleeful this morning. It’s hard to understand how we can have such differing paradigms and still all call ourselves Catholic, but that’s where we are.

    But God put you and me here at this time and place and tasks us to a New Evangelization. In the midst of a “perverse and crooked generation” as St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians reminds us today, we are called to “shine like lights.” Never has our nation been more in need of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. We are tasked to bring Him to them. “To give them knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of their sins.”

    And let us never forget – this is not our home. We are here to live out the will of God in our lives, to be in the world but not of the world, but our home is the next world where we will live in perfect joy in the communion of the Holy Trinity.

  3. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    I found the daily mass readings especially helpful today (as they always are) and I also found this post helpful:

  4. avatar Nerina says:

    Hi Ben,

    I went to daily Mass today and found the readings quite helpful too. And, I too, DanielKane, thought of the psalm you referenced. Regardless, it is still a bitter pill to swallow especially as I imagine the future for my kids. I can survive whatever happens. If my standard of living falls – fine – I grew up with pretty much nothing. I can deal. But what about my kids? Will there be jobs for them? Will they even be able to forge an existence outside of government dependency? Will they be free, really free, to think and act and believe and worship as they want or as God calls them to? Will my daughters know that they are daughters of God and inherently worthy for their femininity? Will they seek marriage because it offers a foretaste of the divine or will the toxic tea within which they are steeped overwhelm them? Will they become a part of the hook-up culture and expect serial short-term relationships that end up with the birth of one or two kids out of wedlock? Will we ALWAYS, no matter what, say murdering babies in the womb is A-OK?

    We live in sobering times.

  5. avatar Nerina says:

    Regarding the Catholic vote (and at risk of seeming ungrateful to our Bishops), you reap what you sow. How many more generations will be lost to poor catechesis, lame homiletics and sloppy liturgy?

    Boy, I am depressed today.

    Annonymouse, that you for your final sentence. I must bear in mind that my ultimate destination is NOT here, but in Heaven reconciled to our Heavenly Father through the salfivic act of Jesus Christ.

  6. avatar Dr. K says:

    Give it a decade or two and the Catholic vote will be near extinction in the Diocese of Rochester. The number of infant Baptisms continues to plummet.

  7. avatar Gretchen says:

    “Possibly, we stand before a new epoch of Church history with quite different conditions, in which Christianity will stand under the sign of the mustard seed, in small and apparently insignificant groups, which nonetheless oppose evil intensively and bring the Good into the world.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

    The prophet J.R.R. Tolkien saw the future and he described to us just such an insignificant group in his Lord of the Ring trilogy. I highly recommend reading the books and/or watching the films while we mourn the Mordor path this nation has taken. Good always triumphs in the end. Always.

  8. avatar Eliza10 says:

    I like what Daniel Kane had to say above. And I agree, Nerina, we reap what we sow. I was hopeful we would be rid of the obamanation, too, and Romney was definitely the least worst candidate. But instead we got the candidate that reflects who we are as a nation. We got what we deserve. I was hoping we wouldn’t get what we deserve, though.

    I think if only Rochester Diocesean Catholics elected this president, Obama would have won by more of a landslide. Thanks a lot, Clark. And while our diocese is among the worst, there are a lot of bad dioceses. It really is true, the answer is the New Evangelization. That is our calling, those of us blessed to know how blessed we are to be Catholic. I think when Catholics get Evangelized, only then we will have hope for a pro-life president who respects religion. Till then, millions more babies will be killed, and our religious rights will take a big hit in these next four years, and our children’s future is much less bright. But maybe we need obama-induced poverty, the inevitable economic poverty and also the psychological and spiritual poverty that will result from the ungodly agenda he promotes. That brokenness will help people turn to faith. Sometimes we need to get the best that hard way.

  9. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Americans will not wake up until they reach the point where they realize the line in Peggy Lee’s song,” Is that all there is?”, has been reached. We are building our own quicksand traps and will eventually fall in them and then pray very hard that God will be able to rescue us!! I think God must get very impatient sometimes dealing with those of us who come across as impatient and risk taking and having delusions of God rescuing us at the last moment. In the end, God will not punish us but we will just be left to deal with the consequences of our own badly formulated risk taking behaviors.

  10. avatar dbb says:

    “Barack Obama pretty much holds on to his 2008 electoral vote victories to win another four years after being one of the worst presidential failures of the century.”

    That’s not saying much… This century is only 13 years old.

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