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A Strange but Welcome Irony

June 3rd, 2012, Promulgated by Diane Harris

I wondered when this would happen; it seemed inevitable.  The historic defamation laws in NYS (and in some other states) have made it very difficult to say someone is “gay” or “lesbian.”  They could claim defamation under state laws, and sue.  However, with the advent of the much-to-be-regretted “gay marriage law” in NYS, it is hard to imagine how anyone insisting on his or her “gay rights” could then possibly find cause of complaint if they were to be called “gay,”  or “same-sex attracted,” or “homosexual.”  Can one march in a parade carrying “gay” placards and then sue a bystander for saying “Oh, look, that’s my neighbor.  He must be gay.”  Can one subsidize LGBT organizations or appear socially with a same-sex significant other introduced as “spouse” and complain if called “gay?” 

Courts can be illogical, but it seemed the illogic would eventually have to be dealt with, and now it has been, somewhat, in NYS.  In spite of berating and bemoaning the sell-out of righteousness by the NYS legislators, there is an opportunity to speak truth that was previously suppressed.  It seems that we will increasingly be able to say what has been on our minds all along.  Even the Church pedophilia scandal (mostly between priests and boys) can hopefully get more attention for its homosexual roots.  Strange behavior by clergy heretofore considered untouchable because of the threat that the accuser would be sued for defamation should be able to better be brought into the light.  And dioceses trying to suppress arched eyebrow criticism of some of its employees for the main purpose of avoiding scandal to the Church, will have a harder time doing so since, after all, being homosexual is “normal” in civil society (just as it was before the fall of Rome.)  This should all help the spotlight to shine brighter on what has been hidden in file drawers for too long.

While this window exists (as we pray for reversal of “gay marriage”) it is worth considering the freedom to speak truth, in an area where we’ve been limited. The ruling has also been welcomed by the ‘gay’ community.  It feels a bit odd to be on the same side but, afterall, how could the ruling be opposed as gay agenda and be consistent with their other beliefs?  Here are the first court-murmurings, with excerpts of the article and a link to its entirety. 

NY court rules calling someone gay isn’t slander

Associated PressBy MICHAEL GORMLEY | Associated Press – Fri, Jun 1, 2012

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A court says it’s no longer slander in New York to falsely call someone gay.  A mid-level appeals court on Thursday wiped out decades of rulings, including its own, to say that society no longer treats false comments that someone is gay, lesbian or bisexual as defamation. Without defamation, there is no longer slander, the court ruled.

“These appellate division decisions are inconsistent with current public policy and should no longer be followed,” stated the unanimous decision written by Justice Thomas Mercure of the Appellate Division’s Third Department based in Albany. While the decision sets new case law in New York now, it could still go to a definitive ruling by the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.

The New York decision finds that the comment is now “based on a false premise that it is shameful and disgraceful to be described as lesbian, gay or bisexual.”

With Thursday’s decision and similar ones in several other states, calling someone gay is eliminated as defamation….Associated Press writer Michael Hill contributed to this report.

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  1. Raymond F. Rice says:

    Will it eventually become a complement??? Inquiring minds want to know!

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