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Religious Freedom Rally in Rochester

October 20th, 2012, Promulgated by Bernie

Here are some pictures of the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally held in downtown Rochester at noon today, Saturday October 20. I’m not good at estimating crowd sizes but I will hazard a guess of perhaps 150-200 people were in attendance. The several speakers were all very good. Of particular note for this attendee were the comments made by Providence Crowder, Deputy Chief Chaplain at the Flower City Chaplain Corps, a pastoral crisis intervention center. The others, however, were all certainly strong speakers and a pleasure and benefit to hear. I was quite impressed with all of them.

Providence Crowder

Antony Muscolino, representing the Knights of Columbus, Finger Lakes Chapter

Father Edison Tayag, a priest of the Rochester Diocese

Unfortunately, I did not get this minister’s name but he opened the rally with a wonderful opening prayer.

Peterson Vazquez, Candidate for State Assembly District 138 (

Charlie Schiano (R), former City Council member, was an excellent speaker who went over all the horrifying aspects of  “IPAD”.

Dr. Henry Paszko, MD

Here is a brief video clip from the rally.


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4 Responses to “Religious Freedom Rally in Rochester”

  1. avatar bob says:

    Charlie Schiano, former city council member

  2. avatar bob says:

    His nickname was “Lonesome Charlie” because he was the only Republican on the City Council at that time.

  3. avatar Bernie says:

    Thank you, Bob. Now I remember.

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