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Images of the Priesthood

June 17th, 2012, Promulgated by Bernie


Unforgettable Images of the Priesthood

From the National Catholic Register


Another year, another celebrity priest ends his career in scandal. No doubt there are many cautionary lessons to learn from these sad stories about the spiritual dangers of fame and the need to always watch and pray. But I learned something else.

It occurred to me that the images of the Catholic priesthood I will always remember aren’t of priests on a stage — or even priests in the pulpit — but by priests in action, doing what only priests can do.

For instance, I will never forget the priest we knew in Washington, D.C., who came to visit my family in Connecticut.

We were chatting in the front room with Father in late summer after dinner one day when we…

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One Response to “Images of the Priesthood”

  1. Raymond F. Rice says:

    Faces of the Priesthood kind of ties in with the film being shown at the Fortnight for Freedom at Notre Dame Retreat House in a few days. The historical background/docudrama was done by EWTN and can be seen at Youtube under :For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristeros. I think you will be very disturbed as well as very edified by it!!

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