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Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Clark: Part III [FINAL]

September 16th, 2011, Promulgated by b a

There are now 2 days remaining to contribute to the spiritual bouquet for the sake of the eternal soul of Bishop Clark.

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Click here to add to the ongoing tally (if you can promise the prayers will be said by Wednesday, feel free to “pledge” them)

I have obtained the card and prayer card I mentioned in the previous post.  This is my first draft of what I will write.  Please offer your advice and opinions on it:

Your Excellency,
In a November 2010 article in the Catholic Courier you made this comment: 

“I don’t read the blogs in general, to be honest with you. From what I’ve heard, they’re inflammatory and one-sided,” he said.

Probably the most prominent blog that has been critical of your policies, progressive Catholicism, and the hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture is one that I am involved with – Cleansing Fire.  We certainly are one-sided in that we do our best to side with the Magisterium and with Sacred Tradition.  While we have been critical of you, we want you to know that we love you and truly desire the best for your eternal soul.  As an expression of this love, please accept this spiritual bouquet as a small sampling of our prayers offered over the course of a few weeks.  These prayers were offered for the sake of the person of Bishop Matthew Clark.  We wish to send you this gift to coincide with the feast of your given name – St. Matthew.   I can assure you that the prayers for you from our community didn’t start with this campaign and certainly won’t end with it.  I pray specifically that God shower you with His abundant graces and that the offering of our prayers may bring you peace.

In His Most Holy Name,
Ben Anderson and the Cleansing Fire community 



6 Responses to “Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Clark: Part III [FINAL]”

  1. JBCatholic says:

    It’s honest and genuinely sincere.

  2. Ben Anderson says:

    stamped, sealed, and in the mail.

  3. brother of penance says:

    Brother Ben, You have a shepherd’s heart. And my heart has been warmed by your leadership.

    The Spiritual Bouquet for our Beloved Bishop, the card, the prayer card and what you have written and sent Matthew Clark, helps to make present the charity Our Lord graciously pours into souls.

    Thank you for having welcomed me to participate in this spiritual bouquet.

  4. LizaJane says:

    I must say I am impressed.

    For a while it looked like I was going to be moving to the Rochester Diocese, and I frequently visited there. Praise God I ended up somewhere else through a series of circumstances. When I was there, I frequently saw the bitterness and borderline hatred of some individuals to their current Bishop, and I was appalled. Yes, he has done some TERRIBLE things (to parish communities, parish building, and people’s souls especially) while he’s been a Bishop there. But he is still a Bishop, a priest, a person. His soul is in need of a lot of prayer, and I plan to fulfill your promise that the prayers “certainly wont end” with this letter.

    I am just as impressed as when about two years ago my friend who lived in LA told me this about his Bishop. “No, I don’t agree with just about anything he preaches… but he is still my Bishop and I would die defending him!”

  5. SALLYANNE says:

    Do you actually call yourselves Christian? I have never seen such a bunch of hypocrites in my entire life! If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk, I say! God does the judging. Bishop Matt is my cousin. He’s not only a compassionate man, but he certainly knows more about the bible and his intentions than any of you do! He was chosen by God to be the Bishop of Rochester, NY. There is a reason for this, and I suggest you work on yourselves, get the speck out of your eye first. Then, and only then, will you be able to see more clearly.

  6. SALLYANNE says:

    This is a very insulting letter to be written by a Christian. I cannot believe you had the nerve to write this and to then post it as if you were proud of writing it…OMG!

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