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Icon of the Liturgy

June 8th, 2012, Promulgated by Bernie

An interesting post published on the New Liturgical Movement website.

“The Transfiguration as a Symbol of the Liturgy and Our Participation in Christ’s Glory”

By David Clayton

I recently read Jean Corbon’s book The Wellspring of the Worship. In it Fr Corbon describes how an ordered participation in the liturgy opens our hearts in such a way that we accept God’s love and enter into the mystery of the Trinity; in which we worship the Father, through the Son in the Spirit. This renews and transforms us so that we are rendered fruitful for God. The icon of the Transfiguration, he says, reminds us of this. It is an icon of the liturgy.

At one level the icon of the Transfiguration portrays, of course, the events as they happened in the bible…

…The biblical description of the Transfiguration, says Corbon, points not only to Christ’s transfiguration but also to our own through participation in the liturgy. Through the liturgy, he says, the Church becomes…

Read the whole article here

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