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Break for Life

March 7th, 2012, Promulgated by benanderson

I received this in my inbox this morning:

Through hard work and the Holy Spirit a great conference has come together. We have expanded our breakout session offerings this year and we have an excellent group of presenters. Our next main goal is publicity. I have attached two flyers for the conference. Please share them and post them as you see fit. I’ve also attached a collection of notices of varying sizes. We wanted to give people options depending on how much space they have in their bulletins and newsletters. Please contact your parish and communities to see if the notices can be included in coming weeks.

Facebook! Here is the link to the Facebook event:!/events/309706415747398/
If you are on Facebook please join the event and invite your Facebook friends to participate. This was a particularly effective way of reaching young people last year, and well worth the effort.

Here’s the website link: We will continue to populate the website with more information. Online registration is now open.

Thank you for your help promoting this conference!

and the attached files:
Break for Life bulletin announcements.doc
B4L 2012 Flyer (2).pdf
2012BreakforLife (3).pdf

NOTE: A Pro-Life Conference with Special Guest Speaker Bishop Matthew Clark.


3 Responses to “Break for Life”

  1. Abaccio says:

    Wow! Pleasantly surprised to see His Excellency doing something authentically pro-life! Bravo, Bishop Clark!

  2. Dr. K says:

    Bravo, Bishop Clark!

    I’ll second that.

  3. Richard Thomas says:

    It will be an interesting talk. I hope he keeps the topic to the unborn and euthanasia and not turn it into a talk on social justice and the death penalty.

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