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The Wanderer Chronicles “A Legacy of Dissent …”

July 24th, 2012, Promulgated by Mike

A comment to my last post indicated that the reader was unfamiliar with The Wanderer. In case there are others out there similarly situated I offer the following …

The Wanderer is an independent Catholic newspaper that has been “providing its readers with news and commentary from an orthodox Catholic perspective for over 135 years,” according to its website. It publishes weekly and both print and electronic subscriptions are available. A brief history of The Wanderer is available here.

In what should be of special interest to DOR Catholics, News Editor Paul Likoudis began a multi-part series entitled “A Legacy of Dissent …” in the May 24 issue and 6 articles in this series have appeared to date. In my opinion these articles have provided the reader with an excellent, highly detailed account of many of the forms of heterodoxy and heteropraxis that have plagued our diocese for the last 3 decades.

The articles in this series appearing thus far (and their publication dates) follow:

  • Countdown To Retirement Of Bishop Clark (May 24)
  • Catholic Faithful Never Had A Chance (May 31)
  • Diocese Has Been Adrift For Decades (June 7)
  • How The Diocese Promoted The Homosexual Agenda (June 21)
  • Dissent Has Its Dark Side (July 5)
  • Diocesan Newspaper Reflects The Legacy (July 12)

Subscribers can view (and download) these articles online, as well as any other content appearing in the current and 15 most recent editions.

Subscriptions to the electronic edition are $50 per year and an annual subscription to both the print and electronic versions is $80. A free, 3-week trial subscription to the electronic edition is also offered. See here, if interested.

Disclaimer: I have no financial, familial or similar connection to The Wanderer and, as far as I know, neither does anyone else connected with Cleansing Fire. I am simply a satisfied subscriber.



2 Responses to “The Wanderer Chronicles “A Legacy of Dissent …””

  1. avatar Hopefull says:

    Great post, Mike. Maybe the Wanderer should make available the entire set in a booklet form. I’d buy a dozen. The work should not be lost as “old news” but preserved to show how far astray it is possible to go without being disciplined. It is a document of our times.

    Tonight’s Michael Voris post is the most shockingly blunt, so far. IMO long overdue and much needed.

  2. avatar Abaccio says:

    Recall, the Fr. Rueda mentioned in the video Hopefull posted above was discussed here:

    It’s going to be decades before this problem is improved.

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