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A Strange Question to Ask

May 27th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the St. Mary of the Assumption bulletin:

Does the pastoral administrator expect parishioners to answer  ‘no’ or what?



16 Responses to “A Strange Question to Ask”

  1. Eliza10 says:

    What they mean is: “Have we reached our goal yet? Of manifesting our dogma into your minds – that Masses aren’t important? Just checking for understanding!”

    Next question: “Does St. Mary’s really need a Sunday Mass of Obligation? What do you think? Tell us your opinion! [Our lay Pastoral Administrator leads the most vibrant Communion Services, ever!]”

  2. Maureen says:

    Perhaps this is our Lord’s will so as not to be desecrated any more often than He is already.

  3. Scott W, says:

    I don’t understand. Does the lay administator show up to weekday masses? If not, does that make them offensive because it’s the one chance for the “sacramental minister” to act like a priest?

  4. Leah says:

    Here is a blurb from this week’s “Charlotte’s Web” bulletin article. St Vincent’s is starting their new Mass Schedule next week. She has the nerve to ask the neighboring Methodist church to change their worship schedule to accommodate St Vincent’s new Mass schedule on Sunday mornings! Is there anything that she won’t do? Oh yeah, celebrate Mass, anoint the sick at Lakeside Hospital, bury the dead at Mt Olivet (Nativity’s Cemetary), funerals, weddings, baptisms,etc, etc, etc. She will have to find a priest to do those jobs. Most likely it will be according to HER schedule!!

    “Please also remember that next weekend begins our new
    Mass Schedule! Our Saturday evening vigil Mass remains as is, but
    henceforth, there will only be one Mass on Sunday mornings and
    that will be at 10:00 am. Parking will be at a premium so you would
    be smart to arrive early for Mass (What a concept!!!). I have spoken
    with our friends at the Methodist church about the possibility of their
    changing their worship schedule so that both of our services get out
    around the same time. They are considering this but do not want to
    make such a determination until they have some experience with our
    new schedule.”

  5. Dr. K says:

    “bury the dead at Mt Olivet (Nativity’s Cemetary), funerals … baptisms”

    Don’t be so sure about these particular items. I’ll be making a post on All Saints parish soon that deals with the possible lack of funeral Masses at that parish.

  6. Bruce says:

    Communion services are sacrilege. Any parish that does them is a parish not worth belonging to. Remember the mantra: No donations until lay pastors are removed. No attention given to them that rightfully belongs to the priest. Lay persons cannot be pastors…period. Want evidence of what happens when you break Canon Law? See the above post and the current dying state of the DoR.

  7. Snowshoes says:

    This past week the weekday Mass readings (!) from Acts covered the controversy of the Judaizers and the response of Pope St. Peter and the Apostles to that local diocesan Bishop where the Judaizers were causing a problem. What we have in the Rochester Diocese are the neo-Judaizers who instead of making us Jews first, would make us “liberals” first. There is a true analogy here (of course my own personal guess is that the analogy breaks down if the original Judaizers truly intended for new Catholics to be GOOD Catholics, but were just mistaken about what is essential.)

    The Judaizers thought that something that was secondary was primary. The neo-Judaizers confuse human equality as they understand it, and the office we are called to by the Father based on our particular nature, gender, gifts, etc. They believe their concept of human equality is primary, and that it trumps the teachings of the Church. Pope St. Peter sent emissaries to give the guidance. Perhaps it is time for the present Holy Father to send emissaries to the Bishop of Rochester to proclaim the teaching which the Pope has so clearly and consistently stated in the various teachings to which the Diocese of Rochester appears to take exception, and or ignore in its practices.

    A corrollary of this reflection is that the daily Mass Readings are a true gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, and so we are fed both by the Word and the Holy Eucharist. If there is no daily Mass, the Good News is not being proclaimed either, nor is the Priest able to feed the people with a good Homily. Daily Mass: use it or lose it. See you there!

  8. Ben Anderson says:

    A corrollary of this reflection is that the daily Mass Readings are a true gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church

    I’ve truly benefited from the readings since converting. Not that I didn’t read the Bible before, but I’m always so impressed how the old and new testaments are tied together. And it’s great to have the same readings for all Catholics. I can listen to them in the morning, maybe catch a homily on the radio, maybe read a reflection on a blog, and maybe discuss them with a friend. Truly universal.

  9. JLo says:

    Over the top again, Bruce! A communion service is NOT a sacrilege, man! They have their place, like in the boonies when no priest is available for Sunday Holy Mass, or when a priest fails to arrive at a scheduled Holy Mass on any day and the faithful are in attendance. There ARE norms for such. Catholic Answers has posted that …”Yes, it is permitted, as long as it is done in accordance with an official book which gives the procedure for conducting communion services in the absence of a priest.”. Love your passion for the Church, Bruce, but when lovers of Holy Mother Church speak such falsehoods, we lose veracity with the progressive audience of Cleansing Fire, and this website is all about defending the Truth and bringing back the lukewarm, the fallen away, and those who think their “modern” beliefs trump 2000 years of Church. So I think we need to curb a tendency to make over-the-top statements. +JMJ

  10. Bruce says:

    Why aim so low, JLo? If the DoR is “okay” with such things as a communion service in place of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, then you have already given up the ghost. Set low expectations, achieve low results. Where is the fire? Where is the outrage?

  11. Bill B. says:

    Low? Some of these Sacramental Ministers have “other” jobs and cannot be at the parish they are assigned for Saturday/Sunday; so the opportunity is legitimate. When a parishioner dies, the Pastoral Administrator has to find an available priest from somewhere – retireee’s and others. Keeping that in mind, there is still an overall problem of no priests when you want them. No daily mass? Sorry, no priest available today. Maybe when an ordination or two happens. Keep the faith.

  12. JLo says:

    Of course you are right, Bruce, in that communion services becoming the norm is not the norm we want to see, ever! I wasn’t commenting on that, or even on the question in the bulletin that prompted this particular post. I was short-focused, addressing your “sacrilege” comment only… didn’t want that hanging out there. When I think of communion services, I think of boonies like in Alaska and priests getting called away for an emergency. I guess that’s why I didn’t address that at all… it just doesn’t seem possible that such would become the norm! As for the outrage, the fire? Seeing what has become of this diocese, if I was properly outraged and on fire, I’d be all burnt out by now. There is so much to distress us. Someone whose opinions I value reminded me, during one of my fired-up spells, that even with all the nonsense, the unholy and irreverent at Holy Mass, the stuff that should never be there, if the Mass is still licit, guess who is there?!! Yes, Jesus and all the angels and all of heaven! I’ve turned that fire to positive thoughts lately (most of the time). I truly believe that Rochester’s suffering is being used by Our Lady, that we who have felt the outrage and abandonment and sadness have sent that suffering for good use. Perhaps the end is near for Rochester’s suffering and we will have some springtime soon. Until then, experiencing outrage only hurts me. We can get through this, Bruce. And until the end, we will continue to offer all the bad we feel as redemptive suffering. (BTW, I’m Italian… I LOVE your passion.)

  13. Bill B. says:

    We are all spitting into the wind on this. Why not get a CF staffer call that churches office to see why that question was therer in the first place. There could be a somthing that is being read into it that does not exist.

  14. Raymond Rice says:

    Bill B: Common sense!!!!!!

  15. Eliza10 says:

    Good idea. Someone call and ask why that question is there. Personally I don’t think there can be any good explanation. But we can give them a chance to come up with something creative.

  16. Eliza10 says:

    “….A communion service is NOT a sacrilege, man! They have their place, like in the boonies when no priest is available for Sunday Holy Mass, or when a priest fails to arrive at a scheduled Holy Mass on any day and the faithful are in attendance. There ARE norms for such….”

    Does anyone think its possible that the DOR creates these emergency needs for communion services? I do. I went to Mass one Sunday in “the boonies” – a nearby rural community where almost everyone commutes to Rochester to work – and there was “no priest who could come” so the lay pastoral administrator who was running the show was preparing for a “Communion Service”. I left for elsewhere – I wanted Sunday Mass. Most didn’t leave. That doesn’t mean they didn’t feel something was off in spite of the enthusiastically positive way the option was offered. I think the vast majority of the DOR uncatechized will be happy to have long-remembered Catholic norms restored with the new Bishop. And those who are too young to remember what is Catholic (since it hasn’t been taught here in so many years) will respond to the truthfulness and rightness of Catholic teaching – something novel they have never heard of before, but they will embrace it!

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