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D&C: Civil unions have few fans in New York

May 17th, 2011, Promulgated by benanderson

As previously mentioned by a reader, the Democrat & Chronicle (for those outside Rochester – the D&C is Rochester’s mainstream newspaper) ran a front page story this past Sunday entitled, “Civil unions have few fans in New York”.

the state Catholic Conference opposes civil unions “because frankly they really are no different than marriage,” spokesman Dennis Poust said. “It’s just a different name, and even more significantly, it’s just a stepping stone.”

“We think anything less than marriage is discrimination,” said Sue Cowell, 58, executive director of Rochester-based The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley….

A NY1/YNN-Marist Poll released Wednesday found that 50 percent of New York adults think gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to legally marry, while 25 percent said they would be OK with civil unions but not marriage. The other 25 percent said there shouldn’t be any legal recognition given. [My made up statistic which is based off of a good hunch – of the 75% who support civil unions or gay-marriage, 10% actually think for themselves.  The other 90% have been brainwashed by TV and pop culture.]

They even interviewed our friend, Pastor Vince.

One of that group’s board members, Pastor Vincent DiPaola of Lakeshore Community Church in Greece, said there might be a place for some form of civil union, but without the benefits of marriage.
“As a Christian leader, I believe gay people matter to God, God loves gay people,” said DiPaola.
“But I do believe marriage is created by God, between Adam and Eve. For us to change it is very dangerous.” [Although we can’t really change marriage.  We can play games with words, but that doesn’t change marriage.]

Thanks for standing up on this issue, Pastor Vince!

My guess is that if Bishop Clark wanted to be included in such articles, the D&C would be happy give him a voice.



4 Responses to “D&C: Civil unions have few fans in New York”

  1. avatar Louis E. says:

    Today I picked up the phone and it was a pro-same-sex-marriage robocall by Larry King.Yuck.

  2. avatar Ink says:

    Good point about not actually being able to change marriage, Ben: it’s on the same level as why women cannot be priests. Sacraments are unchanging because they are not within our power to change–they were given to the Church by Jesus.

  3. avatar Louis E. says:

    I’ve now had a live call from the “Human Rights Campaign” (I told him I thought marriage existed to promote-male-female relationships) and a mailer from “New Yorkers United for Marriage” with a reply card that they have to pay for if you put it in the mail with criticism of their stand rather than your details for their lobbying and mailing list.

  4. avatar Sassy says:

    Louis, do you know if any of your neighbors are getting the same or similar calls? Gosh, that must be frustrating. Is it the same organization paying for all this?

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