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Jim Wallis is coming to Rochester with the support of the DOR

September 12th, 2011, Promulgated by b a

A reader informed me of this today

Noted “pro-life, pro-woman” (translated – pro-choice) Christian writer, speaker and advisor to B Obama, Jim Wallis is coming to Rochester, September 21.

Sponsored by, among a number of non-Catholic groups and organizations, the DoR, St. Bernards, Assumption, Resurrection, and the SSJs.

Here is a man who proclaims a “prophetic voice” who believes that abortion on demand should continue but we must do all we can to make abortion “rare.”  How’s that going, Jim.  How many millions need to die?  To his credit, he refuses to embrace “gay marrige” but he also refuses to “take sides.”

That our Diocese, our Seminary, the SSJs and two large parishes are sponsoring and promoting this man’s presence is quite sad.  It does, however, provide us a rare bit of transparency into how our leaders think.


5 Responses to “Jim Wallis is coming to Rochester with the support of the DOR”

  1. Ludwig says:

    Wallis literally churns my stomach.

    This breaks my heart.

  2. Richard Thomas says:

    How true Ben. And people were frustrated all the bishop’s tenure why he never did anything for the pro-life cause in his diodese, except pay lip service. He always said he did not want to alienate pro choice people by merely supporting the pro life position.

    I think what Hallis is doing is a well coordinated effort by the O’Bama adninistration to collect Catholic support for the re-election of O’Bama.

    When you think of it, this bishop and this president ideologically are very similar…on abortion, birth control and homosexuality.

  3. Raymond F. Rice says:

    You can claim it makes you sick, sad, disappointed, ashamed, disheartened and pissed, as well as embarrassed and disillusioned and depressed. But unless “WE” protest Wallis’s appearance, we are accepting his position!! Silence is assent!!! Wallis is really a crypto-Nazi working to facilitate a new holocaust directed toward unborn babies.

    How about boycotting Clark’s “Stamp” tax on the parishes as a start.??

  4. Raymond F. Rice says:

    Tongue in cheek, I have it on good authority that Wallis’s confirmation name was Pontius Pilate.

  5. JLo says:

    I realize that our parishes must pay their annual “tax” as imposed by Buffalo Road and so it all comes out of our parish coffers no matter how much the parish collects during each drive for these funds, but my conscience does not allow me to participate. Sorry pastor… and I say so.

    Just can’t give MY stamp of approval let alone my treasure to the false teachings, bad theology, neon-lit plastic “liturgies”, and visible physical destruction we have in the DOR. I return my card each year with a note telling Buffalo Road that my conscience does not allow me to support that which offends me, and the mission of the DOR offends my Catholic mind, heart, and soul. So, Raymond Rice, I’m with you… no appeal money from me.

    I have a dear friend who for the past 22 years sends the card back marked “zero” amount and the words “I was a Cardinal Mooney parent” scrawled across the card. Took our money and ran all those years ago, even though we had raised the money to keep Mooney open.

    Many in the DOR have never reconciled the thefts of parish properties and money, funds for our worship sites and education redirected to organizations and people who live in complete and public disobedience to our Holy Father and the Church. So many dissidents are living off the money collected off the backs of our parents and our grandparents, our great grandparents and our own backs, too! And one wonders what non-Catholics here think of the antics of our leadership in Rochester, the open dissent from Church teachings? It’s disgraceful. If the new bishop is courageous and orthodox, the appeal funds will balloon his first year here, as all of us once again open our wallets!!


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