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Audio of Former Rochester Priest, Fr. Enrique Rueda

June 27th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

UPDATED by Ben on 2011-06-27. Dr. K posted this back in January and I’m simply bringing it back to the front page. I found Fr. Rueda’s words very encouraging and now it seems like a great time to hear them again. If you have a chance, at least listen to the first several minutes of the first audio clip. I love how he says it’s a great time to be alive.

Fr. Enrique Rueda


A little over a year ago, Fr. Enrique Rueda passed on from this life and went on to his eternal reward. Fr. Rueda was a no-nonsense, tell it like it is traditional priest who was suspended by Bishop Clark in the early 1980s over his outspoken criticism of the homosexual and liberal infiltration going on in the Catholic Church. Many have probably forgotten this great priest and the many truths he spoke. So that his words will not be forgotten, I have found two audio clips of Fr. Rueda that I would like to share with all of you.  In these clips, you will hear Fr. Rueda speak the truth about a variety of subjects including false ecumenism, women’s ordination, orthodoxy, the Latin Mass, Hispanic Catholic issues, and the liberal bent of the American hierarchy during the 1980s. There is a lot of very good stuff in these two 30 minute audio clips, so please find the time to listen to them both from start to finish (especially the first one, where he mentions the Diocese of Rochester).

Audio segment 1 – A radio interview with Fr. Rueda while he was still living in Rochester, though after being suspended by Bishop Clark (roughly 1988/9). Keep in mind when listening that this interview took place shortly after the excommunication of then-Archbishop Lefebvre, when the Latin Mass was not available in most places. Fr. Rueda makes a few mentions of the Diocese of Rochester and the liberal loonies here.


Audio segment 2 – A talk given by Fr. Rueda on various topics, mostly Hispanic issues.


Fr. Rueda wrote a number of books exposing the truth about progressives and liberals. Some include:

  • The Homosexual Network: Private Lies and Public Policy
  • The Marxist Character of Liberation Theology
  • Roman Catholicism and American Capitalism: Friends or Foes
  • The Morality of Political Action

Father also penned several articles for The Wanderer.

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12 Responses to “Audio of Former Rochester Priest, Fr. Enrique Rueda”

  1. Mike says:

    A few points …

    First, there is a post on the Catholic Answers forum describing Fr. Rueda’s understanding of the meaning of theology. If the author is summarizing Rueda accurately, I can understand why he might not have been very popular in DOR, even if he had never written The Homosexual Network.

    Fr Enrique T Rueda has examined what theology means, and explains that natural theology is a philosophical discipline in which God is studied from what can be known of Him from His creation. Supernatural theology uses the knowledge of God based on Revelation and relates this to understanding His creation.

    Fr Rueda asserts that theology requires the integral possession of the Faith, and without that faith it becomes a theoretical formulation of ideas – an ideology. Faith admits no dissent for dissent in any part of the Revelation of Jesus Christ means the refusal to admit the entire Truth who is Jesus Christ in His Church.

    Thus there is no theology, strictly, without Christ and His Church –
    No theology of Karl Barth
    No Protestant theology
    No Buddhist or Hindu or Islamic theology

    A “theologian” who refuses to submit his conclusions to the judgment of the living Magisterium is not a theologian but a charlatan. Theological science aids the People of God in fulfilling the command of Christ’s Vicar to give an account for their hope to those who ask for it. (cf.1 Pet 3:15)

    Thus there are theologians who are faithful to Christ’s Church and there are dissenters. Catholics don’t follow theologians as such, they assent to the teaching of the Catholic Church which is what is really important.

    Second, one of the things that has intrigued me about Fr. Rueda is his absence from many issues of the Official Catholic Directory where I would have expected to find him. His name first appears in the 1969 issue – which is totally consistent with his reported 1968 ordination – and then again in both the 1970 and 1971 issues. During this period he was serving in the Archdiocese on New York.

    There are reports that Fr. Rueda came to DOR in the early 1970s, but he never again appears in the OCD, either in 1972 or any following year. I would sure like to know why this is so.

    Finally, there are a couple of 1968 newspaper articles online describing Fr. Rueda’s work with migrant workers the summer following his ordination. See here and here.

  2. Mike says:

    Anon. 8:35,

    Fr. Enrique Tomas Rueda was a native of Havana, Cuba. In fact, he’d spent some time in a Cuban jail following the Bay of Pigs invasion before coming to the U.S. as a seminarian. He graduated from Catholic University in Washington as a chemical engineer and then completed his theological training at Fordham University and Dunwoodie Seminary before being ordained by Terence Cardinal Cooke on June 1st, 1968.

    Always eager to learn, he soon picked up Masters Degrees in Business Administration, Political Science and Philosophy, which, along with the languages he would later master, would serve him well during the difficult years that lay ahead. In the twelve years I that knew him, Father acquired a mastery of German and Portuguese—the latter with the intent of earning a doctorate in Brazil. He had promised to send me a translation of his thesis as the ever-modest Rueda often claimed that the inspiration for it had come from material I’d mailed him over the years.

    Following ordination, he served as a Catholic chaplain at NYU and to migrant farm workers in Upstate New York (Orange County), as well as a parish priest in the South Bronx. While incardinated in the Diocese of Rochester, he directed a drug counseling and education center and was given pastoral responsibility for the Hispanic Community there during what he would call “the happiest days of his life.”

    There’s more at this source..

  3. Eliza10 says:

    What an inspiring story that you linked on Fr.Rueda. I am sure those who wanted him erased from everyone’s memory are happy with the outcome of Fr Rueda’s life, since, to them, it must seem a terrible end – to be so unknown.

    For the worldly, being known, being seen, and having position in society, the notice of others, and personal legacy is everything. Somehow I feel those things just weren’t on Fr. Rueda’s priority list. What a terrible cross it must have been to not to practice his priesthood. But it seems he accepted his cross, and we can be confident he offered it up, and many riches in Heaven have been gained by his offerings. A suffering saint for out times. What a contrast Fr. Rueda is to those scrambling to be seen and esteemed in the DOR. We should implore Fr. Rueda’s help with the DOR.

    I am wondering why Anonymous 8:35 thinks he/she should remember all the priests that have served in our diocese? That’s odd. Odder still is Anonymous’s assumuption that he/she should be aware of everyone Bishop Clark has suspended. As if the Bishops life and activities are some kind of open book! Very strange indeed, and about the furthest thing from reality.

  4. Eliza10 says:

    I don’t know how to correct typos or Freudian slips once a reply has been sent. I meant “our times”, not “out times”.

  5. Eliza10 says:

    RE: Rueda’s book, The Homeosexual Network”: It sounds like an interesting read if you can obtain a copy. Amazon has only one copy of this paperback for $276.71, and they are offering nine used copies ranging in price from $55 – $159.00.

  6. Choirloft says:

    Eliza10 – Maybe Anon 8:35 works for the diocese.
    To get used books, try

  7. Mike says:

    Eliza10, is also a good source for used books. They seem to have access to more sources than AbeBooks, including many outside the U.S. can also be useful.

  8. Ben Anderson says:

    These recordings are excellent, DrK – great find!

  9. CBD says:

    Fr. Rueda was incardinated in the archdiocese of NY and served in Rochester by permission of the archbishop. Fr. Rueda was an assistant priest at St. Catherine of Siena parish in Mendon from around 1975 through 1986.

  10. Mary-Kathleen says:

    The least expensive copy (used) of Fr. Rueda’s book “The Homosexual Network” is $50 on

  11. RyanNX211 says:

    The audio doesn’t appear to be working

  12. Dr. K says:

    Both audio files have been re-uploaded. I’m not sure if they’re in the same order as listed above.

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