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Pastoral Appointments Update – Fr. Ring to St. Louis

March 17th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

It’s official — The controversial pastor of Our Lady of the Lakes, Fr. Robert Ring, has been named by Bishop Clark to be the pastor of one of the largest and wealthiest parishes in the Diocese of Rochester, St. Louis church in Pittsford. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since our bishop has a long history of appointing only the most loyal party-line men to the prominent east side parishes in Pittsford, Fairport, and Penfield. What’s most disturbing about this appointment is that we knew it was going to happen so far in advance (Feburary 3rd, before a member of the priest personnel board even met with the St. Louis staff!). Why did the diocese bother to solicit applications for this post if the appointee was already known? The pastoral application process in Rochester is a joke.

So St. Louis readers, what will you be getting from your new Pastor? First and foremost, we are told that Fr. Ring has been pushing for controversial wreckovations at St. Januarius church in Naples. The parishioners of this community have been fighting the proposed changes that Father wishes to make to the church and to the sanctuary. There also has been some disagreement over where the money will come for these changes. We will go into more details about this situation in the coming months, but suffice to say that the people are very unhappy about Father’s proposed changes.

Various loopy activities at Fr. Ring’s parish have also been brought to our attention. Below are a couple examples. First, his parish has endorsed a number of “Enneagram” sessions led by Sr. Margaret Mattle, RSM. For those unfamiliar, Enneagram is a New Age practice, like Reiki, that has received disfavor from the Vatican (see #7.2). These sessions have been occurring once a month and run through May.

Father’s parish is also playing host to the “Women of the Well,” a performance troupe where more than half of the performers (including their leader) have demonstrated public support for the ordination of women to the priesthood, contrary to the definitive teaching of the Church. Then again, Fr. Murphy has invited them as well.

There are still a number of openings throughout the diocese, so keep checking in for updates.

Appointments so far, to take place by June:

Charlotte Bruney from Pastoral Administrator of St. Vincent De Paul (Churchville) to Pastoral Administrator of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Brockport).
Fr. Joseph Canh from Vietnamese Ministry at St. Helen to transfer to Boston Archdiocese.
Fr. Augustine Chumo from Sacramental Minister of St. Michael, St. John, St. Patrick (Clyde, Lyons, Savannah) to Pastor of this community. Sr. Diane Dennie, SSJ will no longer be Pastoral Administrator.
Fr. John Gathenya from Parochial Administrator of Our Lady of the Snow (Cato, Port Byron, Weedsport) to Parochial Administrator or Pastor of Holy Family (Auburn). Fr. Gathenya replaces Fr. Michael Conboy, presently serving as Parochial Administrator.
Irene Goodwin from Pastoral Administrator of St. Mary of the Assumption to Pastoral Administrator of St. Mary of the Assumption/St. Vincent De Paul/St. Columba.
Fr. Timothy Horan from Parochial Vicar of Blessed Kateri (Irondequoit) to Pastor of Holy Trinity (Webster).
Fr. Leo Huyen to Vietnamese Ministry at St. Helen.
Fr. Robert Kennedy from Pastor of Blessed Sacrament (Rochester) to Pastor of Blessed Sacrament/St. Boniface and priestly duties at St. Mary downtown (Rochester).
Fr. William Michatek from Pastor of Holy Trinity (Webster) to retirement.
Fr. Kevin Murphy from Pastor of St. Louis (Pittsford) to retirement.
Fr. Robert Ring from Pastor of Our Lady of the Lakes (Dundee, Naples, Penn Yan, Prattsburgh, Rushville, Stanley) to Pastor of St. Louis (Pittsford).

If you notice an error, or have information about an appointment not listed here, please contact us at:

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11 Responses to “Pastoral Appointments Update – Fr. Ring to St. Louis”

  1. Bro. AJK says:

    How could St. Januarius in Naples, NY, look any worse?

  2. I’m a little suprised they didn’t pull Fr. Mull out of Canandaigua for this assignment.

    I have to agree, the St. Januarius church building is a little different. I’ve attended several masses there. Very 60’s.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pity the poor priest who takes over at this parish! We all know it will be a priest since all the women Pastoral Administrators have been appointed to parishes before the priests. Totally agree with anonymous 4:35

  4. Dr. K says:

    Great news!

  5. OLS Parishioner says:

    St. Mary’s in Rushville is being closed in the near future, It is part of Our Lady of the Lake.

  6. Scott W. says:

    Not to argue, but if I were an orthodox bishop, I would very much game the system (as long as it was minimally legal) to put my best party men in the most prominent parishes. Of course, non-party men (i.e. dissidents) would be shown the door and this all goes back to the real solution: appoint good bishops in the first place.

  7. militia says:

    Rushville is basically closed. There have been no weekend Masses there since Sept. 2009, but they’re still taking out over $20,000 a year to pay OLOL for doing nothing. Dundee has been officially closed since June 2009.

  8. Dr. K says:

    Any chance at getting a screenshot of this blog entry?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have heard about Charlotte’s Web. Poor Nativity BVM (Brockport)!!!!!

  10. Irondequoit Mom says:

    Father Leone, pastor of St. Cecilia’s parish is leaving in June. Oh my dear, is it possible that the DOR can fit into OLV?

  11. Abaccio says:

    They can all fit into St. Stanislaus at 1:30 PM for Mass in the Extraordinary Form!

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