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Lapsi for B.O.?

August 14th, 2012, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Well, it looks to me like the Lapsi NCR (Not Catholic Really?) continues its flagrant touting of so much that is opposed to the essence of moral teaching and opposed to the obligation of obedience to the magisterium.   B.O. has assembled 21 apparently Lapsi Catholics who either in naivete or studied ignorance purport to represent “Catholics,” and to BE Catholics.  Never mind that  faithful and diligent Catholics follow the magisterium; in one  Lapsi’s words: 

“What’s distinctive about Catholics and politics is our ancient idea of the common good….We measure that by how the working class and poorest among us are doing. Government, for us Catholics, is obliged to be caring. It’s obliged to serve and to help build the country as whole. President Obama ‘gets’ this at a deep level.”

You can read it all here.

“Catholics for Obama?”  Isn’t that an oxy-moron!  Sort of like “Called to be Holy People in Support of Intrinsic Evil?”  Well, apparently these 21 Lapsi’s who are conveniently still calling themselves Catholic are purposed to confuse those trying to follow the Church, who are unfortunately ill-catechized, and thus win some B.O. votes.

Now that they’ve identified themselves as Lapsi, are there any wagers on whether or not their Bishops will step forward to stem the scandal?   We should remember how St. Paul dealt with scandalous matter not only for the protection of the Faithful, but also for salvation of the Lapsi souls: 1 Corinthians 5: 1-5.  If RealCatholicTV was cause for attack by one bishop over the use of the proprietary word “Catholic,” how much more “Catholics Supporting Intrinsic Evil” should be disciplined.   But it’s hard to carry the argument to a hierarchy which invites intrinsice evil to dinner, isn’t it?

Kudos to Abp. Lori this past week for saying clearly that Catholics are bound not to vote for candidates supporting intrinsic evil.  We need to get that message out too, and call the Lapsi just what they are.  The Archbishop stated:

“This is a big moment for Catholic voters to step back from their party affiliation.” 

Kathryn Jean Lopez reports in the National Review on line the key content of Abp. Lori’s address to the national meeting of the Knights of Columbus in Anaheim.  Key quotes are:

“The question to ask is this: Are any of the candidates of either party, or independents, standing for something that is intrinsically evil, evil no matter what the circumstances? If that’s the case, a Catholic, regardless of his party affiliation, shouldn’t be voting for such a person.”

“When it comes to election advice for Catholics: “The reality is we are defending something that transcends party. The defense of religious liberty,” he said, “should not be a Democratic or Republican issue.” For a Catholic voter, this should be “fundamental, as people of faith.”

Abp. Gomez (LA) and Abp. Lori (Baltimore) process at Opening Mass, KofC 130th Convention, Aug. 2012

 Read the entire story at

More information on Lapsi is accessible on New Advent.



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  1. avatar Scott W. says:

    I notice that the comments section of that NCR devolved quickly and revealed that it is all about protecting the right to slaughter the innocent in the womb.

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