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Two Reassignments of Note

February 27th, 2012, Promulgated by Gen

Of all the upcoming staff changes the Diocese will see in this year’s shuffle, there are two particularly bright spots I want to highlight. 

Primarily, Sr. Joan Sobala, Pastoral Administrator of Our Lady of Lourdes/St. Anne in Rochester, will be retiring on the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Fr. Tyman will be replacing her as the head of the cluster, a move that can only help to improve the situation for these two churches. While Fr. Tyman’s orthodoxy is not particularly astounding, the fact is this: a priest will be in charge of the cluster. That’s the important thing. We have had reports of Sr. Joan showing up at hospital beds for her own version of the Last Rights, taking an unacceptable role in the baptizing of children, subverting the sacred duties of priests (Fr. Tyman, Fr. Lawlor, the late Fr. Lynch, etc. ad infinitem), and the scattering and alienation of her flock. I hesitate to say “her flock,” seeing as how she has no right to such unholy possession of the people of God. How many souls has she imperiled? How many vocations have been stifled? How many orthodox Catholics turned away from someone who gives such lip-service to “diversity” and “inclusivity”? On behalf of the Cleansing Fire staff, I extend to Sr. Joan a heartfelt congratulations. I hope you enjoy your retirement, when you can stand in the privacy of your own room and play priestess without endangering the souls of hundreds of families.

The second interesting appointment is that of Fr. Adam Ogorzaly to Mother of Sorrows, to replace Fr. Bradshaw who is retiring this summer. Fr. Adam has been a tremendous asset to St. Stanislaus in the past several years, warmly embracing the Latin Mass Community, engaging in tremendous community work, and ministering to the needs of a truly diverse parish. This man is a true asset to the Diocese, and I am extremely glad to see this being realized by those in charge. At Mother of Sorrows, I am confident that Fr. Adam will achieve only good things at Mother of Sorrows, for that is what we have seen in his tenure at St. Stanislaus. God bless him in this new pursuit.

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48 Responses to “Two Reassignments of Note”

  1. Dr. K says:

    Will there be a special retirement Mass for Sr. Joan celebrated by Bishop Clark???

  2. Hopefull says:

    and then a retirement Mass for Bishop Clark, celebrated by Sr. Joan?

  3. Mike says:

    Fr. Adam meets Sr. Leandra?

    That could prove interesting.

    @Hopefull: ROTFLOL!! Think we can video it?

  4. Hopefull says:

    Only when they concelebrate….

  5. Sassy says:

    Hopeful, your post was AWESOME! Made my day!

  6. Bruce says:

    Thanks be to God! Now we need to kick up the prayers for her soul and for Bishop Clark’s.

    We can’t hate anyone – we love them all – even those who are woefully ignorant or confused.

  7. Eliza10 says:

    Well good riddance to Joan. Smart lady, to get out just before the new bishop. Our Lady of Lourdes parishioners will be glad for a priest, I know that. Brighton residents will know and appreciate the “real thing”. And I already remember Bishop Clark in prayer at Mass. I will have to add Joan to that; particularly since Bishop Clark is much responsible for her misguidance. I should just include “and everyone he has influenced in his tenure” when we pray for Clark, and that will cover Joan and so many, many others.

  8. Bruce says:

    I hear ya, Eliza. For some Catholics, it is hard to abide by the Church’s teachings on marriage and sexuality. For others, it is her teachings on penance and fasting. Still others balk when it comes to Papal authority and infallibility. There is a subject that hits home for everyone, one that requires grace for us to “get over ourselves” and allow God to do His Will.

    For me, it is loving my enemies. As much as I want to punch some of these DoR “luminaries” in the face, I have to swallow that hatred (which comes from Satan), take up my cross, and follow Christ in loving them. And I do love them – it is an act of the will, not the emotions. My emotions reject them outright. But love is not feelings, it is willed. And for their sake, my sake, and the sake of God, I will love them. Even if it kills me!

  9. Richard Thomas says:

    Rmeember, there was a Saint who punched Arius in the face during the Council of Nicea. Maybe it was Holy Rage! I forget his name.

  10. Bruce says:

    Nope, it was good ole’ St. Nick.

  11. ptor says:

    Do you really think that Joan will just go away? Could she misguide more people in retirement?

  12. jetscubs86 says:

    Great news for Mother of Sorrows Parish. Fr. Adam is a very good priest. Fr. Forni (another wonderful priest) from St. John’s in Greece has been assigned to All Saints Parish in Corning as an Assisting Priest. I’m not sure if priests apply for certain parishes, or does the bishop move them wherever he wants?

  13. Scott W. says:

    I’m not sure if priests apply for certain parishes, or does the bishop move them wherever he wants?

    The latter.

    Do you really think that Joan will just go away? Could she misguide more people in retirement?

    I doubt it. While +Clark is around, she will likely be a continued cheerleader for error. When the new bishop arrives, she will still be a noisemaker, but hopefully, not with the sanction of the bishop.

  14. Dr. K says:

    I’m not sure if priests apply for certain parishes, or does the bishop move them wherever he wants?

    In general, priests get to apply for a pastoral position that interest them. Disfavor with Bishop Clark can drastically hurt one’s chances of getting a pastorate, as we witnessed last year when a certain priest was denied more than one Pastor opening.

  15. Interstate Catholic says:

    I know of only one other diocesan priest (currently in Auburn) that could say the Polish mass. I wonder if a Polish extern priest will end up at St. Stan’s?

  16. Dr. K says:

    Supposedly the priest going to St. Stanislaus is Fr. Roman Cali.

  17. Chrysostom says:

    Yes…Father Roman Caly is a Polish priest who has been a missionary in Siberia and Alaska until recently. He has already been living in the diocese at St. Stan’s since October, and seems to be a very devout and pious priest.

  18. cccmmm says:

    Father Roman is currently assisting at the Mercy Motherhouse on Blossom Road.

  19. Eliza10 says:

    Well we could use some holy rage here at the DoR!

    Bruce, I know we need to love our enemies! Yes, and joining the Catholic Church, believe me, had NOTHING to do with the DoR, but the DoR is where i joined it, and there are many here running the DoR that are hard to love, and that’s because of their abuse and misuse of the Church I love.

    How can you feel kindly to someone who abuses your Mother??

    I have noticed there are a marked amount of broken people with deep personal issues running the show here at the DoR. Deep issues like Narcissism, rigid feminism (the chip-on-the-shoulder kind), and distracting homosexual orientation. These are deep issues that sidetrack, and make these leaders apparently blind to the rich truths of the Church. And with Bishop Clark at the helm so long, the number of people in the DoR blind to the rich truths of the Catholic Church seem legion! Its deeply discouraging. But even so, yes, I need to love these people who are abusing my Mother, and abusing my bothers and sisters in the DoR, subjecting them to spiritual starvation.

    Oh and some people in my life have been hard to love, too. I do take “love our enemies” quite seriously, and God has blessed me with abundant opportunity to practice that. I embrace the good news that there is more than one kind love of spoken of in scripture, and I am grateful that the love in “love our enemies” has nothing to do with sweet and affectionate feelings. Yes, I never have to fake that! Instead, it is acts of service or Christian Charity. Love in action. And there is no better action than prayer. When the person is very hard to pray for – often its Bishop Clark that’s hard for me to pray for because I see the results of his shirked responsibility to lead the flock – then I ask Our Lady to pray for the hard-to-love person with her most perfect heart full of Grace. So the result is that the ones I am inclined to see as enemies end up with the very, very best prayers…

  20. christian says:

    Will there be another Polish-speaking priest assigned to St. Stanislaus after Fr. Adam leaves for Our Mother of Sorrows? I cannot think of another priest who speaks fluent Polish in the Diocese of Rochester.
    The Diocese of Rochester has been in the habit of having priests learn the language (if not already known)of the people they are serving for reasons of mission and cultural identity. Are they going to send a Diocesan priest to Poland to learn Polish?

  21. Hopefull says:

    One of the current seminarians is studying Polish as his second language.

  22. Dr. K says:

    Re: Christian

    Fr. Roman Cali to St. Stanislaus.

  23. Choir says:

    The only other priest that speak Polish is stationed in Auburn. In addition to parish work, he works at Auburn prison. Father Cali is currently in Poland and will be at St. Stanislaus soon after Easter.

  24. christian says:

    Thanks for your reply – Dr. K and Choir.

    In my previous post, I was alluding to the concern for retained cultural identity among all parishioners of the DoR, not only those who are Spanish-speaking. Without any affront to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters of various Spanish origins and roots, I cannot help but feel the DoR is disproportionate toward the Spanish-origin-roots community in regard to parishioners who have German, Irish, Scottish, English, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Greek, and other European descents, Native American, Indian, other Middle-East origins-roots, and Asian origins-roots,and African and Carribean origins-roots.

    One example: St. Andrew/Annunciation “Life Teen” program, activities, mass ministered to a pre-dominately Afro-American from the parish/neighborhood. There were also young people of various European descents from the parish/neighborhood. When St. Andrew Church/Annunciation was merged with the Northeast Cluster and Our Lady of the Americas (AKA Corpus Christi) took the lead in everything,”Life Teen” was eradicated and the Spanish-speaking/culture youth group at Our Lady of the Americas took precedent.

    After the merger (Northeast Cluster), Bishop Clark met with Amy and Bob Dorscheid,and representatives of Dirty Vagabond Ministries to commend them on what a great job they were doing and he requested that Teen Life be spread to the Clinton Avenue area. There was a plan to spread Life Teen to the other areas of the Northeast Cluster. Within a month later, Amy and Bob Dorsceid were “excused”(AKA “fired”) by Deb Housel, administrator.
    Sometime after that, the Diocese of Rochestercmade a point of basing the youth ministry of of our church -St.Andrew/Annunciation in regard to Spanish culture and language. Parishioners could not understand that as the majority of our youth in Life Teen were Afro-American. Before St. Andrew Church was closed, Life Teen was dissolved at that location and the youth were asked to join the Spanish-based youth group at Our Lady of the Americas (AKA Corpus Christi). Life Teen was able to reach a lot of young people whose parents did not go to church or were involved. Life Teen was able to reach a lot of young people who could not be driven by car to church. Life Teen was accessible for young people in the neighborhood who walked on foot to St. Andrew Church.

    Young people from St. Andrew/ Annunciation will find it difficult to be enmeshed in a Spanish culture and language based youth group – that’s if they can get a ride to Our Lady of the Americas (AKA Corpus Christi).

    I can’t help but feel that so much emphasis is put on the Spanish-speaking, culture and origin population because 1. They tend to procreate more abundantly, ensuring more potential Catholic parishioners in the DoR. 2. They tend not to question what the DoR does.

  25. Interstate Catholic says:

    Fr. Peter Enyan-Boadu to pastor of St. John the Evangelist in Greece.

    Fr. Jim Schwartz is staying on as pastor at St. Joseph’s in Penfield, even though he has reached the age of 70 and could have retired.

  26. Pete says:

    I have just discovered your web site and am stunned by the vitriole expressed about Sr. Joan and, in fact, the entire diocese, all coming from the pompous reflections of a self-appointed laity panel of judges. This web site’s mission is based upon a misinterpreted statement that our role as lay people is to correct error when error is found. That thinking, of course, assumes that the Church on Earth will most likely only correct its flaws when a grassroots movement steps forward. This arrogance ignores the fundamental admonition of Christ that those without sin (error) should cast the first stone. I urge you to read a little history to see the error of similar ways and methods promoted by those in the non-Catholic churches.

    But what concerns me the most is that the writers, bloggers and others on this site choose to judge and condemn with caustic words, all while hiding behind blog names. Come out of the shadows, man up, and proclaim to the world your views, openly in a free press. Of what are you afraid? Take ownership of your version of the Gospels; be a leader!

    Given your total displeasure with the pilgrim Church on Earth, you might reflect upon the words of William F. Buckley, who, during the height of the priest abuse scandal in Boston, urged those who condemned the Church to leave and find the perfect church. “But be aware that the moment you join, that church is imperfect”. Now that’s a humbling thought.

    Finally, rest assured that I will post further comments to defend those whom you attack, and hopefully put into perspective, your myopic view of Christ’s Church (his bride, in fact), on Earth.

    Peter Freeman

  27. militia says:

    WOW, Peter. Your statement is the most vitriolic of any of the above, in my occasionally humble opinion. Methinks the eye of the perceiver is a bit clouded.

    You seem to totally disregard the danger to souls of one such as Sr. Joan. Thank God that Rome is finally acting to straighten out those poor, misguided ladies of LCWR. You seem to have no fine line understanding of judge vs condemn, nor acknowledgement of our obligation to discern the spirits and good from evil. You seem to have no awareness that we have an obligation to instruct the ignorant (as I am here trying to do) and to warn brothers and sisters of dangers, as Cleansing Fire has long been trying to do. If we do not admonish the sinner (another spiritual work of mercy) we become guilty of that person’s sins from their not knowing. Who, in love of brother and sister, can help but cry out of the danger?

    We are priest, prophet and king but supposed to duct tape our mouths and shut down the computers? I think not. Here for you handy reference are the 7 spiritual works of mercy:

    •To instruct the ignorant;
    •To counsel the doubtful;
    •To admonish sinners;
    •To bear wrongs patiently;
    •To forgive offences willingly;
    •To comfort the afflicted;
    •To pray for the living and the dead

    May we all continue to comfort those afflicted by the heretics in the midst, and to pray for both sides, the inflictor, and the afflicted.

  28. Ben Anderson says:

    Hey Pete,
    Welcome to our site! You are most welcome to continue commenting on other articles. Here’s a link to get you started:

  29. Pete says:

    Clearly, militia, you have missed the point of the Spiritual Works. Not that you’re ignorant, mind you, just misguided. They are intended to bring the light of Christ to the world, to proclaim the Gospels. It is not the ” Spiritual Works of Mercy For Catholics Only”. Even you know that, don’t you?. You can’t invite those in need into a Church you have no faith in. Really, when you think about it, you should suspend any Spiritual Works of Mercy campaign you have going on until you have the Church organized the way you want it. Good luck with that, changing the Magisterium. You see, that’s the danger in rabid criticism, militia, you can’t move on from it. All your good intentions are dead in the water until you have a doorway to let the flock in. Surely you wouldn’t invite the flock through the doorway to the heretical Rochester diocese?
    What, then, is your point in writing about heresy and scandal? Do you and your 1200 readers see a calling above the calling of those who serve the Church? From where, or from whom, did you acquire licence to judge? Furthermore, have you decided to pick and choose among the commandments of Christ? A little judging here, a little condemnation there; Oh dear, what will I do for Jesus today? Now that’s taking discernment to a whole new level.
    You’re going a little heavy on the judging, a little light on the tolerance, and way too heavy on your mission to save Catholics from Catholicism as you see it here.

  30. Dr. K says:

    This arrogance ignores the fundamental admonition of Christ that those without sin (error) should cast the first stone.

    This is where I stopped reading what the hypocrite Peter has to say.

  31. militia says:

    Oh, dear, Peter is on a rampage. We shouldn’t practice the Spiritual Works of Mercy among Catholics? We should just put up with the wolves among the flock? Accusing those who defend the Church of not believing in her? Unfortunately, Peter’s post is thoroughly distorted, full of anger, and needing much prayer for his/her salvation. Peter is a very good example of the reason for Cleansing Fire’s existence, to protect the flock from just such illogic and influence-seeking. Can’t help but wonder if Peter Freeman isn’t Sr. Joan? Cute screen name, if so.

  32. Pete says:

    Actually, I have seen no defence of the Church, only a judgment of the diocese, which is part of the Church. Here’s the thing: Go to the Bishop as a group and express your anger, your disillusionment and your remedy. Don’t hide behind a blog that purports to be composed of shepherds who guide the flock. Support AND criticize openly; not behind a veil. It’s cowardly.

    I do thank you for your prayers for my salvation; I will pray for you likewise.

    I will pass your conjecture on to Sr. Joan when I see her. We will both have a laugh.

  33. Diane Harris says:

    I love the way we pour out of the dugout to defend the Church and her teaching! Yes!
    Viva El PAPA!

  34. Pete says:

    Dr K: Quite a rush to judgment, determining I am a hypocrite before the end of my first paragraph. Why would you embarrass yourself by making such a comment? Is this your standard practice for determining the character of others? Forget that question, you’ve already answered it. Scary. You wouldn’t have ancestors from the Salem area, would you?

  35. Ben Anderson says:

    Pete, I already linked you to our worst hits section in which we certainly do defend Church teaching. Click around for a while – almost every single article is about defending Church teaching. In fact, defending Church teaching is why I started blogging about the DOR. Specifically, it was the promotion of women’s ordination and the homosexual agenda from the pulpit that got me started. But I didn’t start with the Internet. I wrote to our bishop who quickly wrote me back by clearing stating that he was indifferent to the fact that his priests were actively working against the teaching of the Magisterium. (see here for another another letter to the bishop several months ago).

    And one more thing, you might want to consult our staff page to see that several of us are not pseudonymous.

  36. Gen says:

    Pete, I appreciate where you’re coming from, and I sincerely hope you’re here for true dialogue and not merely to continue rattling your sabre. Please do comment, but keep in mind that you are a guest here – our moderators and administrators all have busy lives, and give up precious time to provide the faithful of the Diocese with news and commentary. I would rather not have our efforts and time wasted on policing our comment boxes.

  37. Dr. K says:

    “I will pass your conjecture on to Sr. Joan when I see her. We will both have a laugh.”

    You can also tell her that I will be the one having the last laugh when she retires in June.

  38. Pete says:

    Gen, let’s get to the point. I have read comments from your flock poking fun at Sr. Joan’s physical limitations, I have read personal attacks on priests based on hearsay evidence, and endured militia’s lecturing while not at all addressing any of the complaints that I iterated. I am open to any meaningful dialogue and debate but please, please don’t tell me that you are concerned about policing my comments. There is no editorializing in this blog; you allow personal attacks by your minions to take place with impunity. Pass along your concerns instead to Dr. k and militia for they are the ones reckless with their commentary.
    Now as far as a purpose for your website, you have elected to start up a malicious blog site supported by a few self appointed ” monitors” of the Faith, operating under the guise of discourse. Spare me; this isn’t discourse but rather a series of personal and vindictive attacks made by cowards who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to deal with the clergy directly. Moreover, these monitors are unable to withstand any criticisms cast their way without resorting to imperious, and, in the case of Dr. K, obtuse comments. I mean, really, would any right-thinking person label me a hypocrite while acknowledging that he hadn’t read my comments? Make no mistake about it, you are not fostering any dialectic process that may lead to a solution to your concerns. And let’s face it, after 3 years of blogging, wouldn’t you expect a better response than 1200 readers? Your arrogance is indeed a blessing for you; it shields you from what should be abject embarrassment.

  39. Pete says:

    Dr. K, with every blog you post, you continue to amaze rme with your infantile, obtuse commentary. First you label me a hypocrite while acknowledging you didn’t read my comments. Now, to add to your humiliation, you comment on my dialogue with militia. Huh?? If you’re feeling left out, just tell me. But you have to keep up with the dialogue. Witless “oh yeah” type comments don’t work.

  40. militia says:

    Peter, why are you hanging around this site if you find it so offensive? That doesn’t make sense, unless your being offensive IS the point. Yes, we get that you have some special connection to Sr. Joan and that you are lashing out like a little kindergartner on her behalf: “Take that you mean Americans! And that, and that, and that!” But you have actually said nothing of substance, other than exhibiting your anger and hatred. We get it. The words you pour forth quite accurately characterize yourself; did you notice? We get that too.

    For example, I doubt that you can find a post anywhere on this blog that the writers have ever used the following words all in one post to disparage anyone, let alone Sr. Joan: reckless, malicious, self appointed, vindictive, cowards, imperious, obtuse, infantile, humiliation, witless and more. You seem not to realize that YOU are the one who is immersed in the sarcasm, in the attack, in the irrelevance. If you can’t make a substantive comment without resorting to personal attacks, then I must assume that IS your point, as you have made no other. But my point is that you will not find that collection of your language in our posts. We get it. You seem not to.

    I note you have exhibited a large vocabulary, prancing it around in a kind of Britty foppish way, frosted in great negativity, but you haven’t made any substantive contribution. So what is the point? I’m not going to engage in debate with someone who even mistates the application of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, and ignores Christ’s “sin no more,” without exhibiting a sincere desire to learn, or to provide references and support for his/her position. It would be a waste of time, and not good stewardship of my time, or the time of others to engage in shadow boxing.

    Peace and God’s blessings on your troubled soul.

  41. Dr. K says:

    Pete, wouldn’t your time be better spent helping the poor?

  42. Interstate Catholic says:

    More priests on the move in June.

    Fr. Jeff Tunnicliff to pastor of Immaculate Conception in Ithaca.

    Fr. John Loncle to pastor of St. John the Evangelist in Spencerport.

    Fr. Edison Tayag from the Cathedral to Assumption in Fairport as parochial vicar.

    Fr. Pius Pathmarajah to parochial vicar at the Cathedral.

  43. Interstate Catholic says:

    Few more.

    Fr. Lance Gonyo to St. Rita in Webster.

    Fr. Brian Carpenter to parochial vicar at the Blessed Trinity Parish in the Southern Tier (Owego, Waverly, etc.)

    All appointments take effect on June 26th.

  44. Ben Anderson says:


    I have read comments from your flock

    no one here is claiming to be a shepherd, so please don’t use language that denotes it.

    poking fun at Sr. Joan’s physical limitations

    There’s lots of people here, Pete – don’t lump everyone together. Most of us are adult enough to recognize that poking fun at people’s limitations is childish. And to your point about Sr. Joan bringing Christ to you… that’s great! I think we’re all adult enough to recognize that people aren’t all black and white. I’m sure she’s done some great things, as has Bishop Clark, and many of the priests that we’ve highlighted. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t overlook their errors for their own sake and for the sake of others.

    I have read personal attacks on priests based on hearsay evidence

    Not that I’m completely against hearsay evidence, but I’ll certainly agree that it’s not too hard to find rude comments on this site. Just as you mentioned earlier that the Church is full of sinners (myself among the biggest), so is this site.

    you allow personal attacks by your minions to take place with impunity

    we don’t allow much in regard to personal attacks, actually. And find me one Internet site that allows comments that doesn’t have some rudeness to it.

    Now as far as a purpose for your website, you have elected to start up a malicious blog site supported by a few self appointed ” monitors” of the Faith, operating under the guise of discourse.

    no – this is wrong. We are merely unveiling the truth of the heterdoxy of this diocese. Don’t like some of the commentary that goes along with the exposure? Fine – we all have different opinions as to the commentary, but that doesn’t negate the truth that we’ve exposed:

    1) this diocese promotes the ordination of women
    2) this diocese promotes the homosexual agenda
    3) this diocese has a general disregard for both tradition and Tradition
    4) this diocese is failing, shrinking, closing parishes left and right, etc. all while pandering to the world.

    I’d ask you to go beyond your focus on the negative things you see on this site (many of which I’ll agree with you about) and look at the real issues. Can you please address any of the above issues and make your case that lay faithful have no right to expose the truth via the Internet.

  45. Ben Anderson says:

    series of personal and vindictive attacks made by cowards who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to deal with the clergy directly

    This claim is also baseless. You have no idea who our pseudonymous writer are, so how can you say they are cowards? For all you know, they confront the clergy every single day. And as to our non-pseudonymous writers (and many others here), many certainly have confronted the clergy. I’ve personally done so enough times to truly understand Einstein’s famous definition of insanity:

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Rule #1 of attacking a view that you are opposed to, is to attack it at its best – not at its worst. Any argument where both sides are pointing out the worst part of the other is sure to be a losing argument for everyone involved.

  46. Interstate Catholic says:

    Fr. Paul English, CSB will become the new pastor of BKT in Irondequoit in June.

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