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Iudas, Mercator Pessimus

April 20th, 2011, Promulgated by Gen

Today is Wednesday of Holy Week, also called “Spy Wednesday.” The reason behind this is that this is the day on which Judas first transpired with the chief priests and the elders to hand Jesus over to their desires. He acted deviously and secretly, thus “spy” Wednesday. There is a beautiful motet sung during Holy Week which is called “Iudas, Mercator Pessimus.” The translation and original text are below, along with a video for your viewing pleasure.

Judas, the vile merchant,
required a kiss from the Lord
who, like an innocent lamb,
did not deny the kiss to Judas.
For a large amount of dinarii,
he betrayed Christ to the Jews.
It would have been better for him,
had he not been born.
Iudas mercator pessimus
osculo petiit Dominum
ille ut agnus innocens
non negavit Iudae osculum.
Denariorum numero
Christum Iudaeis tradidit.
Melius illi erat
si natus non fuisset.


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