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Two Different Stations of the Cross

April 15th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

Lest there be any false hope that the bishop would consider attending the Stations of the Cross in reparation for abortion:

This ecumenical walk is sponsored by the Greater Rochester Community of Churches, an organization who in 2007 invited a feature speaker to their annual meeting who railed against the “religious right.” So what are the positions of this “religious right”? According to the speaker: “The Religious Right… has emphasized abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research instead of poverty, social justice, and peace.”

So while one Stations of the Cross will pray for an end to abortion, our bishop will be attending the one organized by an interfaith group who finds nothing wrong with abortion, or at least views eliminating this great evil as a low priority.



2 Responses to “Two Different Stations of the Cross”

  1. avatar Bruce says:

    So, a Bishop chooses to walk with schismatics, heretics, and women playing “dress-up” instead of proclaiming Jesus Christ in the Church. Can’t wait until his retirement.

  2. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Joseph Bottum wrote an interesting piece – “The Death of Protestant America: A Political Theory of the Protestant Mainline” for First Things a couple of years ago which names each of those denominations by name.

    note: mainline protestantism is majorly liberal. They have been dying for years. Protestant Christians who believe in the gospel w/out compromise have fled to conservative Evangelicalism (which continues to grow and thrive). Conservative Evangelicalism is thriving even in parts of the country labeled as mostly liberal (like here) where many Catholic dioceses are struggling.

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