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Rochester’s rally against the HHS mandate

March 23rd, 2012, Promulgated by benanderson

I was able to attend most of the rally today. The speakers were all very good. I also applaud the organizers of this event. There’s a write up in the D&C here. Personally, I was impressed with the size of the crowd, but I wouldn’t guess as to numbers. The above D&C article reports “more than 150”. One of the speakers mentioned that we were at the intersection of State and Church. I turned around, and sure enough we were at that intersection. As far as I know, the grand marshal of the St. Patty’s Day Parade was not in attendance. Also of interest, I came across this recent video interview interview with His Excellency here.

Here’s the rest of my photos:


15 Responses to “Rochester’s rally against the HHS mandate”

  1. avatar Dr. K says:

    Bp. Clark: “We didn’t get into that in any great depth”

    The time in Albany was wasted.

  2. avatar Dr. K says:

    What is Bishop Clark’s excuse this time around for not joining his flock?

    > Did he not know about it?
    > Was he not invited?
    > Was he too busy accepting an award, marching in a parade, or penning his next address to a homosexual dissident group?

  3. avatar brother of penance says:

    Brother Ben, thanks for being there and leaving us this legacy of photos.
    I was working, but my heart was with you and the brethern.
    May God Bless America.

  4. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Bishop Hubbard spoke in ALbany and expressed concerns that social justice would be ignored if attention was given to contraception. The nerve of him. For 40 years, we have heard nothing but homilies concerning soocial justice and finally, when it’s needed to speak about contraception, certain bishops want to lump it with social justice, possibly an attempt to water down the significance of the contraception issue.

    It reminds me of the time Cardinal Bernadin came up with the seamless garment theory. At first, he ignored abortion and then simply lumped abortion with all the other social justice issues.

    So when clerics want to ignore an issue, lump it in with 5 or 6 other issues so it gets lost

  5. avatar Bernie says:

    I was there as well.
    Many interesting points and important information were brought up by some of the speakers. As to the size of the crowd, I would say 150 is about right.

  6. avatar Jim says:

    Thanks for the pictures, Ben. Yes I was there, too, but I would have to say that there were quite a few more people there than 150. I would have guessed closer to 200-250. I heard that someone took a general headcount and came up with 400-500. So, I’m not really sure but you can bet that the D&C will always play down the number of people at the event.

  7. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Richard, do you have a source for bishop hubbard’s remarks?

  8. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Our pastor was in Albany and he mentioned this in his homily

  9. avatar annonymouse says:

    Sadly, Bishop Hubbard cannot recognize that contraception IS a social justice issue, for it is but one of the two heads of the two-headed monster of the Culture of Death, the other being abortion. One cannot exist without the other, and it’s high time that our Church more forcefully advance its beliefs in this arena. Some Catholics believe you can advance contraception in an effort to curb abortion but that is simply naive.

    And WHEN are our local churches going to recognize that abortion is THE social justice issue of our lifetimes?

    All that said, this issue is not about contraception or abortion, directly. It’s about the limits of government power and whether we are going to look the other way while government tramples our and our Church’s legitimate rights. Nice crowd, but there are 360,000 Roman Catholics in our Diocese. All we could muster to protest this aggregious power-grab was a couple hundred?

  10. avatar annonymouse says:

    Please pardon my egregious spelling error above.

  11. avatar Richard Thomas says:


    It really is about contraception. There is a huge disconnect between the laity and Catholic teaching on contraception as well as on homosexuality, pre-marital sex, pornography and abortion but this was clergy driven.

    No homilies on these topics left a huge void that was filled by the Culture of Death.

    Since Catholics never heard or were adequately taught about these issues, or , sadly, may have been taught heresy, they ignore any Catholic teaching on these subjects.

    Knowing this, powerful forces have asserted themselves, substituting their diabolical morality for the Judeo-Christian morality.

    Would Gay marriage or the contraception issue ever be attempted had there been grassroot opposition to them? No.

    So this problem rests mainly on the bishops and priests. They better start preaching about these issues or the Catholic Church will be even more irrelevent in today’s society.

  12. avatar annonymouse says:

    Richard Thomas, I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written, but the HHS Mandate is not a Church issue, it’s a matter of the government claiming power which it cannot rightfully claim, trampling the religious liberty rights guaranteed by the Constitution. This is a matter of United States government policy.

    If you imply that this would not even be an issue had the Church more assertively preached on these issues, well that may well be true. Can you imagine what impact the faithful would have on national affairs if we were to vote as a bloc rather than a splintered group, a group that is not significantly different than the depraved generation in which we live?

  13. avatar Richard Thomas says:


    I am saying we have lost 2 generations of Catholics on sexual issues because the clergy was in rebellion or was afraid to preach about them.

    As a result, there is little grassroots support to defend marriage as an institurion bewteen a man and a woman, only, and there is little agreement among the laity concerning contraception.

    Powerful forces, like O’Bama and his cronies, recognize this. If the laity was solidly behind these issues, politicians would never even attempt to institute these measures because of fear of not getting re-elected.

    But since the clergy have been silent, the element that wants to destroy the Church as a moral force can do anything they want because few Catholics identify with the full teachings of the Church.

  14. avatar annonymouse says:

    Richard Thomas – OK, I’ll buy that. Well said.

    I am afraid to tell our good new Cardinal this, but Catholics are not a voting block that he can sway. The President is astutely attempting to exacerbate the gulf between the “faithful” and our leaders, and I fear that it will be successful. It is diabolical.

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