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Priest endorses Fortunate Families in parish bulletin

February 26th, 2012, Promulgated by b a

Fr. Michael Bausch, proud supporter of Fortunate Families and a category #2 kind of Catholic, wrote glowingly about the organization in this Sunday’s bulletin at the Church of the Transfiguration in Pittsford, NY. Remember that this organization doesn’t simply provide counseling for parents of SSA children. They unabashedly oppose the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and work towards promoting the homosexual agenda.

Dear Friends,
Over the years I have had several parents come to me to sort through feelings and concerns relative to their son or daughter just having revealed to them that they are gay or lesbian. In almost every case parents tell me they love their child, but struggle with a myriad of emotions: loneliness, fear, confusion, and grief to name a few. Over time I have learned that these visits always require a listening heart. In almost all these situations I discover these parents, who are unable to articulate that love early in their journey, need other parents who love their gay kids to listen to them and to share their experience with them.

We are very blessed to have the ministry of Fortunate Families (a national organization based in Rochester) which offers support resources that help Catholic parents deal with their emotions which range from tears to fears. I have spoken with parenst who have been part of support groups who express deep thanks and appereciation as they come to understand that their LGBT daugher and son is made in the image of God inherently as whole and holy as their stragight kids. They see God’s love revealed in them as they strive to love God and neighbor, as the person God made them to be, faithfully seeking God’s voice in their hearts, often in loving relationships and as loving parents.

When parents experience discriminatory words and actions of those who lack understanding, strong feelings such as frustration, anger and sometimes betrayal may arise. But because of their faith and love for their son or daughter they can very often turn those situations into a learning expereince for those who may have made the discriminatory remarks.

In my experience, parents who understand their LGBT loved ones, have a passionate commitment to justice for them, and these parents are more likely to be listened to because they are the faithful, heart and soul of our parishes, and they can make a difference. Their son or daughter maybe too tired to fight for a place at the table, but as parents fo the child they love they are willing to make sure the message God’s love is shared with other parents and with others who may need to understand that message.

I am certainly open to establishing a ministry for parenst with LGBT son or daughter. I realize people may feel awkward about addressing the topic head-on and so please be assured that if you approach me your questions and concerns will be dealt with full confidentiality.

My goal is two fold, first, to encourage and help parents to share their stories of love and faith and second to offer opportunities to collaborate with other individuals and groups who insist our loved ones be treated with dignity and equality. Please feel free to contact me or Fortunate Families at I thank the people of Fortunate Families for their inspiration and assistance in writing this article.

In Peace and Courage,
Fr. Mike

My simple question to DOR leadership, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, and the Catholic Church at large is “why do you not seem to care that your Church, your faith, your religion, your fathers, your martyrs, and your flock, are continually mocked by priests who have removed themselves from full communion with the Catholic Church (or worse)?”



3 Responses to “Priest endorses Fortunate Families in parish bulletin”

  1. Bruce says:

    Fr. Michael Bausch is a heretic and is putting souls on the path to Hell. Homosexuality is disordered, and those with that proclivity are to be loved by being helped to remain chaste. ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITY OUTSIDE OF REAL MARRIAGE IS SINFUL AND DESTRUCTIVE. PERIOD. Homosexual acts are sinful and destructive.


    Father Michael Bausch and UNfortunate families HATE homosexuals. They are the real bigots, for they allow and encourage those who struggle with this disorder to willingly accept a ticket to a destructive lifestyle that has an early end, only to wake up to eternal damnation.

  2. Sassy says:

    All I can add is when I called the DOR to inform them of FF, the lady answering the phone said, “The Bishop cannot handle all organizations that are unfaithful to Catholic teachings.”

    Wouldn’t even take the name of the organization I was calling about.

  3. Thinkling says:

    DOR: “The Bishop cannot handle all organizations that are unfaithful to Catholic teachings.”

    Sassy: “Well then how does he handle these organizations?”

    DOR: “They are delegated to his pastoral ministers”


    Couldn’t resist…

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