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Monthly Prayer Request for Priests

March 1st, 2011, Promulgated by benanderson

It’s the first of the month and time to print the MPRP calender for March.


3 Responses to “Monthly Prayer Request for Priests”

  1. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Could you be more specific as to how we’ve ridiculed and criticized others that judges them in a way that only Christ can judge? I’m asking because I think legitimate criticism (which we do) is often misconstrued as judging people’s souls (which we most certainly do not do).

    What is needed, if you feel that strongly is to pray for them with all your heart and soul and ask The Holy Spirit to guide them.

    certainly, but that doesn’t imply that you must stop there.

  2. avatar Dr. K says:

    I’m confused. Why this comment now, and why on this post?

  3. avatar Christopher says:

    Judge not lest ye be judged is the devil’s fav passage according to this fellow. Find out why Mr. Williams

    Dr. K’s last name is Knowledge.

    I think cf should build a Haters FAQ page

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