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Some (extraordinary) Food for (ordinary) Thought – Installment III

October 5th, 2011, Promulgated by Gen


Why do liberals love manipulating the Agnus Dei into this hippie litany of environmental activism (Tree of Life, Flower of Love, Vine of Hope, etc. miserere nobis), but “conservative” Catholics are frowned upon for frowned upon when they change out the words “dona nobis pacem” with “dona eis requiem” in a funeral Mass?They’re both unapproved changes in the Ordinary Form, but still, the reaction to one is always more vehement than reaction to the other . . .

Note: In the Extraordinary Form, a Requiem (Funeral) Mass changes the words of the Agnus Dei from “have mercy on us” to “grant him/her eternal rest” (in Latin, of course). This was dropped in the Ordinary Form, where at funeral Masses we have the familiar “grant us peace” without variation.

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4 Responses to “Some (extraordinary) Food for (ordinary) Thought – Installment III”

  1. Raymond F. Rice says:

    What do you define as being a liberal???

  2. Raymond F. Rice says:

    As St Thomas Aquinas might say, the answer comes from one of the 34 billion, 238 million, 326 thousand,321 angels that are able to dance on the head of a pin!!

  3. Gen says:

    Liberal in this case means exactly what I said in that paragraph – those who “love manipulating the Agnus Dei into this hippie litany of environmental activism.” I usually dislike using terms like “liberal” and “conservative,” but I figured since I was hinting at a political agenda and not just a spiritual/theological/liturgical one, it might be one of those times when I could break that rule.

  4. JLo says:

    Actually, the rubrics REQUIRE that “Lamb of God” be prayed three times. As long as they get those three “lambs” in, I guess they can add all the nonsense they seem to need.

    So sad, the clueless Catholics in our pews, those who attend each Sunday and yet have no idea what’s going on in their midst, the awesome God among us body, blood, soul and divinity during Holy Mass. One day, many charged with teaching the Faith will answer for the earthbound sentimental drivel they encouraged. Of course, they, too, are clueless, from such bishops on down.


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