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Be Prepared to Defend Marriage in NYS

May 3rd, 2011, Promulgated by benanderson

hat tip to NYS Catholic Conference Facebook page for this story:

Cuomo ‘optimistic’ NY will legalize gay marriage

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo, closely allied with the Senate Republican majority that once blocked gay marriage, said Tuesday he’s now optimistic it will be legalized in New York.

“I know it’s failed before, but I think this is a different day,” Cuomo said. “I’ll bring more urgency in the next few weeks.”

Be not afraid to speak up for the truth of this issue. It doesn’t mean you have to engage debate. It does mean, though, that when given an opportunity, you should lovingly and charitably express your view. It is so very easy these days to fall into the secular society’s mantra of, “if it’s good for you, it’s good for me”. If you do engage, do not become angry or overly argumentative. This will only validate the stereotype that social conservatives are uptight simpletons afraid of people who aren’t like them. Love everyone, but charitably speak the truth. Speaking the truth might be as easy as saying, “I understand the desire for people’s rights, but I don’t believe that to be the issue on the table.  I think the real question is ‘What is Marriage?'” A few months back I posted a link to an academic paper that has become the definitive defense of marriage. Try to point as many people as you can to it.  Here it is again.

What is Marriage?

published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy by these folks

Sherif Girgis
Princeton University Department of Philosophy

Robert George
Princeton University – Department of Politics

Ryan T. Anderson
University of Notre Dame Department of Political Science




9 Responses to “Be Prepared to Defend Marriage in NYS”

  1. avatar Bruce says:

    The essay by Dr. George and co. is OUTSTANDING.

  2. avatar Scott W. says:

    In good news, Bishop Sirba testified in favor of a Marriage Ammendment in Minnesota:

  3. avatar Louis E. says:

    Call targeted State Senators (Huntley,Kruger,Addabo) and ask them to stand firm!(They are all Democrats who voted no last time,all Republicans voted no)l.

  4. avatar Nerina says:

    Some quick talking points:

    1)the gay population is tiny – ~2-3% of the overall population (I remember growing up and hearing that about 10% of the population was gay. Turns out that stat was completely fabricated).

    2)of that tiny number a small percentage is agitating for “gay marriage.”

    3)if this was truly an issue about gay people being treated fairly, then civil unions should be enough. They’re not because the politically active gay community will not accept anything short of outright acceptance and celebration of same-sex sexual relationships.

    4)this doesn’t end with “gay marriage.” If marriage is redefined in such a way, be prepared for serious fall out. In the Netherlands, where gay marriage as been legal for years, fewer heterosexuals bother to get married at all. You can imagine the consequences for children born to unmarried couples. Most don’t stay together and the children suffer. The argument that “gay marriage won’t hurt anyone” is false. National Review had an excellent article on why conservatives should be concerned about this issue. HINT: because the cost to society will be huge. We already have evidence of the cost to society because of liberal divorce laws and eroding traditional marriage. It will get worse.

    Sherif Girgis writes:

    Of course, marriage policy could go bad, and already has, in many ways. The issue of same-sex unions is not uniquely important, but it is the focus of a live debate whose results have wide implications for reforms to strengthen our marriage culture. Social and legal developments have indeed worn the ties that bind spouses to something beyond themselves and thus more securely to each other. But redefining marriage to accommodate same-sex partnerships would mean cutting the last remaining threads.

    The complete article can be found at:

    Catholic Answers has several good radio programs on this topic which help illuminate why this is a societal issue that needs a coherent response from traditional marriage proponents.

  5. avatar Scott W. says:

    If a guy puts on a funny hat sticks his hand in his shirt and thinks that makes him Napoleon, so be it. It doesn’t really affect me. Same-sex marriage is the equivalent of getting a court order requiring everyone to salute fauxNapoleon and say “Oui, mon general!” It very much affects me. It means that state school ciriculums must be adjusted to teach same-sex marriages are normal. It may result in job loss if one denies their validity as happened to an employee of Brooks Brothers.

  6. avatar Raymond Rice says:

    Anonymous-84149. Your comment was cruel and insensitive and totally lacking in charity!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  7. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Raymond Rice,
    I’m not seeing what was so uncharitable about what Anonymous-84149 said (unless I’m misreading the typos). Could you explain?

  8. avatar Sassy says:

    Perhaps the use of the word “harlet” was seen as uncharitable.

  9. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    ah yes – it is. I got that mixed up with concubine. Harlot is much more derogatory. It’s hard to keep all these words straight 🙂

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