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“Mass” at the Call to Action Conference

November 16th, 2012, Promulgated by Dr. K

One more time on the CTA conference that Fr. Spilly promotes and attends:

It’s absolutely disgraceful that any Catholic priest would be associated with Call to Action.


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40 Responses to ““Mass” at the Call to Action Conference”

  1. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Thank God therre wre mostly older people in the audience.

  2. avatar DanielKane says:

    If one were to sacrilegiously make a parody of the Holy Sacrifice, one would not be able to do much better than CTA. Thankfully it was just a bread and juice affair; with no ordained priest near the altar. That being said; this is a grave injustice to all who attended, a scandal and a disgrace.

  3. avatar Thinkling says:


    Not only is there simulating a sacrament, but the congregation is giving a Nazi salute.

    Does Godwin’s Law get invalidated if it is self-inflicted?

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  4. avatar Ludwig says:

    Who is taking care of their hordes of cats while these ladies are prancing around?

  5. avatar Mike says:

    Someone please tell me those barefoot ladies in the purple smock-like things aren’t liturgical dancers.

    R. O. T. F. L. O. L.!!!

  6. avatar Susan of Corning says:

    As Richard said, according to the photos this was almost entirely an older crowd, with quite a number of men too. That seems odd, but maybe their wives strongly “encouraged” them to attend….

  7. avatar Dr. K says:

    Someone please tell me those barefoot ladies in the purple smock-like things aren’t liturgical dancers.

    They must be preparing the worship space. You can always spot a liturgical dancer by bare feet.

  8. avatar Abaccio says:

    “Our Song of Gathering today will be number 421 in the red book: Send in the Clowns, number 421.”

  9. avatar Monk says:

    Look who is in the sixth photo (back left), our own Carol Crossed, Feminist for Life, Consistent Life Ethic champion. How sad!

  10. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    And if you are barefoot, come to the grape stomping workshop!

  11. avatar Thinkling says:

    “Send in the Clowns”

    Coffee on the keyboard alert. Seriously this made my day. LOL!

  12. avatar Ron says:

    Monk – are you sure that’s Crossed? And has anyone notified Bishop Cunningham about Fr. Spilly?

  13. avatar Ron says:

    Yeah, I guess she was there – representing an organization.

    This Year’s Call to Action Conference

    Consistent Life board members Carol Crossed and Lisa Stiller represented us at the “Call to Action” conference of progressive Catholics in Louisville, KY this past weekend. Because these are Catholics who take the teachings on standing with the poor and practicing compassion very seriously, but are often not as well educated on how this fits in with abortion opposition, this is a high-priority conference for us to visit every year.

    Carol and Lisa had a good reception at the CL table, and had the opportunity to host a caucus and discussion about Consistent Life’s mission. The conference gave them a wonderful chance to practice listening and dialog skills.

  14. avatar Jim says:

    Those first two photos look like a women’s clothing display at Macy’s

  15. avatar annspazz says:

    Please do not think this represents Catholic women..turns my stomach. How confusing this must be to young Catholics.

    Pictures #6 and #7 look like they are doing one of those crazy blessing thingys. The Priest in my parish instructed our congregation hold out their hands like that for a blessing…I refuse to do that. Last time I checked my hands weren’t consecrated to do blessings like that.

  16. avatar Hopefull says:

    Who is the guy on the stage with the Endor-ites?

  17. avatar SALLYANNE says:

    Eeeeeeks!! That’s all I can say!

  18. avatar annonymouse says:

    I believe that the 7th photo shows all of the assembled “concelebrating” the bogus consecration with the bogus priestesses. I’m no canon law expert, but I’m willing to bet that they’ve all excommunicated themselves by virtue of their simulating a sacramental act without valid orders or office.

    Happily, as others have pointed out, there’s hardly a head in the house that isn’t covered in gray.


  19. avatar Dr. K says:

    “I believe that the 7th photo shows all of the assembled “concelebrating” the bogus consecration with the bogus priestesses.”

    Indeed they are. To the best of my knowledge, Spiritus Christi has been doing congregation concelebration for several years.

  20. avatar DanielKane says:

    Priests in particular who think that toying around with the nature and authority of sacred orders and religious obedience should note this carefully –

    39 years ordained and 45 in a religious order – now GONE which is a great sadness for all. He was not ordained to be dismissed but his actions left no one an option. Even the Maryknoll Missionaries in their press release thank “Ray” signifying his absolute departure.

    The fiasco that is “Call to Action” is pretty close to the actions of priest now known as simply “Ray”.

  21. avatar Hopefull says:

    In the rest of life there is great joy when a cancer is successfully excised. Excommunication for such offense is a visible manifestation of the protection of the Body of Christ.

  22. avatar annonymouse says:

    Hopefull, I have to disagree with you that there is great joy any time the Church takes the necessary action of excising anyone. Our Savior died and rose so that all might live, and I feel sadness whenever someone leaves or is made to leave the One Church He founded. Of course, such people are causing others to stray and such actions cannot be tolerated (do you hear this, Father Spilly?), but my emotion (once the anger abates) is only sadness for the wounded Body of Christ.

  23. avatar DanielKane says:

    Excommunication is “medicinal” not punitive. It is the sure sign that the Church fears so gravely for your salvation – based on your public actions and likely a resistance to the collegial approach of reason, retreat and prayer; that the Church in her mercy places you in a religious “time out”, suspending all of your rights as a Catholic (or as a cleric or religious) until such time that you return to yours senses.

    Discipline is an act of love and excommunication is the ultimate discipline. Rebellion is an act of pride and the result of pride is always dangerous for the proud.

    Hopefully, prayerfully Roy will return to the Church and save his soul because nothing is impossible with God.

  24. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Sadness or Happiness?

    Far be it for anyone of us to tell anyone else
    how to feel.

    However, we can strive to be realistic about
    the crisis of faith in the Catholic Church.

    If Sacred Scripture gives witness to the reality
    of false teachers and false brethren (and it does)
    we should be ready and willing to accept Divine Providence
    in the exposure and corrective discipline that the Lord
    makes happen.

    In the short time I have been part of the CF family,
    It seems many of us actively participate in Providence’s
    exposure of false teachers and false brethren.

    Keep up the good work…. In charity of course, praying
    for the salvation of souls and for the conversion of

  25. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    AMEN to DanielKane’s comment.

  26. avatar annonymouse says:

    DanielKane – I heartily agree with your explanation of “medicinal” excommunication. That explanation, however, seems to me somewhat inconsistent with your choice of the word “excised” as in a cancer is excised.

    But my point is that excommunication should never bring us “joy” but rather great sadness over the wounded Body of Christ. We can only hope and pray that they repent and return to the Church. These heretics in Louisville make me very very sad. Why can’t people follow the example of Our Blessed Mother and humbly accept the authority of Jesus Christ Our Lord and the Holy Church He founded?

  27. avatar DanielKane says:

    @ annonymouse.

    I did not use the expression “excised” the commentator “Hopefull” used it. I personally do not consider Ray (or anyone excommunicated) to be outside of the Church – they are not. I consider them outside of the Sacraments except Reconciliation.

    There is little joy in discipline to me there is only hope – hope that this severe action will effect his reconciliation with the Church. That is the primary purpose. I do not consider Ray to be excised, quite the contrary – not only is he baptized and confirmed – he remains (albeit inactive here on earth) a priest forever. One might abandon Catholicism but one remains a baptized Catholic even in the excommunicated state.

  28. avatar Hopefull says:

    At the risk of another pile-up, I would like to express my opinion that there are two reasons for excommunication. Certainly, there is concern for the individual soul, and that he/she repent and again return to the Body of Christ. (Clearly the cancer analogy would break down here.) But if the sinner is not repenting, then isn’t action such as removing them from a community a cause for joy that his/her repentance can begin? There is also the excision (there I go again) of the scandal to consider, and of the contamination of a community by the persistent or stubborn error of the unrepentant.

    Consider 1Corinthians Chapter 5 and if celebrating the festival isn’t consistent with the cleansing or casting out the old leaven, and if removing a source of evil, scandal or sin from among the community isn’t cause for thanksgiving? When the Holy Spirit leads the Church to such action, it is the action of the Spirit that calls for joy (not the pain caused to either the individual or to the community.) I don’t see any conflict between being sad that such action was necessary but being joyful that the Spirit is present. If a millstone and drowning in the depths of the sea is preferable to scandalizing a little one, well….let God’s Will be done, and why wouldn’t we rejoice in all aspects of His Will being done?

  29. avatar militia says:

    His name is ROY, not RAY.

  30. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Happily, as others have pointed out, there’s hardly a head in the house that isn’t covered in gray.

    I have gray hair!!! What are you implying????

  31. avatar raymondfrice says:

    One of the things we have to be careful about is the definition and imposition of the word “excommunication”. At one point Saint Mary Mc Killip was excommunicated by her bishop and was later exonerated by the Vatican.

    I don’t remember the color of her hair but, given her age, she probably died wearing the noble gray.

  32. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    I thought excommunication was self induced. When you are in direct conflict with church beliefs, you remove yourself from the Church. Only if someone is a public figure and is doing much harm, misleading others will formal excommunication be done by the higher authorities.

  33. avatar CPT Tom says:

    Why don’t they just go and join the Episcopal Church or one of the other 30,000 protestant sects out there? This is just sad.

  34. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Christ is in charge. No matter what, we must be concerned about our own spiritual welfare and then, that of our neighbor. It is sad that so many are doing this kind of stuff but, let’s let the “Big Boy” handle it.

  35. avatar raymondfrice says:

    “Only if someone is a public figure and is doing much harm, misleading others will formal excommunication be done by the higher authorities.”

    Did you read my comment about St Mary McKillip???

  36. avatar Richard Thomas says:


    I did. What are U implying?

  37. avatar raymondfrice says:

    “What are U implying?”

    Not all excommunications are valid and can be used punitively by some bishops. Not all things that are bound on earth are bound in heaven if they are wrong.

  38. avatar Richard Thomas says:


    The excommunication was revoked. And while the excommunication was in place, did she obey the rue of it, i.e no Eucharist.

    Sure, excommunication can be used wrongly.

  39. avatar raymondfrice says:

    “On a recent service by Call to Action in which a woman led what the group called a Mass:
    “They set themselves outside the church. They are deciding to go a different way.”

    Taken from an interview Bishop Cunningham gave at the time of his installation.

  40. avatar raymondfrice says:

    All of these girl celebrants are chauvinists. There is only one token male there.

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