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Church must better explain teaching on sexuality, pope tells US bishops

March 9th, 2012, Promulgated by Bernie

From Catholic News Service

…Concentrating his remarks on the need to promote and explain church teaching on sexuality, the pope said the church’s key concern is “the good of children, who have a fundamental right to grow up with a healthy understanding of sexuality and its proper place in human relationships.”…

…The moral virtues espoused in the church’s teaching on sexuality are “the key to human fulfillment,” he said, because they promote sexuality as “a source of genuine freedom, happiness and the fulfillment of our fundamental and innate human vocation to love.”

“The richness of this vision is more sound and appealing than the permissive ideologies exalted in some quarters,” which are “powerful and destructive,” he said…

…The church itself “must acknowledge deficiencies in the catechesis of recent decades, which failed at times to communicate the rich heritage of Catholic teaching on marriage as a natural institution elevated by Christ to the dignity of a sacrament, the vocation of Christian spouses in society and in the church, and the practice of marital chastity,” he said…

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6 Responses to “Church must better explain teaching on sexuality, pope tells US bishops”

  1. Richard Thomas says:

    But I am coming to the conclusion many if most bishops forbid their priests from preaching about contraception and possibly homosexuality.

  2. JLo says:

    Is that just a “maybe” comment, Richard, or do you have more than just suspicions that the DOR priests do not preach on SSA, contraception, and even abortion, because the bishop forbids it?

    I am still distressed at so quiet a response here to the brave battles going on across the country because of the HHS mandate and can only presume indifference at best. Now you have me wondering if they are being obedient to the bishop (to which I borrow from Fr. Groeschel to say that obedience to disobedience is not obedience).

    Does anyone know if there is just widespread indifference or rather personal acquiescence, or is it a mandate from the bishop which explains the DOR priests’ pervasive silence on these matters…. which, by the way, has rolled out top-of-the-class ignorant Catholics in the DOR? I’ve only been back living in Rochester a short while and find it all very disheartening. +JMJ

  3. JLo says:

    Thank you Richard.

    About Syracuse, I thought that the day’s Gospel and other Scripture readings give the “theme” for weekly homilies. Amazing stuff if that’s how it’s done in Syracuse, and I’m not sure what such handling of priests tells us.

    I am heartened by the story of the homily recording priest! That’s the kind of courage one would expect from those called by the Lord to be his priests, to stand in for him with his people! One question about that: is he still in the same parish? I ask because I’ve been told that those who fight for the truth here are sent to very small, distant parishes of the DOR. +JMJ

  4. Ron says:

    There is to be a protest of the contraceptive mandate in front of the Federal Building in Rochester March 23. Father Tony Mugavero is scheduled to speak, as is Jan Armantraut (sp?)representing the Diocese of Rochester. So the diocese will be there speaking out publicly.

  5. Ben Anderson says:

    Ron, that’s great news. Do you have any more info or know where we can find out more? I’d like to post it here.

  6. JLo says:

    Richard, I thought you said that was a DOR priest who was called on the carpet for preaching truth and then started recording his homilies, yet your last posting said that he’s in Syracuse. ??

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