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Pastoral Appointments Update – 3/12

March 12th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

Mardi Gras is coming to Brockport

A reader has sent an e-mail informing us that Charlotte Bruney, pastoral administrator of St. Vincent De Paul in Churchville since 1998, has been named the future Pastoral Administrator of Nativity in Brockport.

Perhaps her position on the priest’s personnel board played at least a small part in her getting another administrator job. By the way, what is a lay person doing on the priest personnel board to begin with? If anyone in Brockport is displeased with the news, keep in mind that we will likely have new a bishop as soon as next year, and that he may decide to do away with lay pastoral administration in this diocese.

Update: A reader claims that Irene Goodwin, presently administrator of St. Mary of the Assumption, will assume leadership of the new cluster which will also include St. Vincent De Paul and St. Columba.

Appointments so far, to take place by June:

Charlotte Bruney from Pastoral Administrator of St. Vincent De Paul (Churchville) to Pastoral Administrator of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Brockport).
Irene Goodwin from Pastoral Administrator of St. Mary of the Assumption to Pastoral Administrator of St. Mary of the Assumption/St. Vincent De Paul/St. Columba.
Fr. Timothy Horan from Parochial Vicar of Blessed Kateri (Irondequoit) to Pastor of Holy Trinity (Webster).
Fr. Robert Kennedy from Pastor of Blessed Sacrament (Rochester) to Pastor of Blessed Sacrament/St. Boniface and priestly duties at St. Mary downtown (Rochester).
Fr. William Michatek from Pastor of Holy Trinity to retirement.
Fr. Kevin Murphy from Pastor of St. Louis to retirement.

TBA: Nativity [Brockport] (Sacramental Minister), St. Vincent DePaul/St. Columba/St. Mary [SW Monroe], St. Louis [Pittsford], Holy Family [Auburn], and St. Michael/St. John the Evangelist/St. Patrick [Lyons, Clyde, Savannah]. Others to watch because of priests around 70 years of age:  St. Lawrence [Greece], Mother of Sorrows [Greece], and Holy Cross [Charlotte].  Sr. Joan Sobala at St. Anne is over 70, but you know she is not going anywhere because of diocesan politics. St. Rita’s leader has served the maximum 12 years, or two terms. St. Pius X’s Sacramental Minister may be open if Fr. Tim Brown does not return. We are uncertain whether the new city northeast parish of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini will experience any leadership changes at either the priest and/or administrator positions. If new priests are appointed, they will most likely be bilingual.

Please continue to inform us of pastoral changes in your local parishes.

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18 Responses to “Pastoral Appointments Update – 3/12”

  1. avatar Dr. K says:

    irene goodwin will replace charlotte

    Thanks. Made the update.

  2. Deb Housel said from the start of NE Rochester’s pastoral planning that she and Fr. Paul’s terms were only for one year. So I expect a leadership change at SFXC.

    It will also be interesting to see what happens in Auburn with the Holy Family Church opening and whether they folow the Auburn pastoral plan and continue clustering in that part of the diocese or hold off for another year.

  3. avatar Dr. K says:

    Please don’t tell us this was during a Mass(!)

    I believe it was. They had a Mardi Gras party after Mass on Feb 26th.

  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    That is not Nativity Church. Perhaps the poster thought that since C. Bruney is going to Brockport is like Mardi Gras!!

  5. avatar Dr. K says:

    No, it’s not Nativity. It is from St. Vincent De Paul. The intention is to give the people of Nativity a taste of what they will soon enjoy.

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    That is a picture of Charlotte Bruney!! She is bringing Mardi Gras with her!

  7. avatar Abaccio says:

    Anon: links you to all articles that have featured Charlotte Bruney. Of particular interest are these articles:

    Much like all of these female lay administrators, she wants to play priestess. As always, those who don’t respect one position of the church, rarely respect the rest of them. (and then you get women running the parish, wearing mardi gras masks in the Church Proper)

  8. avatar OLS Parishioner says:

    Bishop Clark announced yesterday while he was visiting Holy Family in Auburn that Fr. John Gathenya who is presently at Our Lady of the Snow in Weedsport will be the new pastor as of June. We in Our Lady of the Snow will miss his greatly. He is a very holy man.

  9. avatar snowshoes says:

    As Blessed John Henry Card. Newman observed in his masterwork on the Early Church Fathers, during a certain period, many dioceses went back and forth between Catholic and Arian bishops, and the Catholics suffered under the Arians. The primates along with the Popes sought to influence the selection of good Catholic bishops. This is one of the reasons, no doubt, that the selection of bishops is reserved to the Pope. As we know, along with our prayers that the Father’s Will be done, the egregious situation in the DoR will have the good effect of making the selection of the new bishop a high priority with our Holy Father. Oremus, and hangus on!

  10. avatar Pearls says:

    Father Kennedy…”I look forward to the day when everyone celebrates their sexuality.”

  11. avatar Dr. K says:

    He’ll be a good fit at St. Mary.

  12. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    I can’t imagine writing doesn’t help at all. Besides Bufallo Rd, I’d suggest sending letters to these addresses:

  13. Writing can and has helped; it was writing about James Callan and his Spiritus Christi sect that put Rochester and Bishop Clark on Cardinal Ratzinger’s radar screen. Writing now will likely help ensure that Rochester is blessed with a faithful shepherd after thirty years of dissent and disobedience.

  14. avatar Matt says:

    A friend from OLOL tells me that Fr Ring will be heading to St Louis in Pittsford.

  15. avatar militia says:

    How sad for the people of St. Louis. Fr. Ring has made a mess of things in OLOL. A real mess. There are people who know more about it than me, but they’re been trying to get rid of him for years. He is in the middle of a battle with the people in Naples who don’t want him to tear up their church, but he is hell-bent on doing it before he leaves. Is it retaliation for all their petitions and letters to the bishop? Who knows? But the bishop is pulling him out 2 yrs early. That tells ya something.

  16. avatar Dr. K says:

    Since this website proclaims to be accurate, thought you might want to continue to be accurate.

    I see no reason to add the name of a church which no longer exists.

  17. avatar Dr. K says:

    Try looking in a mirror before judging others.

    Do follow your own advice before attacking our readers. Thanks.

  18. avatar Anonymous says:

    Not happy at all with the appointment of Charlotte Bruney’s to Nativity at Brockport.

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