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Oh, Heaven Forfend!

June 6th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

I direct your attention to the highlighted portion of this bulletin article by Sr. Karen Dietz:

My response to there being no new candidates in the pastoral administrator pool:


Not having a pastoral administrator is a blessing. Why would a parish want the extra burden of paying for a lay administrator’s salary? Why would a parish want an under-qualified layperson with a St. Bernard’s education not worth its weight in toilet paper ordering around a parish priest who has roughly six years of philosophical and theological education and who is, oh by the way, an ordained priest? Who wants to sit through another invalid lay administrator homily? Who wants to have their weekday Masses replaced with Communion services?

Dry up the administrator pool for all I care. We don’t need these people running our parishes. We need priests.



9 Responses to “Oh, Heaven Forfend!”

  1. avatar Bruce says:

    Very well said, Dr. K. I love your passion for this, and I echo it!

  2. avatar Eliza10 says:

    Well said. “Who cares” is right!

  3. avatar Jim R says:

    Actually, I think it’s great. HE Bishop Clark’s fix for the lack of priests has also failed. He not only can’t run a Catholic diocese, but he can’t run a Protestant-like diocese. He is quite obviously a total failure and destructive to all he touches. As if we didn’t already know that. But, it’s nice to see confirmation of that from his minions.

    Maybe now Rome will take note – though more likely we will simply have to wait out his destructive, anti-orthodox tenure. Nonetheless, hope springs eternal as his failure on the heterodox pastoral administrator front coupled with the success of orthodox bishops on the seminary front proves that heterodoxy is a plan for failure all around and orthodoxy is the way to success.

  4. avatar JLo says:

    Love your whole response, Dr. K! Thank you… I read it twice; the second time as a prayer. +JMJ

  5. avatar Dr. K says:

    Next year is zero men (to the priesthood).

  6. avatar Scott W, says:

    Out of curiosity, how many lay administrators appointed by Clark to run parishes are male?

  7. avatar Dr. K says:

    There are two male lay pastoral administrators: Bill Rabjohn and Michael Sauter.

    There are three deacon pastoral administrators: Deacons David LaFortune, Dean Condon, and Gary DiLallo.

    On the other hand, there are eleven female lay administrators: Charlotte Bruney, Sr. Joan Sobala, Sr. Karen Dietz, Sr. Diane Dennie, Deb Housel, Sr. Chris Treichel, Sr. Joan Cawley, Irene Goodwin, Anne-Marie Brogan, Margaret Ostromecki, and Barbara Swiecki. Another laywoman, Margot Van Etten, is chaplain for SUNY Brockport college (one reader told us that she has elevated the chalice at consecration, though we have no proof of this as of yet).

    From Ecclesiae de Mysterio:

    “Because these are exceptional cases, before employing them, other possibilities should be availed of, such as using of the services of retired priests still capable of such service, or entrusting several parishes to one priest or to a coetus sacerdotum.

    In any event, the preference which this canon gives to deacons cannot be overlooked”

    The diocese has ignored this. The preference for deacons is not Bishop Clark’s preference. His is women’s ordination promoting laywomen. Remember also that we have a large number of deacons in Rochester (well north of 100), so there really is no excuse why more of our lay administrators are not deacons.

  8. avatar Bruce says:

    Ah, 11 laywomen out of work next year.

  9. avatar Dr. K says:

    There may be another laywoman if Nancy DeRycke gets the St. Paul position as we have heard tossed around.

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