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Church of the Infant of Prague

July 11th, 2011, Promulgated by Bernie
Previously, concerning the Infant of Prague, here.
While in Prague, the Czech Republic, last week I snapped some pictures of the church that serves as the shrine to the famous Infant of Prague thinking that they might interest some of our readers. (Be sure to read the previous post concerning the history of the statue.) The Church that houses the Infant is the Church of Saint Mary Victorious which is down the street from the much larger St. Nicholas Church (shown in the last picture).
(Click on pictures to see larger images)

The "Infant" is displayed above the center altar along the right wall of the nave.

Pilgrims visit all day long from all over the world.

A large glass tabernacle encloses the image. A second floor museum displays the many robes that have been donated to the shrine. The robes on the statue are changed periodically.

Mass is celebrated each day in different languages. This is a picture from last Thursday English Mass at 5 P.m. The priests always celebrate "ad orientem.".

The front facade of the church.

The street in front of the shrine leads to the Baroque Church of St. Nicholas.



3 Responses to “Church of the Infant of Prague”

  1. Susan of Corning says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. Beautiful!

  2. Raymond F. Rice says:

    Nice article. Reminds me of the story of the lady who was so devoted to the Infant of Prague that she wrote to the pope to ask why he was not canonized!!LOL

  3. Bernie says:

    Raymond: What a hoot! I fell on the floor laughing! Thanks.

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