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Rosary for Vocations – May 29th, 6:30 PM at Carmel

May 22nd, 2012, Promulgated by Gen

All – I wanted to convey to you an invitation we received. There will be another Rosary for Priestly Vocations, to be held this coming Tuesday, May 29th, at 6:30 PM at the Carmelite Monastery on Jefferson Road. Evidently, the event was originally going to be hosted at St. Thomas the Apostle, but was deemed “redundant” and turned down. However, the gracious sisters at our Carmel understand the value of prayer, and have thus opened their doors to the faithful of Rochester, that we might pray together for an increase in fervent and holy vocations to our diocesan priesthood.

If you are a Facebook user, you may find the event here:

Fr. Dennis Bonsignore will be presiding, with several diocesan seminarians attending and assisting. This promises to be a beautiful service, with volunteers from several local parishes providing servers and singers. Please do your best to attend what is bound to be a memorable evening at Carmel!

Some selections from the musical program include: a setting of the Tantum Ergo by Victoria, William Byrd’s “Ave Verum,” Gregor Aichinger’s “Regina Caeli,” and other precious gems from our patrimony of sacred liturgical music.


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One Response to “Rosary for Vocations – May 29th, 6:30 PM at Carmel”

  1. Dr. K says:

    Fr. Tanck, the new vocations director for the Basilians, declined to permit a vocations rosary in his parish?

    I can see vocations to the Basilians drying up quickly under his watch. No prayer = no vocations.

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