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Behold the “Growing Movement”

April 4th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

Fake bishop Bridget Mary Meehan, one of the leaders of the women’s ordination movement, posted coverage of the ordination of four female deacons to her blog recently (see here). Below are a couple photos from the event. Take a close look at them. Ms. Meehan frequently boasts about how her movement is growing and how the Church can no longer ignore it. Well… How come there is a sea of gray in these photos? If your movement is growing, where are the young families? Where are the young adults? How about the children? Are there any infants in the congregation? Is there anyone under 65???

The fact of the matter is that this movement is almost exclusively comprised of people who were raised in the protest era of the 1960s and never grew up. What we see in the image above is a bunch of old kids playing priest. The young people in the Roman Catholic Church have not embraced this movement, thanks be to God!

Read the homily delivered at the fake ordination service (click here). The entire speech is a politically charged hate-filled diatribe against the Catholic Church and the hierarchy. Is this the kind of homily one would expect to hear at an ordination Mass? Contrast Ms. Meehan’s homily with this one delivered by Archbishop Jose Gomez. Note how the former is gushing with hatred while the latter is joyful and instructs the deacons on the life of service they have been called to lead.

The women priests movement is built upon misandry, not the Gospel of Christ. One day everyone will realize this truth.

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9 Responses to “Behold the “Growing Movement””

  1. avatar Scott W. says:

    Read the homily delivered at the fake ordination service (click here).

    I love ya, but no stinkin’ way!

  2. avatar Louis E. says:

    The “American Catholic Council” recently reported 700 registrants with their early registration deadline a week away…how many do they need to break even on renting Cobo Hall?

  3. avatar Mike says:

    Kinda reminds me of the type of crowd Sr. Joan Chittister drew when she spoke at the Church of the Assumption in 2009 (see here).

  4. avatar Gretchen says:

    Florida, God’s waiting room…

  5. It’s more like a “graying movement.”

  6. avatar A Catholic says:

    There is a woman here in Rochester playing priest at St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality. Dorothy Day, the founder of the Catholic Worker movement was radical in many ways, but she was obedient to the Church, unlike the members of the Catholic Worker movement here in Rochester who are allowing this.

  7. avatar annonymouse says:

    To “A Catholic” 8:37 – yes, this “woman priest” at St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality bills herself as performing liturgies “in the Catholic Tradition.” That is too rich – she claims the Catholic “tradition,” ignoring the 2000-year Catholic tradition of a priesthood reserved to males, following Our Lord’s example in choosing His apostles.

    And she has named her congregation after Archbishop Romero, as if the archbishop would approve of her apostacy!

  8. avatar A Catholic says:

    annonymouse- I’ve stopped contributing to St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality precisely because of their decision to step into that whole mess. If only they could be more like St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy in Buffalo- serve the poor and loyal to the Church.

  9. avatar Phoebe says:

    Notice how the Faux Womyn-Priests have to read the prayers always from a “script”. They can’t even be bothered to memorize the prayers. Apparently these are beside the point and meaningless to them and the photo op in the vestments, earrings and lipstick is the real value here.

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