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Coming Soon: Cristiada

August 27th, 2011, Promulgated by Gen

The trailer below is for a movie about the struggles Mexican Catholics faced in the 1920’s, when the government attempted to suppress the Faith. It looks like an absolutely stellar film. Any film where Peter O’Toole is a Catholic priest (or pope) has to be excellent!


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2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Cristiada”

  1. brother of penance says:

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    Recently I listened to a talk on CD by Patrick MADRID entitled: VIVA CRISTO REY.

    Mr. Madrid senses that the political conditions which led to the Mexican government persecution of the Catholic Church are already present in the USA. May we be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

    Thank you, Gen, for this trailer. You have wet my appetite for an excellent movie.


  2. Raymond F. Rice says:

    nice point of information/will probably see it!!

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