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Highly recommended

July 19th, 2011, Promulgated by Mike

There is a group of 25 blogs that I visit frequently because I usually find something interesting or worthwhile on at least a few of them each time I go through the list.

One of those recent gems was a recommendation to check out Little Catholic Bubble, a blog maintained by Leila Miller, a mother of 9 (one of whom is already in heaven) who says of herself,

I relish engaging the wider culture, and I do have a lot of opinions. If you read this blog, you will hear them.

Politically, I am a conservative. Theologically, I am a faithful Catholic who loves apologetics. For fun, I like to make matches between devout Catholic singles.

As to the purpose of her blog Leila writes,

I want this to be a teaching blog, primarily for Catholics.

I want Catholics to see that our Faith is cohesive, consistent and reasonable, and I want them to be able to teach it in their own homes and communities, and defend it in the world. I want to help make up for the catechesis deficit we’ve had for the past two generations.

After reading through several posts I believe she is doing what she set out to do – and doing it very well.

If you visit be sure to hit the three items in the green bar at the top of the page. The first is Leila’s welcome to liberals and her purpose statement, the second will take you to one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of the effects of the catechetical meltdown following Vatican II, while the third has some great conversion/reversion stories, mostly from women but at least a couple from guys.

Don’t have a lot of time? Check out “Popular Posts” in the sidebar on the right.

Oh, and did I mention that my group of “must visit” blogs now numbers 26?



2 Responses to “Highly recommended”

  1. Richard Thomas says:

    It’s too bad that people like the bishop and others on Buffalo road don’t buy into her story. Now that’s compassion and understanding.

  2. Nerina says:


    I discovered Leila’s blog a few days ago (I think through New Advent) and I agree with your recommendation. I love how she engages people in the combox. She is confident, persistent and charitable.

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