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NY Dem pro-abortion “catholic” Congresswoman booed for supporting HHS attack

February 27th, 2012, Promulgated by b a

I attempted to embed this video but it’s not working, so you’ll have to follow this link to see it. Notice the Station of the Cross shirt on the first speaker. I believe he is Jim Havens, Director of Evangelization, at the Station of the Cross. Fr Z made mention of this incident as well.

On a related note, 92.9 FM Catholic Radio is coming to Rochester! If you like the work of the Station of the Cross, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you support the transition.

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13 Responses to “NY Dem pro-abortion “catholic” Congresswoman booed for supporting HHS attack”

  1. Raymond F. Rice says:

    Trying to talk to a politician is trying to talk to someone whose profession is intrinsically disordered. Early on they develop a “teflon” coating and nothing gets through their coating except pride and money.

  2. Richard Thomas says:

    I know you tried but I couldn’t access the video.

  3. Raymond F. Rice says:

    AS far as the politician being ” catholic”, if we have had no viable preaching and teaching in 40 years, how can they say they are informed catholics??

  4. Richard Thomas says:

    Now it does. Good going for those people. She is a political hack.

  5. Eliza10 says:

    Clearly Rep. Kathy Hochul wants to pretend this problem does not exist. I am offended ow she handled this. I conclude she is anti-Catholic, and anti-religion from this, and this would be a very good reason to vote against her and encourage others to.

  6. Hopefull says:

    I was able to view it, and it is excellent. Whoever did the speaking had incredible strength to stand up and speak so strongly. I wish we were all so motivated. It is important to act as a group against such forces. Reminds me of Edmund Burke’s comment: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” Sort of sounds like standing up for good liturgy and faithful teaching too, doesn’t it?

  7. Jim says:

    Jim M. here: Wow! I thought both speakers articulated their positions very well, but the second guy really demonstrated a lot of courage in boldly speaking forcefully and defending the Church! She ought to be ashamed of herself for even pretending to be a Catholic.

  8. Richard Thomas says:

    What these lay people hae done dwarfs any attempt by most priests and bishops about the evils of contraception. Our clergy has created a culture where everyone winked at the use of contraception. Now, we reap the wirlwind and there is no let up in the near future.

  9. RochChaCha says:


    Thanks for posting this story, and better yet, thanks for linking to the fund drive for the Station of the Cross Rochester FM launch. Establishing a stronger signal on 92.9 FM in Rochester would be a great asset.

  10. JLo says:

    For sure, Richard Thomas, the second speaker at that town hall is a voice for the Faith that we never hear in our churches anymore, bless that man’s heart forever. Instead, we get the voices of the Georgetown coed testifying before Congress and the one from Catholic University who blogged at CNN whining for free contraception and how important it is in their lives. THOSE are the “Catholics” the Church has raised by its silence all these years, and not just in Rochester. There we have Nancy Pelosi nodding in sympathy for the Georgetown gal as she tells the world she embraces contraception, has a right to it, and wants it paid for (which is secondary to my point here).

    My point is that those young women are the face of Catholics out there in the culture today. Thank you religious and clergy for this embarrassing display of a complete lack of Catholic understanding by so-called Catholics! No wonder the Church is attacked… it appears to everyone out there to be composed of hypocrites at best or at least of the confused. How can we fight for religious liberty when we have these Catholics out there (students and the Pelosis of our world) stomping for the complete opposite of what our tenets establish?!

    We are bleeding Catholics as the Faith is completely misunderstood and misrepresented by poor, unfaithful fools, and we are continually attacked and smeared as the harvest of such poor instruction from our clerical leaders. I am mortified by those women. And how about the article making terrible jokes about the Eucharist (Huffington Post), and no one even rants and raves about it! It’s okay out there! Where are the bishops and priests!!!??? Why are they not calling press conferences in every diocese across America demanding an apology from that article’s author and from the HP?! Don’t hold your breath. Won’t happen. The Church is fractured, and soon we will be forced to search for the priests and bishops who still love Holy Mother Church IN ITS FULLNESS. +JMJ, please bless America!

  11. Richard Thomas says:

    J Lo,

    We as a Church are in BIG trouble. I think one but not all of the motives of not preaching contraception was that the clergy was afraid people would reject the teaching and walk. Needless to say, they have been walking out for 40 years without preaching about it.

    The clergy was afraid that this huge social network, built partially through the Democratic party and government money would all dry up. Now, they face the closing of a huge Catholic Hospital system and probably later, most of the whole social network, by O’Bama and his cronies, who want to replace private charity with government charity.

    And when legislation for making it a hate crime of denouncing the homosexual lifestyle is passed, then the removal of the hurch from society will be complete.

    I wonder if then, our clergy will finally get it? They need, NOW to start preaching about sexual ethics. Our Lord may be bringing the church to the garbage dump before he resurects her.

    Cardinal Dolan recently issued a proclamation about being Catholic. It was like a pep talk, to rally the troops. But preaching about birth control, homosexuality, etc was missing. Until the message about birth control is preached, the Catholic Church will be on “life support” and will continue to die. God help us!

    As long as the church fails in these attempts, she will be more marginalized. Too many people buy into what the Huff Post says. If you don’t prepare the troops for battle, the fight will be laughable.

    God bless.

  12. JLo says:

    You are too kind to the clergy, Richard! They ridiculed Pope Paul VI, and it was from Rochester (Curran) that their manifesto against it was written for the whole country of disobedient priests to sign onto. I was here.

    As to Catholics leaving anyway in spite of NOT hearing the truth regarding the evils of contraception, I would proffer that it is orthodoxy and truth which capture people’s heads and hearts, not the lukewarm and watered down. If bishops and priests and religious were interested in keeping the Church whole and healthy and growing, they did the exact opposite of what would have made us strong! But then, THEY were/are not spiritually whole and healthy! And those who are faithful seem to be few in number because they are so quiet!! And their national organization does not call out and then silence dissenting bishops and priests. For crying out loud, they cannot even control the guy who reviews movies for Catholic rating!!

    And I am not as generous as you to those priests back then: you think they did it out of fear; I think their ridicule shows they disagreed with the Holy Father and acted from their own warped beliefs, and such continue to do so, with no care at all for the sins of disobedience. It’s not fear; it’s agreement with the culture. Look at that fool priest friend of Obama’s in Chicago, Fr. Pfleger… he was actually in the audience clapping at Farrakhan’s latest hate “performance”. Now why has HE not been silenced?!!! Why does he still wear the collar, seemingly representing Catholic beliefs?!!

    There’s a lack of belief, a complete sellout to the culture; and if they do believe fully, they then are cowardly and couch their words, as does Cardinal Dolan. Just not a good place for one’s LEADERS to shoot from! God help us. This will certainly create the schism, the tear, because such as Sr. Carol Keenan will not close her hospitals… she’ll do the bidding of Obama; she’ll then find her way to justify abortion. And the bishops will not go to war with her… she’ll still call herself “Sister” and non-Catholics are left to scratch their heads wondering what we are all about. And do you think that across this country bishops will close colleges and hospitals and charity organizations, and all the myriad places Catholicism serves?

    Sorry… I’m not optimistic; OBVIOUSLY! 🙂 (I just reread my own words above). I believe this is the road which will lead to the remnant becoming reality, and I say alleluia! At least we’ll be on Christ’s team and be able to trust and esteem our leaders.

    +JMJ, please bless America!

  13. Richard Thomas says:


    You are correct.

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