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Santiago de Compostela

July 25th, 2011, Promulgated by Bernie


Today is the feast day of St. James the Apsotle and so I thought maybe some of you might like to ‘visit’ his cathedral shrine, Santiago de Compostela in Spain.


(Click on potos for larger images)


West Façade


Iberian Peninsula



“The cathedral is the reputed burial-place of Saint James the Greater, apostle. It is the destination of the Way of St. James, a major historical pilgrimage route since the Middle Ages.According to legend, the apostle Saint James the Greater brought Christianity to the Iberian Peninsula. In 44 AD he was beheaded in Jerusalem. His remains were later brought back to Spain. Following Roman persecutions of Spanish Christians, his tomb was abandoned in the 3rd century. Still according to legend, this tomb was rediscovered in 814 AD by a hermit after witnessing strange lights in the night sky. The bishop recognized this as a miracle and informed king Alfonso II of Asturias and Galicia (791-842). The king ordered the construction of a chapel on the site.”

(


Narthex entrance to the nave (Pórtico de la Gloria). In the typanum is a "Majesta(s) Domini" (Christ in Glory). Below is image of St. James.


From the nave looking toward the high altar.


Ground Plan


"Himself" Sculpture of Saint James outside.


Pilgrims who have walked the "Way of Saint James" rest in front of the Cathedral. (I'm not sure if this is a poto I took!)


View from the East.


View from the Cloister

View from the south.


Mass for pilgrims/tourists is held each day.

There is always something going on in town.




Santiago de Compostela is well known for its huge Botafumeiro. You can see it in action at the following youtube sites: (at 3:10 you can see how it is stopped) (See how it is stopped at 3:00)





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Photos by Bernie

Ground Plan here


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2 Responses to “Santiago de Compostela”

  1. avatar christian says:

    Thanks for posting this Bernie. I had not viewed the Botafumeiro before or Santiago de Compostela. That Super Incensor was quite interesting. I definitely would not want to be hit by it. That massive church is quite unique.

  2. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Bernie, as usual – great post. Very interesting to see the Botafumeiro (and thanks for the tip to watch it be stopped).

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