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Bishop Clark Addresses Question of the Credibility of Accusations

May 9th, 2011, Promulgated by benanderson

In his Excellency’s weekly column, Bishop Clark addresses the concern of just how credible the accusations were against the 2 priests removed from ministry this year:

If a victim comes forward, we ask that they work closely with our victims’ assistance coordinator, Barbara Pedeville, to tell their story. In most cases, depending on the person’s wishes, I meet with the victim. We also employ a retired New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation expert to conduct a thorough investigation. We inform the local district attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies in the proper jurisdiction and cooperate fully with them. We ask our Review Board — a panel of authorities including experts in law enforcement, psychiatry, psychology and civil law, as well as a pastor — to examine the complaint and findings closely. If the Review Board determines that the complaint is credible, they make a recommendation to me.

He also mentions some other Diocese procedures to prevent such abuses as well as offers some advice to victims.  Pray for everyone involved in this process.



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