Cleansing Fire

Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

The Election: Part II

November 7th, 2012, Promulgated by Dr. K

2008 v 2012 Popular Vote

Year Obama McCain/Romney
2008 69,456,897 59,934,814
2012 60,023,768 57,353,628
Change  -9,433,129 -2,581,186 

As of this moment, Mitt Romney has received less popular votes than the uninspiring and unpopular John McCain received in 2008. Had conservatives turned out at least as strong as 2008, we might have a different president-elect today.

Conservatives can’t blame anyone but themselves.

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19 Responses to “The Election: Part II”

  1. Ben Anderson says:

    One reason is that many of them have died since 2008. The next generations are much more liberal.

  2. christian says:

    A significant reason was Mitt Romney’s known long-standing Pro-choice Agenda which only switched to a Pro-choice Agenda after his seriously contemplating a run for the Presidency. Then it had exceptions for rape and incest. Next, according to anti-abortion, Christian conservatives, he “back peddled” by making statements that he did not think the abortion issue was relevant to his campaign and that he did not forsee any legislation outlawing abortion coming across his desk.

    Another reason was his known flip-flopping on issues – telling different groups what they wanted to hear, often making contradictions which he had previously stated. I heard conservative Christians state that they did not think they could trust him. (They knew where John McCain, George Bush, and previous conservatives stood on issues – they were clear and did not waver).

    Another reason was his plan to go back to “small government.” Many people feel that we should not have government controlling more and more aspects of our day to day living, but what Mitt Romney was proposing was a return to the individual state creating their own policies rather than Federal Regulation. His approach seemed too radical to many, if not most. You cannot go back to the “small government” of pre-Civil War times.

    Another reason was Mitt Romney’s demeanor and various outlandish, offensive tactics of 2012 Republican National Convention.

    I know of voters who were not happy with either Obama or Romney and were planning to write-in a candidate or chose a lesser known candidate.

    At this point, we have to pray for our country and its leaders.

  3. CPT Tom says:


    Most of what you’ve said are half truths and media talking points. Nothing proposed by Mitt Romney was extreme. So instead people voted for or allowed to become president a man who believes abortion should be legal even to the last trimester and is going to mortgage the future by growing government to unbelievable levels. and yes he certainly was no conservative. What do you think will happen with Obamacare? It will be supported by a huge bureaucracy as well as an army of IRS agents. Pray for Our Leaders? No, pray for the people.

    Our founders declared for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…notice which right is first? Without the first the other rights aren’t going to happen.

  4. Richard Thomas says:

    Are U kidding?

    With all the flip flopping the current man in the White house has done, can anyone compare Rmoney to that.

    And the outright lies! Was ROmney as bad as that? Incredulous.

    These Christians nit pisk the hi=airs on the nose of a mouse while completely oblivious to a mouse infestation.

    Well. You got what you wanted. The American Dream is over. Now, everyone “Getting Stuff” from the government , illegals, welfare crowd, the looney left wins. We will never get our country back. And you have not even seen the ripples of the oncoming typhoon.

  5. Richard Thomas says:

    Read this from”Catholic Militalt TV. Here is your answer.

    What happened in the US election
    signals the end of a civilization. And this was already destined for quite some time ..
    already baked in.
    And the reason is because America has thrown in the towel on God .. so of course, God
    threw in the towel on America and has given us as a nation exactly what we want .. an
    evil leader to uphold and encourage us in our evil.
    20 percent of Americans are atheists and well over 30 percent of the rest of the country
    lives like they are .. despite their faint-hearted pretensions that they believe in God.
    They don’t. They believe not in GOD as HE is in Himself .. but in their own version of
    him. At the end of the day .. the American civilization has worshipped itself .. and labeled
    it liberty .. and freedom.
    The nation has indulged every sexual appetite .. every selfish whim .. created entire industries
    dedicated to pornography .. adultery .. fornication .. sodomy.
    An entertainment industry .. the legal profession .. the political system .. all of these have
    combined to create an environment where people can .. simply put .. have sex with
    whomever they want without any consequences and are celebrated for it.
    That has been the trajectory of America for the past 50 years .. and the Catholic Church
    has done virtually noting to prevent it .. in fact .. in its persistent lack of defiance in the
    face of the evil .. it has been COMPLICIT in it.
    When will leaders in the Church act as they though they REALLY believe that there is an
    enemy roaming about the world like a roaring lion looking for souls to devour. That’s
    not poetry .. it’s reality.
    For decades .. Catholic Church leadership .. beginning with liberal modernist icons like ..
    Cardinal John Deardon of Detroit .. Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago .. and their
    like-minded disciples such as Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles and countless
    others without famous names .. for decades .. men like this in the Church have promoted
    an earth bound version of Catholicism and refused to promote the authentic faith in clear
    and bold terms.
    Once again .. just as in 2008 .. Obama captured a majority of Catholic voters. This failed
    fake Catholicism must be purged from the Church once and for all .. rejected .. utterly.
    Leaders have cowed to a spirit of false ecumenism in the Church .. accepted an attitude of
    tolerance with regard to evil and dissent in the ranks .. failed to confront evil and barely
    lifted a finger to protect the sheep from a culture becoming more and more evil with
    every passing year.
    Can anyone be surprised that a man whose entire agenda has been the proliferation of evil
    just won re-election. America has become evil .. not every individual of course .. but the
    balance has tipped. In fact .. it had already tipped .. but now it is just on display for
    everyone to see.
    Virtually nowhere was a voice raised in the Church about the evil engulfing the country
    from abortion .. sodomy .. etc .. until the past few weeks.
    Sure .. there’s been a bishop here or a priest there these past years putting themselves out
    there .. and we mean OUT THERE .. but during the time of quiet growth .. the non-dramatic
    time, where evil REALLY does its work in secret .. too many in the Church have
    simply been MIA .. missing in action.
    The Catholic education system was allowed to be taken over by modernists. Catholic
    parish life has been allowed to be taken over by modernists. Catholic media was taken
    over by modernists .. and even most of the so-called conservative Catholic media today
    will not call out the real problems in the Church. Seminaries have been allowed to be
    taken over by modernists. Religious orders have been allowed to be taken by modernists.
    Houses of formation have been allowed to be taken over by modernists.
    And as a result .. the Catholic Church in America has lost herself .. is swimming in a sea
    of self-doubt .. lack of self-understanding .. missing any notion of a self-identity. And the
    result has been not just the collapse of a culture .. but .. can any doubt .. the loss of untold
    souls .. MOST importantly .. the loss of souls.
    There comes a time when a huge number of people simply cannot withstand the onslaught
    .. the daily pounding of evil. Our Blessed Lord Himself even says .. “for at
    that time there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of
    the world until now, nor ever will be. And if those days had not been shortened, no
    one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect they will be shortened.”
    The faith NEEDS reinforcement. It simply is not getting it. Every little bit of good
    news here or there .. is swamped by a virtual outburst of bad news. From priests in
    pulpits challenging the unchanging truths of the Church .. to the non-stop acquiescence
    on the part of too many leaders to the culture of tolerance.
    What was once good in the American culture has largely disappeared .. and what
    little is left will soon be swamped. The firewall against sodomite marriage will soon
    be gone once it hits the Supreme Court.
    Voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington on election day ratified so-called gay
    marriage .. the first time voters themselves have done that directly. And two of those
    states have Catholic governors who actively campaigned for sodomite marriage.
    With regard to the Supreme Court .. with a democratic Senate and the power of appointment
    by Obama .. abortion is now here to stay forever. Obama will be replacing
    at least three .. if not more .. of the justices over the next 4 years and those appointees
    will keep abortion enshrined and add even more other horrors to the list.
    Before 1960 .. the Catholic Church was a moral force in the country .. was able to influence
    the culture for the good .. be the light Our Blessed Lord commanded us to be
    and the salt he said we need to be.
    But even before 1960 .. the salt was beginning to lose its flavor. The Church was illprepared
    for the hurricane of evil that came crashing ashore. But in the aftermath ..
    the Church in America .. far from switching into cleanup mode .. actually ADDED to
    the damage.
    In the wake of the sexual revolution that engulfed the culture .. the Church in America
    essentially fell silent on the issue of contraception and when that happened .. they
    set the stage to cede the ground on abortion, homosexuality, and every other moral
    question. But .. we heard no end of social justice!
    Bottom line .. the leadership simply was not there and with few notable exceptions
    which prove the rule .. it still is not there. Where is the crushing of dissent? Where is
    the advancement of reverently offered Masses? Where is the insistence on Catholic
    teachers teaching Catholicsm?
    The Church in America has not come to terms with this simple fact. The faith is
    hanging on by a thread. 2000 parishes have been forced to close in the past 20 years.
    Hundreds of priests are now working themselves to the bones to make up for the
    shortage in their own ranks.
    A crazy notion has seized hold that Modernism in the Church has been largely been
    defeated by emotion-laden feel good “Protestantized” liturgy. That’s a huge error.
    What has happened is one error traded for another.
    The liturgy is in a shambles with regard to any real comprehension on the part of the
    few faithful who still attend. The sacramental life has been essentially abandoned ..
    especially Confession because the reality of sin and Hell are never preached.
    Our Blessed Lord established the Church to be the bulwark against evil and to lead
    people to heaven. When She is in retreat .. the world’s descent into Hell quickens ..
    And the closer the world draws to the heat of Hellfire .. the more leaders who advance
    that decline emerge on the world stage and since their Master is the
    diabolical .. to expect anything other than an assault against the Church would be
    naïve .. and we have certainly had enough with naïveté in the Church.
    That a president who sits atop the worst economy in living memory, a national debt
    that can never be paid or even reduced, falling incomes, rising taxes .. shrinking savings
    .. the highest number of unemployed Americans EVER .. and on and on .. is
    beyond belief.
    As we predicted in our Electoral College Update show for the past four weeks ..
    nothing sticks to this man and for someone in such possession of the diabolical
    mind .. a faithful man has to consider the possibility that Obama is somehow protected
    .. that some kind of supernatural aspect attends this man.
    The people that voted for him are largely atheist .. irreligious .. supportive of child
    murder .. re-defining marriage to embrace homosexual sex .. the very souls that if
    they die in such a state .. stand over Hell on the knife’s edge.
    But when they are still on this earth .. they join and grow in Legion strength and advance
    evil and wickedness that faithful Catholics .. leaders and laity will no longer be
    able to run from or pose for photos with.
    Dark days lay ahead for Holy Mother Church in terms of suffering and persecution ..
    in whatever form it takes. Satan has a track record of wielding the power of the state
    to assault the Church.
    But my fellow Catholics .. we must recognize that the arena of our salvation has now
    been shown to us. Our only refuge will be the faith and the Sacred Heart of Our
    Lord. We .. MUST .. BE .. Catholic and that means learning the faith must become
    our first priority. The only people who will survive damnation will be saints.
    And saints do not happen overnight. Martyrs do not emerge from nowhere .. just as
    their persecutors don’t. For too long Catholics in America have been too concerned
    with wanting to fit in and be more American than Catholic. They have ignored the
    fact that America’s days are over. To subjugate your faith to the fortunes of a dying
    nation .. means your faith will die as well.
    This attitude has been fostered by many leaders in the Church .. lay and clerical.
    Those days must be abandoned and walked away from. If you belong to parish that
    does not challenge and help you to be a saint .. leave it and get to one that does.
    If your parish priest permits or even encourages one liturgical abuse after another or
    allows an environment where the faith is slowly strangled by mediocrity .. leave that
    parish and get to one that promotes Catholicism proudly as the One True Faith established
    by the Son of God PERIOD.
    That parish is .. sooner or later .. going to disappear from the landscape anyway ..
    joining the ranks of the more than 2000 that have already been boarded up and sold
    off. The reason a parish is weak is because of a lack of faith. The reason they shrink
    is because of lack of faith. Even if the pews are packed .. don’t judge a book by its
    cover. Huge numbers of those pewsitters don’t know of fully accept the faith.
    The reason evil has such control and scores victory after victory in ever increasing
    rates is because Catholics have not been Catholic. As Pope Pius said .. “all the evil in
    the world is due to lukewarm Catholics.”
    The election is over. But don’t let the results allow you think that your place does
    not STILL belong with the Elect. You were baptized for Heaven. Your place is the
    City of God, not the City of Man.
    We are not on earth to win elections .. advance political agendas .. or promote princes
    in whom we should never place our trust. We are here to work out our salvation in
    fear and trembling.
    It’s time to live the faith. When Catholic leaders and laity impede your faith with
    scandal and bad example and weak teaching .. with compromises and photo ops and
    poor catechesis .. with neglect of piety and devotion and instruction .. then go where
    you can find it.
    We must throw off the modernism that has ravaged our faith and families. We must
    defeat this in our parishes .. our church groups .. our bible studies .. our seminaries ..
    our families. We must get back to what it is to BEING Catholic.
    The Modernist experiment that has gone in Church these past fifty has failed in epic
    fashion. It must now be resisted with all your strength and defeated. What happened
    on election night in the USA is proof in the political world of what has gone so terribly
    wrong in the theological world.
    GOD Love you,
    I’m Michael Voris

  6. Scott W. says:

    Wow. How about just a link next time?

  7. Nerina says:

    It’s amazing to me that Romney couldn’t manage to get the same number of votes as the lifeless McCain. I can’t believe that was the ceiling when McCain’s 2008 number should have been the floor for Romney.

    Thinking more and more about this number I do believe that many social conservatives sat this one out. I hear some in the conservative movement expressing the desire to “ditch” social issues – that they are holding the Republican party down. I think that would be a huge mistake because, to me, the social issues are the root of all of our cultural problems. With sexual libertinism rampant, the breakdown of the family among classes and races (except for the white, middle-upper class), skyhigh illegitimacy rates, failing schools (especially in the communities most affected by family breakdown), and more and more food stamp recipients, how can any one think we can simply “ditch” social issues. It’s all interconnected!

  8. Nerina says:

    For those interested in a good rant about the Catholic vote in this election, go visit our friend “Larry D” at Acts of the Apostasy. He nails it:

  9. Richard Thomas says:

    Sorry Scott,

    I’ll try better next time

  10. Richard Thomas says:

    We would never get our country back until we get our Church back.

  11. Scott W. says:

    With sexual libertinism rampant, the breakdown of the family among classes and races (except for the white, middle-upper class), skyhigh illegitimacy rates, failing schools (especially in the communities most affected by family breakdown), and more and more food stamp recipients, how can any one think we can simply “ditch” social issues. It’s all interconnected!

    Unfortunately, it’s not social conservative’s call. The Machiavellian wing of the GOP has been pushing out socons for a while now and socoms are like a crazy aunt–let her put on a nice dress and run a brush through her hair so she can make a good appearance for casting a ballot for Our Guy, but after the election, lock her back in the attic.

  12. Thinkling says:

    (from LarryD’s piece:) “You [Catholycs] wear your IUD’s like scapulars”

    LarryD, please never change 🙂

  13. Richard Thomas says:

    Here’s another interesting take on the election. Got it right this time!

  14. Nerina says:


    Re: the “crazy aunt”/socon metaphor – I fear you are right (though, honestly, I dress up really nice and I can speak in complete sentences). IF the GOP really were to “drop” the socon issues, I think as a party they are done. Really, really done. I have to say, I know my pro-life vote is assumed by the Republicans, but the post-election hand-wringing by the establishment types in the party over social issues is really starting to tick me off. Don’t want my vote because I’m a social conservative – that’s fine. I’ll stay home next time. (For clarification – I am NOT saying that Scott W. is an establishment Republican. He’s pretty clear on where he stands politically)

  15. christian says:

    I agree with the point that people in our country, in general, have become “very liberal” in promoting, accepting, and even living, in co-habitation, sexual love situations outside of marriage between a man and a woman, or outside the conventional relationship of man and woman (homosexual unions) – without the benefit of the Catholic norm, or the Christian, Jewish, and other major faith norm of marriage.
    We are told that we should be open to others’ opinions and way of life and not judge them or attempt to convert them to our way of thinking. We should be accepting of all these unusual ways despite it registering immoral,deviant,or perverse from our standards and religious upbringing.
    Example-At one hospital I have worked, there were a handful of men in professional, medical/nursing positions who came to work dressed as women-even hairdos of a woman or teenage/young woman, – some additionally had makeup – to carry out the duties of their job. One of these men, a young man, was new and working on the other side of the floor and when I was instructing nursing staff on that side of the floor to what to do in an emergency drill, I said tell her, in reference to this new person, to … I was corrected by the nurse that it was him – that it was a young man. – I was absolutely shocked! The young man wore a white skirt and white top with lace trimmed ankle socks with their white shoes,(they were from an agency) and had their hair in a pony tail or pigtail. He was slender and had delicate features. This young man as well as others, was used as nursing coverage on a regular basis – despite being dressed and groomed as female staff yet biologically male. There was someone hired in the medical lab who was biologically male yet dressed and groomed as a woman.
    The rest of us wondered what restroom these individuals used when they could not use the staff bathroom on the floor. We wondered what administration thought of all of this – and we wondered what clergy and religious thought of all of this. Despite the credo of a health institution, they are not allowed by law, to prevent the hiring or employment of such individuals on their grounds. They have to be an equal opportunity employer and not discriminate according to age, gender, race, creed,or sexual preference – these individuals would probably have a stronger case than any other group and have less difficulty getting a top notch lawyer, or even a team of top-notch lawyers to defend them in a lawsuit.
    Yes, we should have compassion of these individuals and acceptance of them as part of God’s creation, but we should not have to be accepting of their mixed-up sexual identity lifestyle at work. One adult male patient would joke about them to the regular staff nurses after they took care of him. But how would you feel if one of these men dressed as a woman took care of your child? Don’t you think it could create identity confusion?

  16. true faith says:

    I’ve read about as much malarkey that I can stand about sour grapes that Mitt Romney didn’t win as if he exemplifies an angel and Obama is the devil incarnate.I have a lot more respect and admiration for John Mc Cain than I will ever have in a lifetime for Mitt Romney.Every mayor in Massachusetts says that Romney was arrogant and wouldn’t work with them. He gave the same promises to this state ( almost word for word except he had a pro-choice stance then) and the state was in a worse financial state than before he took office. He raised fees on everything instead of taxes which comes out the same for the average citizen. He voices concern about the average citizen who loses his job to oversees workers and downsizing while he himself, as a businessman, did the very same to thousands. Meanwhile, he maintained off shore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and in Switzerland that are non taxable and owns a business in the Bahamas ( also- non taxable) which he put in his wife’s name. This was disclosed by Newt Gingrich, a fellow Republican. How could I vote for a man that doesn’t pay the same percent of taxes that I have to and follows a different rule book.

    He didn’t win the vote among animal lovers: seriously, who puts their family dog on the rooftop of their family vehicle and subjects that poor unfortunate creature to rough crosswinds, the elements, and the risk of falling off onto the highway at high speed and velocity. Interesting to know, I have always thought that the pro life stance of the Republican Party was just lip service to woo the religious vote. In all of these years they’ve done nothing. In fact, President Clinton signed the bill to ban partial birth and late term abortions. ( By the way, I think Republican Joe Robach does a fantastic job: I’d vote for him no matter what party he was running under.

    I heard a news update on two separate Christian radio programs that the Republican Party is upset about their voter base and support after losing the last two presidential elections. They stated that their only voter base was Mormons, traditional Catholics, evangelical Christians and the rich. (Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, naturalized citizens, Muslims, Jews, gays, lesbians, single women, single mothers, professional women, and young first time voters have been identified as the demographics of the Democratic Party). A Republican Party spokesman stated that the Republican Party is seriously considering abandoning their pro life platform/stance and abandoning their anti- same sex marriage platform/stance which only appeals to their traditional Christian and Mormon voter demographic. They feel that they need to forsake Christian social issues platform/stance because they are alienating a large voter base that they are seeking.

  17. Dr. K says:

    “They feel that they need to forsake Christian social issues platform/stance because they are alienating a large voter base that they are seeking.”

    Did Barack Obama forsake his liberal pro-abortion, pro-universal birth control position for a less alienating platform? No. Obama doubled down on getting out the Democrat vote by hammering away on sexual issues. He utilized social media to peddle filthy ads about how voting for Obama is like losing one’s virginity, and that you need to vote for the Big O to “protect your lady parts.” The president made no appeal to independents, and lost the independent vote by 5 points nationally and 10+ in battleground states like Ohio. In the end, reaching a broader audience didn’t matter. Obama got his base out, while Romney failed to get his. So what should the Republicans do? Exactly what the Dems did this cycle; fight hard to energize the base and don’t give a rat’s behind about compromising on principles.

    The Republicans need a young, presidential-looking conservative candidate in 2016. Romney was solid in the first two debates, but had a mighty hill to climb to win over the many conservatives opposed to his candidacy. Remember that a sizable majority of Republicans were in the “anybody but Romney camp.” Romney, despite his best (?) efforts, failed to win these people over. A John McCain size turnout might have been enough to win the electoral college, but Romney was perceived by conservative voters to be more liberal than the moderate McCain.

  18. christian says:

    I read True Faith’s Account of the Republican Party contemplating their stand on abortion, gay marriage, and their conservative Christian identity in order to gain larger voter support via Christian radio.
    I have read two articles online regarding the Republican Party rethinking their stand on various issues – one of the articles was regarding changing their policy on Immigration to gain a larger Hispanic vote. – the other article was by a conservative Christian group regarding the Republican party’s talk of changing their traditional Christian identity and policies.
    I agree with that author’s viewpoint that abandoning their Christian identity and their subsequent policies would be a very poor decision for the Republican Party. I know of family members and relation on both sides of my family, including myself, who have voted for the Republican candidate in a Presidential election because of their Pro-Life Stand and Christian Identity and Views – even if we don’t necessarily agree with all their economic policies. If the Republican Party abandons their tradition platform of conservative Christian views and policies, I think they can call it “Game Over.”

    Apparently, all this contemplation and talk of re-configuration in the aftermath of the Presidential Election is due to the Republican Party’s paid political analysts trying to explain what went wrong. I wish I was able to contact a responsible member higher-up in the Republican Party to tell them not to abandon their Christian identity and Christian policies, but the person I would likely reach probably wouldn’t pass my information along. Hopefully, Someone Higher up in the Republican Party will read the Cleansing Fire and take my comments to heart. I would like to give the Republican Party objective, constructive criticism which I think would be helpful, free of charge, to point out areas where I think they could improve. In this way, they would stand a better chance of winning a Presidential Election.
    1. I think the Republican Party underestimated the power of social media. When you are running for President and Vice-President, you have to realize that you are constantly in the Public Eye – not only the times you have scheduled speaking engagements and photo opts. When I speak of social media, I not only mean the Internet, but also television, newspapers, and magazines. People look not only to candidates’ cautious public appearances to form an opinion, but also to their unguarded, private moments with family, friends, and everyday commoners.
    A. Re: Paul Ryan – if you want publicity for serving in a Soup Kitchen – spend the entire day serving at that kitchen. (Showing up for that photo opt after the kitchen had closed for the day, including the kitchen and dishes having already been cleaned, was a bad move. Requesting some clean pots and pans to be put into the sink so Paul Ryan could be photographed washing them, giving the impression that he had volunteered there for the day, came across as Insincere. Apparently, the Director of the Soup Kitchen was furious over this staged insincere, photo opt and blew the whistle. If the photo opt was on the advice of campaign advisors, he needs to get a new team. *If Paul Ryan had rolled up his sleeves and had actually volunteered for the day, he probably would have gotten more support from kitchen volunteers, the kitchen, director, the media, and the public).
    B. Re: Mitt Romney- (The incident of having the family dog ride on the roof of the vehicle during a family vacation occurred many years ago, yet it came back to haunt him). If you do not want your family’s dog riding inside your vehicle with the rest of your family when embarking on a family vacation, leave him behind with a family friend, a kennel, or a dog daycare which will take care of him during your absence. (People in general, deemed it Inhumane that the Romneys had their dog ride on the roof of their vehicle during their family vacation. There are people who judge a person’s character and their fitness to serve based on how they treat the most vulnerable in society – children, the elderly, and pets (animals). It would have resulted in better public opinion of Mitt Romney had he had their dog ride in the vehicle with the rest of them or if Mitt Romney had had their dog put in a good kennel, dog daycare, or left him with a trusted caregiver before they left on family vacation. I hope Mitt Romney and others learned from that experience. Of course, the unborn are among the most vulnerable in society, but it doesn’t help your case if you are not seen treating the already born {people or animals} well).
    C. Re: Mitt Romney- Even if you are asked for your opinion during a television show regarding an event and happening in a different country, be aware that what you say will be known in that different country and other countries, as well as your own country. When visiting with leaders of a foreign country, think and weigh your words before you speak. (It couldn’t have helped Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign when the mayor of London, England held a public rally to protest the comments Mitt Romney made regarding their readiness for the 2012 Summer Olympics – which was televised around the world. After only a short time outside the United States, Mitt Romney managed to offend our closest allies, prompting President Obama to do damage control – which was also televised).
    D. Re: Mitt Romney- You should have waited for the results of the Presidential Election before setting up an elaborate and expensive fireworks display in Boston Harbor and multiple Web Sites as the next President of the United States. You should have written a concession speech as well as a victory speech. You should have showed up to the planned Victory Party with family, friends, and volunteers to at least celebrate your Campaign Efforts and thank your supporters. (It took excessive funds to put up and then take down the firework display in Boston Harbor and the Presidential Web pages from the Internet. When Mitt Romney was televised giving his concession speech, he was all alone. There were no supporters around him, Paul Ryan wasn’t there. None of Mitt Romey’s family members were present. The television reporter noted that not even his wife was at his side. His concession speech came across as a very sad and lonely scene. I felt very sorry for him and wondered why none of the aforementioned people could be there on stage with him for moral support.
    Within the week following the Election, it was learned that Mitt Romney had cancelled all of his volunteers’ credit cards directly after finding out that he had lost the Presidential Election, not allowing his volunteers (supporters) funds to get back home; stranding many of them. It makes me wonder what went on after the results of the Election in the way of Family, Friend, and Supporter Dynamics that the public doesn’t know about. * If I was running for a Candidate of Public Office – In the event of winning or losing – I would be thankful to all my volunteers and I would make it a top priority to ensure that all my volunteers who came to help me out got back home safely. I would be thankful to all my Family, Friends, and Supporters. Mitt Romney’s Priorities Seem Out of Order. He also doesn’t come across as a People Person).

    My recipe for a good Republican Presidential Candidate and a Successful Campaign will be in my next post.

  19. christian says:

    The recipe (in my opinion) for a good Republican Presidential Candidate and a Successful Campaign for President and Vice-President:
    The Voting Public likes Candidate(s) to be in touch with the common person and their everyday struggles. Candidate(s) they can relate to is an addition advantage. The Voting Public also likes Candidate(s) who have Sincerity, Empathy, Kindness, and Charity.

    A. The ideal Republican candidate for the Presidency (and Vice-Presidency) of the United States would be a Christian with strong moral convictions who advocates for all people.(Senator Joe Robach is an excellent example of a how a Republican leader and candidate can be an advocate for people of all faiths, and even be present at their functions, while maintaining their Christian identity and principals).
    B. In addition to living a moral, decent life, they should “have their house in order” and have their priorities in order. I do not wish to come out and state specifics – all I will say about this topic is that many, if not most conservative Christians that I know or have known, feel that if Someone is bidding for a position of responsibility, authority, and accountability in church or public service, they should first, as a prerequisite, have their family matters under control and in good order.
    C. A candidate for the Presidency (and Vice-Presidency) of the United States would not necessarily have to be young, but perceived as youthful, energetic, charismatic, passionate, and knowledgeable. (A hardy constitution and an age before 55 would probably be an advantage as every President has aged dramatically during their tenure due to the demands of that Office).
    D. A Presidential Candidate (and Vice-Presidential Candidate) should research their facts, {especially known historical facts and trivia, basic geographic locations and terminology, and basic laws of our country} before including that information in a public speech. I do not wish to come out and state specifics – all I will say is that it does not inspire confidence in a candidate when they cannot even check- out basic historical facts or commonly known information before giving a public address, especially if it occurs repeatedly.
    E. A Republican candidate should be a consistent life-ethic candidate. They should be a long-standing, consistent anti- abortion and Pro-Life advocate. A Republican candidate for the Presidency (and Vice-Presidency) of the United States should be a People person. They should also have a sincere concern for the disadvantaged and those facing hardships and other dilemmas.
    F. A candidate should be someone who has already been doing volunteer work on somewhat of a consistent basis, ideally, along with some family members, in ministries such as a soup kitchen, clothing closet, Birthright, or a home for unwed mothers.

    Although there are some who revel in mudslinging and personal attacks on the opposition, most people do not like negative campaign attack ads and aggressive, verbal public assaults on the opposition from either side. *It’s more important to tell Voters why they will want to vote for you rather than why they shouldn’t vote for “the other guy.” Be it a Democrat or Republican candidate, it has always been the burden of non-incumbent candidate to convince the voters why they would want to vote for them over the incumbent candidate. (Ex. Paul Ryan did not win election as Vice-President, but he won re-election to the House of Representatives).
    *The Republican Party and Republican Presidential Candidate should come up with a theme for the Presidential Campaign and perhaps, even a design/logo to accompany it. It’s important that the theme be positive. The theme should somehow tie into the goodness of God and the individual contributions of people, where everyone from every walk of life can see themselves as part of that goodness and be eager to jump onto the bandwagon. “Light” is a powerful concept that most people can relate to in terms of both religious and philosophical symbolism. (“A Thousand Points of Life” of the Bush Campaign is an excellent example).

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