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We Live In Satan’s Dominion

June 24th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

Gay marriage has passed in New York State by a vote of 33-29.

Behold the fruit of three decades of malformed Catholics. It was absolutely sickening to listen to state senators describe themselves as “Catholic” and vote in favor of the bill. I hope that these so-called Catholics will refrain from receiving Holy Communion.

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23 Responses to “We Live In Satan’s Dominion”

  1. Louis E. says:

    I hope there will be bishops who will declare that all persons who contract same-sex “marriages” are forbidden communion until those unions have been dissolved…I doubt Matthew Clark will be the first…but how many dioceses now have failed to take this step?

  2. Ben Anderson says:

    I hope that these so-called Catholics will refrain from receiving Holy Communion.

    And I hope that those who don’t refrain (I doubt they will) will be denied. Will the real Catholic Church please stand up?

  3. Dr. K says:

    Bishops need to deny Communion to those who voted for gay marriage, not in revenge, but in accountability for supporting this disgrace.

  4. Bruce says:

    Well, what this simply represents is a complete ignorance of what proper reason and faith actually are. The senators who believe themselves to be Catholic are as delusional as people who believe homosexuals can actually form a marriage. Our work, obviously, is to teach and evangelize a pagan people. The West is missionary territory for Catholics, with Europe and New York as ground zero.

    It is time to embrace the missionary zeal once again, and that will mean lots of sacrifices on our parts. It is time to put up or shut up, and to realize that our comfortable time is over. Play time is through. We have an enemy to battle, and this ancient enemy of Christ loves two things more than anything else: sacrifice (abortion) and sodomy (sodomy). We are in enemy territory and must be brave.

    Viva Christo Rey!

  5. annonymouse says:

    They should be denied communion unless, of course, they repent. Then they can receive communion. Unfortunately, it will be too late to change this evil action. Are Grisanti and Saland Roman Catholic? Alesi used to be. They will all soon be ex-Senators.

    At times like this, we have to remember that God is in charge and we do what we can do. God’s will be done.

  6. Bruce says:

    That’s right, mouse. We may be called for some very, very hard truths indeed. The seed of the Church is the blood of martyrs, and if they are going to push, we have to trust in God.

  7. Louis E. says:

    To claim that this law can never be repealed is to buy into the homosexual lobby’s carefully cultivated aura of inevitable and irrevocable triumph.Of course,primary challengers need to be electable themselves,or they will likely open the seats to candidates further to the left.(I’m an anti-SSM Democrat but doubt I could get nominated).

  8. Scott W, says:

    The faithful laity of the DOR has my prayers in particular. Not only do they live in a state that has passed an immoral law that makes teaching and cultivating the virtue of chastity difficult to impossible, but they also have a diocese with leadership unlikely to provide succor. They are in the mundane sense, utterly alone.

  9. Just says:

    Unrepentant of such acts they will purchase hell.

  10. snowshoes says:

    This morning’s reading from the LOH from the 2nd letter of St. Peter indicates, “What we await are new heavens and a new earth, where, according to his promise, the justice of God will reside. So, beloved, while waiting for this, make every effort to be found without stain or defilement, and at peace in his sight. Consider that our Lord’s patience is directed toward salvation.” “Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!” Ora et Labora for the Kingdom of God. Our Lord is our Warrior-Champion, and He will conquer, though His Blessed Mother and His Bride the Church. Quiet living out of our Catholic life with the daily witness in truth and charity, and undertaking our civic duties with diligence and courage will win the day. The other guys don’t “reproduce”… Viva Cristo Rey!!!!

  11. Bruce says:

    As we can see from some of the homosexual friendship supporters, this was never about marriage (btw, that is all gay “marriage” is for those who don’t know, since persons of the same sex cannot actually form a comprehensive bodily union required for marriage…so all they have is friendship).

    What they want is for their own unhappiness and insecurity to be labeled “normal” in society, as if that will ease their pain. Many, if not the vast majority, will not marry (as we have seen in nations and states which allow this silliness). It was a matter of trying to force people to declare that there is nothing wrong with them, even though such a solution will not work. The fact remains that, due to its violation of the natural law, homosexuals who indulge in that lifestyle will never be happy, regardless of what the State or Church says about it. What they need is prayer and treatment, not more license to continue to destroy themselves.

    So, what you’ll see for a while is parades, tears, and even some “marriages.” In the long run, however, it will be the same old story with homosexuals…depression, abuse, and suicide. This is the case in other nations and states which have long passed such similar legislation, and it never actually succeeds in making them happy or normal. Pray for them, because they need it, and pray for ourselves too, that we have the strength to endure.

  12. JLo says:

    They may not reproduce, snowshoes, but they poison minds and their evil ways make hearts and minds stony… just read the nonsense posted above by Anonymous-133122, the “proud” New Yorker who’s headed to Holy Mass tomorrow to thank God for this abomination! Madness. And, Bruce, thank you for your 10:50 AM post… so well said. +JMJ

  13. Louis E. says:

    I have to wonder if Anonymous-133122 is here to “troll”.Catholic high schools should not be allowed to permit “GLBT” groups,and even if it’s in the manner of a stopped clock twice a day,RC Church teaching on homosexuality is entirely correct.

  14. Nerina says:

    Now all we have to do is get the Church to change its view on gays and I think we can start with a grass roots effort.

    Well, thank God, the Church isn’t a democracy.

    but they also have a diocese with leadership unlikely to provide succor. They are in the mundane sense, utterly alone.

    Scott, truer words were never spoken. I can just hear the next “homily” by our “authorized lay preacher.” It is sure to include phrases like, “now the healing can begin and we can all move forward recognizing the dignity of our gay brothers and sisters.” There will also be a call for the Church to “reexamine” Her view on sexuality. Sigh. Prayers very much needed and appreciated.

  15. JLo says:

    Perhaps this evil placed upon us in the dark last night is God calling on us to assist in his bring good out of it… which God always does. Maybe this is the good he wants for us, our wake-up call to put all PC priests and our bishop’s feet to the fire as well as the leadership in what’s left of our Catholic schools. Being charitable ourselves should no longer preclue our saying out loud and forcefully demanding that the leadership in this diocese must be faithful to Holy Mother Chuch or lose our funding and membership; i.e., that we leave such parishes, get in our cars and drive to those that preach the Truth. We cannot leave the bishopic, but we can depart parishes that do not answser our questions forthrightly and teach truth. We should no longer provide cover for those wolves in sheep’s clothing who smile gently while all the while destroying.

    And can anyone tell me why New Yorkers were not allowed a vote on this measure instead of having it imposed by legislators? I cannot find an answer to that question. +JMJ

  16. Sassy says:

    I was so sad to read the results this morning. My prayers are with all New Yorkers today.

  17. Ben Anderson says:

    I can just hear the next “homily” by our “authorized lay preacher.” It is sure to include phrases like, “now the healing can begin and we can all move forward recognizing the dignity of our gay brothers and sisters.” There will also be a call for the Church to “reexamine” Her view on sexuality. Sigh. Prayers very much needed and appreciated.

    Nerina, if such things are uttered you should record it and send it to Rome.

  18. awb says:

    Is all this being documented by anyone including the names of the so called Catholic senators and of course our great governor and sending it to Rome? There is clearly accountability here that needs to be addressed formally by the Vatican. Also, does anyone know the Cardinals’ name and email address at the Vatican to document and send any DOR abuses by lay administrators etc?

  19. Louis E. says:

    In terms of sending things to Rome…I note the NY Times article on the “unlikely mix of forces” that opened the “road to gay marriage” concludes with a speech Cuomo gives in which he says “Their partnership is worth the same as your partnership…that is the driving issue.” This seems a clear-cut denial of Catholic teaching?

  20. Raymond Rice says:

    To All;

    Rome cares??? How many have written to the Apostolic Delegate in Washington or to the appropriate dicastery at the Vatican and received a timely response???

  21. Raymond Rice says:

    PS: I wrote to the AD 5 years ago about the financial shenanigans in the finances of the diocese. I am still waiting for an acknowledgement that the letter was received!!

  22. Ben Anderson says:

    awb. here’s 2 lists of addresses:

    make sure whoever you write to is still in that current position (wikipedia will probably be up to date)

  23. Diane Harris says:

    I also wrote to the Nuncio abut 5 years ago and got nothing, although I had a mailing receipt confirmation it was received (Yes,as Anon 84149 says: always send with a return receipt or a USPS tracking #.) However, the next and current Nuncio, Abp Sambi, is much more reliable. I always get (and my friends have received) acknowledgement from his office.

    It is getting Rome to acknowledge that they’ve recieved it which is the problem. They just seem to ignore what they don’t want to deal with, even though it is all in accordance with Canon Law. The Nuncio did confirm (on further inquiry) that he really did send it to Rome, but, for example, Cardinal Llovera’s organization (Divine Liturgy and Discipline of the Sacraments) got a request for intervention 4x and wouldn’t acknowledge anything…..they make a mockery of Canon Law, IMO. I was also disappointed that Cardinal Burke wouldn’t respond, and there are a few secretaries of congregations who seem arrogant in the way they preen themselves in their Cardinal’s shadow.

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