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More Joan Love

April 2nd, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

Somewhat related to Bernie’s post from earlier, the Gates-Chili cluster Women’s Faith Sharing Group has decided to read from a Sr. Joan Chittister book.

Of all the authors in the world, how come our parishes continue to turn to such a flagrant dissenter?



3 Responses to “More Joan Love”

  1. Bro AJK says:

    Some of her books are fine. This may be one of them. That said, I’ll not waste money buying any of hers.

  2. JLo says:

    Some of her books may be “fine”, as Bro. AJK suggests, but with thousands of works by saints and other faithful Catholics, the question is still strikingly valid: why would a faithful lover of Holy Mother Church read and study and quote the works of such a public dissenting “religious”?!

    Sr. Joan is a self-described feminist, a columnist for the likes of Huffington Post (as well as NCR), who publicly marches against the teachings of the Magisterium every chance she gets, especially banging the drum loudly for women’s ordination. She preaches that the Church is a “relic” that must change.

    Aren’t the works of a hundred thousand saints enough to study over a lifetime? Why would any faithful Catholic group want to study Sr. Joan stuff? She is not pro-life, but she is pro-homosexual lifestyle; she is relentless in saying that women should be ordained; and she is a member of “Call to Action”, a notorious anti-Catholic group of liars (they say they are Catholic). I don’t care how “fine” some of her books may be, Bro. AJK… the lady should be shunned.

  3. Bro AJK says:

    Dear JLo,

    Oddly, something that you wrote resonates. If “We Are Church” (a group which Joan probably advocates) and the Church must change, then we must change. How truly, both logically and realistically. Let this Lent be a time that we can change to serve the Lord with greater fidelity to Him and His Church.

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