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8 Themes of the LCWR Worldview

April 28th, 2012, Promulgated by Bernie

Here is a really good post by Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP, Ph.D. on his blog Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!

Given recent developments on the CDF/LCWR front, I thought I’d repost about a piece from April of 2009 on some of the presidential addresses delivered at the LCWR annual assemblies.  2012 editions are bracketed in red.]

… I did a little browsing on the website of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). They have posted information about their annual assemblies, including the texts of the presidential addresses and keynote speeches.

I read through several of the keynote speeches, and I noticed a couple of themes… Here’s just a few in no particular order:
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7 Responses to “8 Themes of the LCWR Worldview”

  1. avatar Hopefull says:

    Here’s a question for the more detective-minded among us. If you click on:

    a black logo-type cross will come up, next to the LCWR Board to discuss…. On the cross is a word (or 2?) I am wondering if someone with better technology can determine what it says. I went to 800% and color contrast and there is clearly a blacked-out word there.

    Also, notice the cross in the browser in front of LCWR’s address. Isn’t putting a cross in front of a name reserved for use by a bishop?

  2. avatar Bernie says:

    Well, there is definitely a covered-over word but I can’t make it out. I suspect that the person who designed that page simply grabbed the cross from another site and painted over the word as he needed only the cross. Didn’t hide the word entirely, obviously.

  3. avatar Dr. K says:

    I tried looking at a negative image, but it’s still too difficult to discern what was there:


  4. avatar Thinkling says:

    I appreciate the grabbing of that graphic. Fr Z mentioned that a lot of, er, interesting materials on their site was being taken down, and encouraged such gumshoeing.

  5. avatar Hopefull says:

    Please see tonight’s Real Catholic TV:

    and enjoy the exposition on the ills fostered by nuns now the subject of the Vatican crackdown, and the slap on the wrist to America Magazine’s Jesuit, Fr. James Martin.

    All I can say is a big AMEN!

  6. avatar Raymond F. Rice says:

    I think the hidden coded message in the white cross says, ” Drop your hemlines by six inches”.

  7. avatar JLo says:

    I see that, too, Raymond. +JMJ

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