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Next 4 Episodes

July 27th, 2012, Promulgated by Bernie

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  1. avatar Diane Harris says:

    I’ve seen all 10 of the episodes (5 disc set) and these 4 were excellent too. Every Catholic should have the chance to see this series and I am delighted to see that they will be shown for free. God bless those making the viewing available. Has anyone heard if/when Fr. Barron might continue beyond his first 10 episodes?

  2. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Dear Friends,

    I just received this email but didn’t know where to post it on this site. Forgive me.

    The Italian onslaught in the English-speaking hierarchy is on. The last three appointments for major episcopal sees in English-speaking countries has been remarkable, but also predictable. The new Archbishops of Denver, Glasgow (Scotland), and San Francisco are the creme-de-la-creme of the world’s best bishops, and ones who are so amazing and outspoken, that (if gay-rights groups have their way), all three of them will end up in jail in the next ten years, if the dictatorship of sexual relativism continues to proceed.

    First, a few weeks ago Pope Benedict XVI appointed Bishop Samuel Aquila to be Archbishop of Denver. That was predictable, as Archbishop Aquila is a protege of Cardinal Stafford, the former Denver prelate who just turned 80 and ended his tenure on the Congregation for Bishops which proposes bishops from the Western world to the Holy Father for approval. As a former seminary rector, he will be dealing with a phenomenon otherwise unknown in the West in the last 40 years: Denver has two seminaries that are packed, with some applicants having to be on a waiting list (all the great work of his predecessors especially Archbishop Chaput, but also Cardinal Stafford). He is a solid and orthodox prelate and will continue maintaining Denver as the archdiocese par excellence in the U.S.

    The next predictable but still wonderful decision made a few days ago was the choice of Bishop Phillip Tartaglia of Paisley (son of Italian immigrants) to the Archdiocese of Glasgow, the diocese with the largest amount of Catholics in Scotland. The bishops of Scotland are much more outspoken than their more timid and liberal neighbors to the south in England and Wales (or to the west in Ireland) and have fought hard against implementing gay marriage in Scotland. And although the Primate of Scotland and Archbishop of Edinburgh Cardinal O’Brien has taken the lead in this fight, the most outspoken bishop has been Bishop Tartaglia, who has even done something no other bishop in the world has done, though it is so obvious. He has publicly stated that homosexuality can be a cause of major health problems and even death. Shocking right? Wrong: in Scandinavia where people on average have the longest life span and where homosexuality has been tolerated and promoted for many years, being a homosexual lowers your lifespan by over 20 years (average age of death in the 50’s), even lesbians have a lower lifespan, while smoking lowers your lifespan by an average of 6 years. So for strictly medical reasons, better to smoke like a chimney than be an active homosexual. Archbishop Tartaglia has already predicted in a recent interview that within the next 15 years he is head of the Church in Glasgow, he will end up in jail because of new laws that will stifle any opposition to homosexual marriage, adoption by homosexual couples (which is a form of child abuse according to the latest scientific data proving that children from such “families” fall into drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and have a much greater chance of dropping out of school than children raised by normal families), etc. Tartaglia is a protege of Cardinal Burke, who was one of his co-consecrators.

    Finally, the bombshell is today’s appointment of the United States bishops’ anti-homosexual marriage czar and another Cardinal Burke protege (he served under him at the Vatican’s Supreme Court, the Apostolic Signatura in the 1990’s), the Sicilian American Bishop Salvatore Cordileone (all his grandparents emigrated from Sicily) to the homosexual capital of the world San Francisco. Talk about in your face Vatican politics. The below article from the blog Whispers in the Loggia is accurate, except for the fact that this nomination is considered a surprise. It is not: it was almost certain Bishop Cordileone would be moved to a more important post, and the only question was whether it would have been the Archdiocese of San Francisco or the very large Diocese of Orange/Anaheim (which also has a liberal bishop that is soon to retire). Cardinal Burke is exerting his muscle in the Vatican (in St. Louis he was local, now his influence is felt worldwide), and I still think the Pope should make him Secretary of State: no one would be more loyal or more effective in cleaning up the stench building up in the Vatican Curia then he would.

    The next big moves in the U.S.: the open archdiocese of Indianapolis with the Archbishops of Portland (Oregon), Chicago, and the aforementioned Bishop of Orange being past their retirement age, with the Archbishop of Hartford close to it as well. Candidates? Probably for Indianapolis: many good Midwestern bishops to choose from, so that is a tough one to predict. For Chicago, though Cardinal George will probably stay until 2013 or more likely 2014, the favorites appear to be Lincoln, Nebraska native and prelate par excellence Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, the Detroit natives Archbishops Allen Vigneron of Detroit and moral theologian John Nienstadt of St. Paul/Minneapolis, the force behind the USCCB’s pro-marriage fight Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, the Vatican’s liturgical enforcer in the U.S. until last year Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, and the ethnically Polish (and speaking Polish), Harley riding, tough pro-life/pro-marriage/liturgical traditionalist, yet fighter for social justice/immigration rights who has been adopted as one of their own by the Haitian and Latino communities Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami. I would have to include my (additional) favorites and the pro-child killing politician’s worse enemies Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City and Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence and the dark horses Springfield, IL native Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth, Texas (a Cardinal Burke protege–as we see a major factor) and Lincoln, Nebraska native Bishop Michael Jackels of Wichita who worked directly with the Holy Father at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    It is also rumored Archbishop James Harvey, Prefect of the Papal Household, will be moving on from this tough position after 14 years in office. If he isn’t placed in another Vatican position, the Milwaukee-born Vatican diplomate probably will be moved to Portland, Indianapolis or even Chicago.

    God bless,

  3. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    Getting back to the intent of this article on the series, “Catholicism”, I just want to remind you that the current “Amazon” price on the full series is currently about $90. It is the kind of series you could show to almost anyone and provoke thought and discussion.

    Father Barron was recently appointed the rector of the Mundelein Seminary in Chicago by Cardinal George.

  4. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    Richard Thomas: “I just received this email but didn’t know where to post it on this site”.

    Because I am always concerned about accuracy and credibility, could you please let us know the source of your email and by extension the source of the information contained wherein???? It really sounds like a football draft: ” and Chaput has been signed by Philadelphia and will, without a doubt, get a cardinals hat, having left the minor leagues. This season we will see a whole new crop of Burk’s rookies who will really get out there and whip them laity into shape. In Rochester, old coach Clark is out of the picture, having hung up his running shoes and Wypych from Chicago might be traded to the western New York teams to take his place. Head of the league, the apostolic nuncio, will seek approval of some of these choices from Mother Angelica !! And how was your week, hierarchy fans???

  5. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    Richard Thomas

    PS: it will be Wypyck,not Perry!! I’ll bet you $500. on this. Are you game??

  6. avatar Dr. K says:

    it will be Wypyck,not Perry!!

    The man was consecrated a bishop not even one year ago. It’s doubtful.

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