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When the Hierarchy Doesn’t Seem Faithful….

August 3rd, 2012, Promulgated by Diane Harris

In my opinion, the greatest challenge which the Laity has in standing up for the Church, for her teachings, for rights of Freedom of Religion and of Conscience is the poor example given by so much of her leadership.   This isn’t new, of course, and hardly worthy of yet another post on Cleansing Fire.  Quite frankly, we wouldn’t need to keep posting the horror stories if the hierarchy didn’t continue to make their stories a “horror.”   But what does it take for the leaders wearing stoles to become what Christ called them to be – – servants?  To quit scandalizing the Faithful?   To have the Pallium mean something?

And in lieu of reforming the dissident disgrace among the sheperds, how can the Laity not object to the endangering of their own faith?  Just one example today is Cardinal Dolan’s apparently inviting Obama to the Al Smith Fundraiser dinner in NYC.  Here’s the link:

Without rehashing the detail of the complaints when then Archbishop Dolan first came to NYC (Gay/Lesbian policy mixed signals, and failing to anticipate and properly react to enactment by NYS of same sex marriage), he had apparently redeemed himself (in part, perhaps) by a strong stance in objecting to Obama’s presence at Notre Dame’s granduation and, through the USCCB, against the HHS mandate.  Does he not understand how fragile is the support of the Laity in the very standing up for freedom that the Bishops requested?  Is there any credible way he can receive Obama at such a Catholic event in NYC as the very visible Al Smith dinner this fall?  How is the Laity to understand such an apparently scandalous giving recognition to a person seen as an enemy of the Church, let alone giving him re-election visibility and platform?

Cardinal Dolan should absolutely have nixed any invitation to Obama, and say why, rather than inviting the wolf in to mingle with the flock over cocktails.  One should consider also the CRS scandal (listen to ALL the  recording on the link, try to explain how the USCCB not only gave CRS money to CORE but also sits on its board of directors!)  Our leaders should stop settling for pseudo-prestige for their scrapbooks and walking both sides of the street….it can’t be done.  Christ said clearly that man cannot serve two masters, for he will love one and despise the other.  So, which is which, Cardinal Dolan?

If the USCCB can’t even keep its own house out of scandal, it seems reasonable to petition Pope Benedict to dissolve the USCCB.  It really has no meaningful canonical status, and devolves to the lowest common denominator, IMO.  It is fine that the anti-HHS mandate vote was unanimous, but remember only  83 of the bishops signed the petition against Obama’s appearing on the Notre Dame stage.  (Yes, then Archbishop Dolan did sign).  But the world rightly asks “What about the majority of bishops and why didn’t they sign?”  The list can be found here:  The scandal is not only through what is done, but also in what leaders have failed to do.


54 Responses to “When the Hierarchy Doesn’t Seem Faithful….”

  1. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    I wonder if there will be any “pickets” in sight at the dinner and if there are, will they be arrested when told to move on?

  2. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    sad. and I was just about to post this encouraging story about the USCCB:

  3. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    Ben: This statement is a good sign but until they get their act totally together and diminish a lot of the dissention in their ranks, their effectiveness will contine to be compromised.

    “Marquette, Mich., Oct 15, 2009 / 11:40 pm (CNA).- Bishop of Marquette Alexander K. Sample has commented on his request that Bishop Thomas Gumbleton not come to the diocese. He said it was “unfortunate” that the request has become public, but he explained that Bishop Gumbleton’s position on issues like homosexuality and the ordination of women required it”.

  4. avatar militia says:

    I can explain my faith to my non-Catholic friends; its the bishops I can’t explain.

  5. avatar TZ says:

    I agree that the news reports of this are troubling but doesn’t anyone think we should await an official statement from the Archdiocese/Al Smith Foundation? Cardinal Dolan deserves at least that much. ‘In all things charity,’ my brothers & sisters.

  6. avatar JLo says:

    After his silence and then perfunctory statements as SSM easily passed in New York (by virtue of three Catholic votes, and two of them members of the Knights!), I realized that Cardinal O’Connor’s shoes were just too big for the jovial Cardinal Dolan to fill. Too bad; there was such hope for strength and truth coming from there once again.

    I’m sure Cardinal Dolan will deliver an earnest, heartfelt statement on the why of this latest public acceptance of and proffered friendship toward Obama, smiling with ease for the media, just like he did AFTER SSM passed in our state. To this Catholic, it feels like we are being played once again. Our Lady asks us to not judge our leaders, and of course we do not ever judge their person, their soul. I believe, however, that we ARE called upon to judge activities, actions, and inactions and call those by name. How else defend ourselves from the evils surrounding us on all sides now?

    About that SSM vote in our legislature, I always wondered if Cardinal Dolan telephoned each and every Catholic about their vote and what it meant for their salvation. I would think that would have carried great weight. I’m left to wonder. +JMJ

  7. avatar Gretchen says:

    I’m afraid that the USCCB has been too far gone for too long. With the exception of a few bishops who will stand for Christ and His Church, the majority are simpatico with the present government’s policies. Cardinal Dolan seems to be a very adept politician. I can only surmise that if the president felt he was entering enemy territory, he would not have accepted the invitation to the dinner/fundraiser.

  8. avatar SouthernTierGuy says:

    I’d say this was done out of a fear of appearing too political or partisan, although if I remember correctly, in 2004, John Kerry was not invited to the Al Smith dinner. But I don’t believe there has been a case where a current president was not invited during his re-election year. I think the best course of action would have been to just cancel the dinner this year, and then no one could have accused Cardinal Dolan of being partisan. Let’s keep up the prayers for him.

  9. avatar annonymouse says:

    Cardinal Dolan has been quite forceful in confronting the many issues with which the Church and national culture (represented by our president) clash – religious freedom, same-sex “marriage” to name to most recent. If it is a long tradition to invite the sitting president, then all he did was keep to that tradition. I expect the Cardinal to have a word with the President, both privately and publicly, on these very issues.

    The more I read posts like the ones above, the more convinced I am that folks here will be sorely disappointed by our next bishop, whoever he is. He is simply not likely to be the in-your-face type that people here seem to want. Dolan sure isn’t either. He speaks eloquently and firmly and smiles while doing it – it seems to be the smiling part that folks have the most trouble with.

  10. avatar Scott W. says:

    Another opportunity to cultivate the virtue of patience! For the upteenth time someone has scried from the Magic 8-ball and implied or directly stated that the knuckledragging authors and followers of CF are ungrateful malcontents and that whoever is named bishop will never measure up.

    And for the upteenth time the response: Unless the Holy Father grows the bishop from +Clark’s DNA and programs his mind to follow +Clark’s odious policy of scorched-earth, it will be an improvement. Heck, even a left-leaning bishop would be an improvement. It is the difference between trying to cultivate food on dry arid soil, and trying to grow on land where someone has deliberately removed the topsoil down to the bedrock and salted it.

  11. avatar brother of penance says:

    Before seeing this post and its comments I emailed to some friends my thoughts about Cardinal Dolan’s invitation to President Obama. It seems appropriate to copy and paste that email as a comment to Diane’s post.


    Sometimes it seems too hypocritical to be really happening.

    But maybe, just maybe, Cardinal Dolan will turn the tables on President Obama by
    not roasting, joking, and having fun.

    Maybe this will be Dolan’s opportunity to shine the light on darkness without
    roast jokes but with life and death serious confrontation.

    At Notre Dame in 2009, the abortion president “played” the Catholic Church like
    a fiddle. Maybe it is time to use Machiavellian means to cage and destroy the evil!

    Just wondering why Cardinal Dolan invited President Obama”

  12. avatar brother of penance says:

    As a matter of clarification….”caging and destroying the evil” in my above comment means
    caging and destroying the position, the concept, the attempt to limit religious freedom.

    In no way does it refer nor meant to refer to the person who holds or advocates the position, the concept nor does it refer to the person who attempts to limit religious freedom.

    The reference to Machiavellian means in no way implied violence or physical harm.
    It would be Machiavellian, in my way of thinking, to invite someone to a “jokes roast”
    and then turn the venue into a serious confrontation over issues.

    Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.

  13. avatar y2kscotty says:

    “There’s noJP2 in these ranks. “?? There is no Cardinal Gibbons or Cardinal Ritter or Archbishop Rummel. Dolan has some talent and it is not clear that he has any leverage with Obama. Or with Romney. Obama has played him for a sucker and it is time for Dolan to put a big dig into Obama at the dinner to make it clear that Catholics believe in their traditional ministries. No more hearty laughs and guffaws and phony friendliness.

  14. avatar JLo says:

    I would ask annonymouse to tell me how Cardinal Dolan was “quite forceful” in confronting SSM in New York State. Truly, I must have missed that.

    As to “a private word with the president”, Cardinal Dolan has asked to meet with the president and had no answer from the WH, at least that’s the last I heard the cardinal himself say on that matter. Such silence from the WH toward a high-level leader of the Catholic Church is rude, to say to least, a serious rebuff to Catholicism that the president certainly knew would be known and thus a public rebuff.

    As to our next bishop and my reaction to him, I will pray for whomever is sent, rejoice if he is what he should be… orthodox, standing dead center with the Holy Father… and send my tears to heaven for banking there if we get more of what we’ve had for over 30 years. Serious Catholics who seriously love the Church, annonymouse, do not complain about missteps among our leaders… we recognize that they are human. But about lack of orthodoxy and playing to the culture instead of spreading of the Faith? You bet we’ll speak up. It’s what Jesus and the Church call upon us to do.

    Lastly, I never mistake joviality for brainlessness nor eloquence for strength… GKChesterton is a prime example of how to mesh smiles with truth and punch it through. My point is that good media skills are not the first characteristics I look for in our church leaders. Truth delivered with kindness but firmness is what I want from the hierarchy, and I believe the Holy Spirit provides those tools when asked.


  15. avatar annonymouse says:

    I think a Cardinal Dolan countdown needs to be started. By my calculation, it’s day 4,567 until Feb.6, 2025.

    Really, JLo, go back and check out the Cardinal’s public statements leading up to the SSM vote. Just because a bunch of Catholics and lapsed Catholics passed that bill does not mean that the Cardinal didn’t do everything he could to prevent it. There were little to no public statements by the rest of the NYS Conference, but the Cardinal was quite vocal.

    And I have to believe, based on the fact that Cardinal Dolan received the red hat AFTER the SSM Vote, that the Holy Father thinks the Cardinal stands “dead center” with him.

    Cardinal Dolan will, almost without question, have considerable influence in the selection of our next bishop. In my opinion, sites like this might factor into that process. But posts like this one may well lead to CF being considered entirely irrelevant and its adherents considered the fringe rather than a meaningful, thoughtful voice in the Church of Rochester.

  16. avatar Scott W. says:

    Cardinal Dolan will, almost without question, have considerable influence in the selection of our next bishop. In my opinion, sites like this might factor into that process.

    Let’s see:

    Holy Father: “Vell, it is time to name a replacement for the Diocese of Rochester. Any thoughts?”

    Abp. Dolan: “Well, Your Holiness, I’ve given this a lot of thought and at first I was going to suggest someone who could do something about the closings and abysmal Mass attendance, but then someone pointed out this blog Cleansing Fire that disagreed with me when I accepted Obama’s invitation after my fugue sta…err…careful consideration, so let’s give ’em someone from our B-list. I know Matthew Fox left for the Episocpals a few years back, but what the heck, give it to him. That’ll show those fringe bloggers!”

  17. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    “Serious Catholics who seriously love the Church, annonymouse, do not complain about missteps among our leaders… we recognize that they are human.”

    So if we are serious Catholics, we should have let the sex abuse scandal slide???

  18. avatar TZ says:

    I’m a fan of CF & I agree with the posts probably 80-90% of the time. I’m not a fan however, of the recurring self-righteousness & sanctimoniousness on this site. Annonymouse has a good point, which is not undermined by the 2 responses I’ve seen to it thus far. We all need to reexamine our approach/temperament from time to time. If CF improved its tone, it might actually be respected as more than a fringe group & its very sound messages might actually have some impact beyond the immediate echo chamber. Last I checked, wrath & pride are still capital sins. Caritas in Veritate.

  19. avatar Dr. K says:

    You’re full of, it TZ.

  20. avatar Diane Harris says:

    On the subject, Michael Voris is a ‘must hear’ tonight, all based on our Canon Law rights (Canon 212). Magnificent explanation and declaration.

    Then sign the petition. I just did, and I don’t know anyone who could have said it better. The text of the petition reads:

    We the undersigned respectfully request that the invitation to Barack Obama to be a guest at this year’s annual Al Smith charity fundraising dinner be withdrawn immediately.

    Barack Obama has proven himself to be an aggressive adversary of the Catholic Church with regard to numerous policies put forth under his administration.

    These include, but are not limited to, his forceful efforts to advance the intrinsic evil of abortion on demand both domestically and internationally; his antagonistic and ruthless efforts to force the intrinsic evils of contraception and sterilization on poor nations through financial enticements and threats; his continued policy of directing US tax dollars to such organizations as Planned Parenthood which traffic in the currency of numerous intrinsic evils.

    Moreover, Barack Obama has lied numerous times, including his controversial appearance at Notre Dame in 2009, about attempts to reach so-called common ground with the Catholic Church on matters including protection of conscience rights for health care workers.

    His most recent legal efforts to force Catholic institutions to act against their consciences and pay for contraception and abortion inducing birth control products underscore his total belligerence toward the Catholic Church and Her teachings.

    As such .. the appearance of Barack Obama .. such an openly hostile opponent of the Church .. at a Catholic gala attended by high-ranking Catholic clergy would be a massive insult to untold numbers of the faithful who have fought this man’s advancement of one intrinsic evil after another.

    In addition to matters of life .. Barack Obama has orchestrated a militant effort against the sacredness of marriage by supporting, promoting and advancing the intrinsic evil of same-sex so-called marriage at home and abroad. He has directed the full might and force of the federal government to impose its will on the Catholic Church in limiting and restricting Her rights and responsibilities to carry out the corporal works of mercy in the areas of adoption services, and ministering to US military personnel who are Catholic.

    We therefore respectfully request that Barack Obama’s invitation be rescinded without delay and a sense of proper decorum restored.

    Find the petition at:

  21. avatar JLo says:

    Raymond Rice, no one of sound mind and good heart would mistake my remark about forgiving missteps as characterizing sex abuse among the clergy as just a “misstep” to be forgiven out of hand. Get real, man. And in that instance in my post I was referring to Cardinal Dolan’s late and lame “war” on the SSM vote in New York State… it was too little and too late, in my opinion, which I think I still have a right to share.

    Totally agree with you, Diane, on Michael Voris posting last night and have already signed the petition. Thank you for presenting it to CF readers.


  22. avatar annonymouse says:

    To be sure, Michael Voris will NOT be our next bishop. Nor will our next bishop be anything like him in temperament.

    Timothy Dolan followed perhaps the most liberal bishop in the American Church, Rembert Weakland, and he had to re-establish orthodoxy and clean up +Weakland’s homosexual / blackmail scandal. Apparently he performed well enough in Milwaukee to very quickly be promoted to the See of New York and receive a red hat in short order. So we here can criticize the Archbishop, but he’s (apparently) not so unpopular in Rome.

    And two other points: 1. Sometimes you catch more flies with honey. 2. As Catholic Christians, we wait in joyful hope the coming of our Savior. Archbishop Dolan epitomizes an attitude of joyful hope. If we don’t have an attitude of joyful hope, then perhap we should re-examine whether we’re living the life Christ died and rose to give us!

  23. avatar annonymouse says:

    Scott, you missed my point. In that this site has catalogued matters which may be taken into consideration in the selection of the next bishop, then it could serve a useful purpose in that process. To the extent that the folks here are taken seriously, that is. If folks here are thought to be a bunch of wild-eyed fringe lunatics, then the matters here catalogued may be disregarded as well. It’s a matter of credibility, and threads like this one, attacking our orthodox Archbishop Metropolitan and Chair of our National Conference, impair whatever cred CF might have had.

    And if you think Benedict has time to know all of the potential candidates, you’re dreaming – he will rely on the input of the folks in the know – and +Dolan (our Metropolitan after all) will have some influence in the process, for sure.

    Don’t get me wrong – if I were Archbishop, Mr. Obama would be the last person I would invite to the dinner. But it would be quite prideful of me to think that I’m smarter or more savvy than +Dolan. I trust his judgment and even more, trust his heart.

  24. avatar Scott W. says:

    Scott, you missed my point

    No I didn’t, you’re just gassing now.

  25. avatar Gen says:

    I choose to remain optimistic, and pray that Cardinal Dolan will use this as an opportunity to excoriate the President for those policies of his which so obviously run contrary to the will of God and His Church.

  26. avatar Dr. K says:

    he will rely on the input of the folks in the know – and +Dolan (our Metropolitan after all) will have some influence in the process, for sure.

    And Cardinal Burke.

  27. avatar TZ says:

    Dr. K, if you mean that I’m filled with the Holy Spirit, then thank you – and thanks be to God!

  28. avatar Scott W. says:

    Dr. K, if you mean that I’m filled with the Holy Spirit, then thank you – and thanks be to God!

    Being deliberately coy is a form of lying.

  29. avatar TZ says:

    Wow is all I can say, Scott W.

  30. avatar Gretchen says:

    Gen, hosts do not generally invite someone to dinner in order to excoriate them. I would think that is especially true for such a high-level guest invited to a highly-visible annual event. Cardinal Dolan is a very smooth politician. At most, he might pull the Prez aside and have a few private words with him. That is the best we can hope for, I believe. However, the invitation’s damage probably far outweighs any good a few quiet words could do. Leftists like Obama are terribly hardened and very shrewd. The advantage from his perspective far outweighs any private drubbing he might receive.

    Gretchen from SOP (forgot to add that to my above comment. My apologies to the other Gretchen)

  31. avatar annonymouse says:

    May I remind everyone that Cardinal Dolan is SUING Obama’s administration over the HHS Mandate.

    Anyone who thinks that the Cardinal is not calculating how to use this dinner to the advantage of the Church / his Diocese is simply underestimating this good and holy prelate.

  32. avatar annonymouse says:

    Scott – mean spirited, nasty and angry is no way to go through life, son.

    Rejoice! Our Savior has come and has redeemed us! Rejoice!

  33. avatar annonymouse says:

    Dr. K – good point. To be sure, Cardinal Burke appears to be having considerable influence in these decisions.

  34. avatar annonymouse says:

    After listening to Al Kresta’s show today, I have to admit that the Cardinal APPEARS to be showing particularly poor judgment with this invitation, and he is causing great confusion among the Faithful who’ve been encouraged all year to oppose this administration’s blatantly anti-religion and anti-Catholic stances. He may have the idea that he can dress down the President and produce some sort of PR coup, but I think that’s doubtful.

    Upon second thought, I will go and sign the petition. This invitation should be withdrawn post haste.

  35. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    I like what +Dolan writes and says to the public – he is a strong witness. However, a few troubling points that I think might add some perspective:

    1) a few years ago when he visited Sacred Heart Cathedral he led the “audience” in a round of applause for +Clark during the mass. I found this inappropriate for at least 2 reasons.

    2) during that same visit he appeared on the local TV news and once again applauded the DOR for its special use of lay ministers – probably knowing full well that the DOR’s use of lay ministers goes against canon law.

    I’m not sure how to describe such actions other than politicking.

  36. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    Ben “I found this inappropriate for at least 2 reasons.”

    How so??

    TZ “Annonymouse has a good point, which is not undermined by the 2 responses I’ve seen to it thus far. ”

    Please clarify.

  37. avatar TZ says:

    Raymond, all I meant was that the 8/6 responses from you & Scott appeared to be “strawmen”-type arguments: annonymouse wasn’t saying that this site has the kind of influence in episcopal selection as Scott W. indicated (though I did sort of enjoy Scott’s response), nor does it follow from annonymouse’s post that we should overlook the sex abuse scandal. I think I know where you & Scott were going with your responses – I just thought they were a bit exaggerated, that’s all. I’m sure I’m guilty of the same thing at times.

  38. avatar TZ says:

    Having read the following, my disappointment in the invitation of the President remains profound: .

    I do think it’s worth asking what would have happened, in this election year, if they had invited only Romney; fairly or not, it would have been portrayed as a “political” move. Still, that falls far short of justifying what happened. There were a number of other viable options. Far better for example, to have issued a statement explaining why, at this time in history, it is not appropriate to invite this President.

    Scandalous though this episode is, I’m also disappointed in the lack of charity in many of the comments posted on the Archdiocese’s website above. Pray for our shepherds; pray for Holy Mother Church.

  39. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Ben “I found this inappropriate for at least 2 reasons.”

    How so??

    1) “Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment.” -Ratzinger, The Spirit of the Liturgy

    2) Even outside of the liturgy, to applaud a bishop’s career who has clearly stood with those who have been attempting to change the church into something she is not, is to create much confusion among the laity. “Well, if people appointed by the bishop think it’s OK to be gay, ordain women, twist the scriptures, etc, and the Cardinal applauds the bishop’s career… well, then it must be OK.” -a perfectly logical thought from a susceptible member of the laity.

  40. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    If some of the blog contributors are consistent and logical in their thinking, someone should report this cardinal to the Vatican and have him censured. Otherwise we should sit quietly and see how his strategy plays out. Dolan is no fool and I suspect that a lot of his decisions are well informed with information to which we are not privy.

  41. avatar annonymouse says:

    Raymond, I agree that +Dolan is no fool, but the problem, as highlighted on yesterday’s Kresta show, is the lack of a clear and consistent message from the Chair of the USCCB, and the danger that this invitation to eat and smoke cigars with the President may pose to the Faithful who are being encouraged to resist the administration’s egregious attacks on religious liberty. +Dolan may have a plan, but we don’t see it, and there is the appearance of inconsistency between the Bishops’ message and this invitation to schmooze.

    There is a time to be joyful and jolly. There is a time to be deadly serious. When dealing with agents of evil, which this President most clearly is, it’s best to be deadly serious. Souls are at risk.

  42. avatar Gretchen says:

    Michael Voris has spoken on the invitation:

    As usual, he hits it out of the ball park.

  43. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    The “Al Smith Dinner” needs women at it and not just for passing out cigars and drinks.! Then again, maybe I am wrong!! Who wants to sit next to Pelosi???

    PS: the new DOR bishop will be the Polish auxilary in Chicago!! I’LL bet anyone 100 bucks on it!!

  44. avatar JLo says:

    I don’t have a guess or a bet, but I do have a personal prayer going on who will be the next bishop of the DOR. I’m hoping our new bishop is freshly minted from the office of the Papal Nuncio in D.C. +JMJ

  45. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    I don’t think a seal of approval from me matters very much and the Holy Spirit stopped dropping me hints years ago. He seems like a very thoughtful and spiritual guy, his strong personal connection to JPII seems to be a plus, and he seems to be able to reach out with a strong and gently guiding hand. Any new bishop who comes into this diocese “swinging” is going to preach to an empty barn (AKA SHC) . *

    However I do not care for a selection from the papal nuncio’s office because they seldom if ever answer your letters to them. Arrogant lot!!

    * Do a little research on him.

  46. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    And wasn’t it a corrupt Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Jadot (spelling) who, in the 70’s appointed Bishops, Hubbard, Clark, Wheland and a host of other problematic bishops?

  47. avatar TZ says:

    Ok Raymond, I’ll take the bait – what makes you think our new bishop is the Polish auxilary from Chicago?

  48. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    “Ok Raymond, I’ll take the bait – what makes you think our new bishop is the Polish auxilary from Chicago?”

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  49. avatar annonymouse says:

    I really doubt Rochester will be assigned an auxiliary from someplace else. I expect that Rochester’s next bishop is already a bishop with his own diocese, someone whose success, pastoral care and holy zeal have gotten the attention of those who will make the recommendation to the Holy Father. Plus, as someone else mentioned, it’s plausible to think it will be someone with whom Cardinal Burke is familiar – someone like Finn (Kansas City-St. Joseph) or Johnston (Springfield-Cape Girardeau) or Sample (Marquette).

  50. avatar Diane Harris says:

    I just caught up with Michael Voris’ Church Militant from last night, which can be found at

    As always, Michael does an incredibly able and articulate job — this time regarding the unexplainable Cardinal Dolan invitation to Obama. However, I am shocked — absolutely shocked — at the exceedingly poor performance shown in the excerpts of Fox News’ interview with Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League. I am so glad that Voris spotlighted these segments, which are totally appalling. Donohue comes across as a two-bit backwoods sheriff, like Jackie Gleason at his most ranting. He is a caricature; no actor intent on illogical, angry and petulant performance could have done the damage to Catholicism’s image that was done by Donohue. He makes the whole Church seem like a bunch of lunatics. Clearly the man does not belong collecting subway fares let alone being a spokesman; he should never deal with the public in any capacity. His lack of self control and his loud and blustery sarcasm will be laughable to any enemy of the Church. With friends like Donohue, neither Cardinal Dolan nor the Church need enemies. Get rid of Donohue — NOW!

  51. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    Diane: He has been like this for years and is such a joke that the media goes to him just to set him off so he will spew forth his ranting and ravings. He is rather like the Al Sharpton of the American Catholic Church, lots of hot air and indignation but nothing of credibilty and substance.

  52. avatar Diane Harris says:

    Excellent last minute plea this evening from Michael Voris and ChurchMilitant.TV to Cardinal Dolan to rescind his invitation to Obama.

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