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Good-Times-Fiesta Band

October 10th, 2012, Promulgated by b a

Another email from a reader:

I stumbled into St. Margaret Mary’s and was quite surprised to see we had 6 priests, 1 deacon, a nun [Sr. Mary Ann Binsack], and .. oh look at that … one Bishop Emeritus. The music, accordingly spiced up, was provided by the St. Margaret Mary Good-Times-Fiesta band. Given a wonderful Spanish flair, for the vibrant Latino community that is St. Margaret Mary …. *sarcasm*

Note that this was NOT at the “contemporary” 9AM mass (or whatever they’re calling it.) This was the traditional 11AM. The special occasion was the installation of Fr. Paul English as Pastor of the parish by Bishop Emeritus Clark (The Bishop Emeritus did point out that it was Bishop Cunningham who had appointed Fr. English.)

Bishop Emeritus happily stood up front clapping along.

Parishioners stood around looking confused at one another, unable to sing along … because they’ve never heard anything like this before. As we were sitting down after the “allelujah” following the Gospel, I heard a woman nearby me say “I never know how to feel when they do things like that.”

Reminded me of this excerpt from one of the more recent posts at CF:

“The liturgy is not a kind of ‘self-manifestation’ of a community,” [Pope Benedict] told pilgrims.

Pope Benedict noted that when priests or parishioners reflect on how to make the liturgy “attractive, interesting and beautiful,” they can “risk forgetting the essential; that is: The liturgy is celebrated for God and not for ourselves.”

The bulletin (pdf warning) confirms:

We welcome Bishop Emeritus Matthew Clark this weekend to the 11 AM Mass at St. Margaret Mary as he presides over the installation of Fr. Paul English, CSB as pastor.

and the audio (cutting out the reading)


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  1. raymondfrice says:

    I met Paul English years ago at Corpus Christi when he would fill in once in a while as Mass celebrant for Jim Callan and Enrique Cadina. He seemed like a personable and likeable fellow.
    It is hard to keep track of people over the years because Enrique is now an Episcopal priest connected to one of the cathedrals in Arizona. And Jim is with Spirtus Christi under pastorette Mary Ramerman.

  2. Dr. K says:

    The Bishop Emeritus did point out that it was Bishop Cunningham who had appointed Fr. English

    But he was appointed in June.

  3. Ben Anderson says:

    But he was appointed in June.

    Before we get any conspiracy theorists (not that that’s what you’re speculating DrK, but some might), I think all he was getting at (whether or not we got the words 100% correct) was that Bishop Cunningham is in charge and that Bishop Emeritus Clark was not acting out of line. I think, however, I’m starting to understand +Clark’s comments when he said he “hopes he will be allowed to stay in the Rochester region”. I think part of this hope is to continue to provide the cover of legitimacy to type #2 Catholics. (not that I’m saying this event did that – it’s just all coming together now)… and yes, this is mere speculation, but it’s starting to make sense. Keep praying for that next bishop – he’s gonna need it.

  4. annonymouse says:

    I was at the St. Margaret Mary 11am Mass. It was the Christ the King choir, not the usual SMM 11am choir. And the “Alleluia” was the only music that employed the bongos, IIRC. The remainder of the music was actually quite beautiful. They ruin otherwise good liturgy with that awful Alleluia – happened as I recall at the Easter Vigil last year too.

  5. annonymouse says:

    Ben, can you ask your emailer to provide the mp3 of the psalm from that mass? It was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, and in pursuit of balance, you may wish to post that (if it’s available).

  6. Chrysostom says:

    While it does not surprise me that the Bishop Emeritus presided (he was most likely booked for this long before news of his retirement), what surprises and concerns me is that Sister Binsack is still making appearances.

    I wonder exactly what her role is now…

    Unlike the Vicar General, whose position no longer exists, does she retain her position within the Chancery office, even after the bishop’s retirement? (If so, what kind of influence does she maintain?)

    Is she now also retired, and just follows Bishop Clark around on her own…as an act of good will?

    Or…does she remain on the diocesan payroll exclusively to be a Master of Ceremonies for the Bishop Emeritus?

    I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything about her current status within our diocese…

  7. Hopefull says:

    This weekend +Bishop Emeritus Clark will be making yet another appearance(?like Alfred Hitchcock in his old movies?)and this time to “celebrate” the coming together of St. Bridget’s in Bloomfield with St. Mary’s in Canandaigua to make the new parish of “St. Benedict.” It will be in Bloomfield at 11AM, so the 11:30 AM Mass at St. Mary’s is cancelled. Does anyone have a schedule about when Bishop Cunningham may be saying a Mass, any Mass at all, in the Rochester diocese? Does anyone know for sure if the redrawing of the eastern boundary of the Rochester diocese is an item on the table for the Apostolic Administrator to consider and to make a recommendation about, and if that is what influenced the choice of the Syracuse Bishop for the interregnum?

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