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“Richard McBrien has been a disaster for the faith”

April 11th, 2011, Promulgated by Mike

A few weeks ago Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV sat down for an extended interview with Michael Coren of Canada’s CTS TV.

A few quotes to whet your appetite …

I’ve had bishops look me in the face and say, “I, even as a bishop, can’t say what you say. Keep saying it.” …

There’s another group of bishops who simply don’t believe some of these teachings of the Church …

At the end of the spectrum … are those bishops who not only don’t believe [a teaching of the Church] but actively oppose it …

Richard McBrien has been a disaster for the faith …

What is charity? Many people have kind of evacuated or vacuumed out the meaning of charity and substituted it with social politeness, being nice. That’s not charity. It is not charitable to allow someone to go to hell because you’re too afraid to step up and say what needs to be said in their lives …

[Faithful Catholics are] sick to death of being dumped on, relegated to Catholic ghettos in dioceses and parishes, being scoffed at, carried on as if they’re some kind of lunatic fringe. They’re sick to death of it and now the Internet has given those people an opportunity of finding each other.





11 Responses to ““Richard McBrien has been a disaster for the faith””

  1. avatar Abaccio says:

    Not to be critical here, but…did he HONESTLY just explain what and where the United States lies?

    “The United States of America, a large country just to the…to the south of us.”

    As I drove home last evening, I was contemplating a post on the true meaning of Christian charity…interesting that this came up 😛

  2. avatar Scott W. says:

    Cue Voris Derangement Syndrone and comments about Voris’ hair, his bachelor degree, his tone…in short anything but the actual content.

  3. avatar Raymond Rice says:

    Why has Richard Mc Brien been a detriment to the faith??

  4. avatar Thinkling says:

    @Raymond, you are joking right? If you are not then good, you haven’t yet had a chance for him to, er, impact you. Keep it that way.

    Having Philly ties, I actually tried to stomach one of his latest meanderings about the problems there. Big mistake. There is so much legitimate criticism to ponder about the current fiascos there that I was astonished how empty his discussion was. He was more off target than Rory McIlroy on the Masters back nine. I could not get past this without a chuckle:

    Well-informed commentators and shoot-from-the-hip pundits alike had their own theories regarding the root causes of the [sex-abuse] crisis. For the former group obligatory clerical celibacy was high on the list; for the latter it was the homosexuality of the perpetrators.

    At first I thought the factually obvious misparity was a typo. Then I laughed and realized, no, it’s not.

    He followed with “I have no intention here of reviewing the arguments on each side.” No really?

  5. avatar Mike says:

    Why has Richard Mc Brien been a detriment to the faith??

    Voris answers your question in the interview.

  6. avatar Raymond Rice says:

    What I cannot understand is how the pope, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, could choose so many bishops who have gone wrong??

  7. avatar Mike says:


    Formal inspiration, regrettably, ended with the drying of the ink on the last book of New Testament to be written. Now we have infallibility and that only applies to formal declarations in the areas of faith or morals, not to the selection of bishops.

  8. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Cue Voris Derangement Syndrone and comments about Voris’ hair, his bachelor degree, his tone…in short anything but the actual content.

    Scott W, I’ve been eating my words since I expressed disagreement w/ Voris. Most of what I’ve seen from him has been right on the mark… and someone needs to use the words and tone that he uses. His message needs to be heard.

  9. avatar Scott W. says:

    Fair enough. For the record, I’ve found myself disagreeing with Voris on some occasions. I thought his analysis of “Amazing Grace” was a bit of a stretch for instance, but I agree he is generally someone worthy of a hearing.

  10. avatar Raymond Rice says:

    So in the selection of a pope, as the bishop of Rome, is not under the guidance of the Holy Spirit??

  11. avatar Mike says:


    Not in the sense of inspiration. That should be obvious given some of the real scoundrels who have been Bishop of Rome over the centuries. For example, check out Popes Stephen VI, John XII, Alexander VI, Clement VII and Benedict IX.

    As bad as some of these clowns were in both their personal lives and their administration of the Church, none of them ever officially proclaimed anything to do with faith or morals that was contrary to the true faith. I think we have the Holy Spirit to thank for that.

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