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Let’s build a parish in Irondequoit

March 26th, 2011, Promulgated by Monk

After demolishing five parishes in Irondequoit, Fr. Tanck wants to build a new one. He destroyed parish communities and relationships that took decades to build. How insulting to the Catholic community of Irondequoit! “Join the construction crew.” Ya right.

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12 Responses to “Let’s build a parish in Irondequoit”

  1. Jim says:

    Jim M. here: It looks as though Fr. Tanck is doing some Lenten penance here. What better way is there to chase away those nasty feelings of guilt, by having just closed two Irondequoit Parishes, than to build a brand spanking new parish!….but seriously folks…I believe Blessed Kateri cluster has lost a lot of money after the closures, and this is Fr. Tanck’s way of getting people to contribute their time, treasure, and esp. their money to help fill in the financial void.

  2. Hopefull says:

    And Fr. Tanck isn’t even a diocesan priest….he’s a Basilian. The only language they or the diocese understand is “no money.” Period. The quicker the realization overcomes them the better….maybe even before the beautiful St. Thomas the Apostle becomes a mosque. Bishop Clark won’t leave early either but he could be handed a cash pinching.

  3. Dr. K says:

    A way to help heal the parish is to allow an Easter Mass to be offered at St. Thomas the Apostle. Fr. Tanck said no at Christmas. Let’s hope he has a change of heart this Lent.

  4. Irondequoit Mom says:

    My understanding is Father Disiano’s visit/presentation on “Lets Build Parish” was from the Father Horan Camp. While this program was undoubtedly based in “good intentions” its too little too late. Father Horan sold out STA 15 months ago when the finance committee explained that if you are keeping three parishes, the best, second best and third best configurations did not include SMM – and yet, all of those included STA. They just dont seem to understand that unless you go back and do things right, anything built subsequent (whether valid or not) will yield a lackluster result. And yet, when the numbers come back on this (or their latest fundraiser) come out not as expected- they will explain it away : It’s because of the : bad weather, good weather, economy, gas prices, vacation time, easter, or the catchall “catholic taliban”. No where in there examination of the results (that is if one is done) will they suspect it is the underhanded way people have been treated/and the half-bum way of trying to make it “all better”.

  5. Matt says:

    really anon, hate-filled? That was just so vile and hate-filled alright. Yep. *eyeroll* Think before you speak!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Irondequoit Mom,
    Yes, Fr. Horan sold out the entire faith community of Irondequoit – past, present and future. The Irondequoit parishes were built by men and woman who had fortitude, integrity, honesty – guts! They put everything “on the line.” He could have fought the DoR for what he knew was right but at the end of the day, he didn’t want to suffer the consequences and the wrath of the bishop so he went along with their plan. He let Deb Housel and the IPPG do their dirty work and scatter his flock instead of being their shepherd. He now sails off to his reward where he will most likely finish out his active priestly ministry in relative comfort. For the now elderly parishioners that are still around, there isn’t much respect for such weakness.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Anon,
    Don’t be so sure. STA has their appeal at the Vatican and their parishioners await their decision. There were no grave reasons to close STA. Over 400 parishioners signed the appeal to the Vatican. You may be surprised to see the STA parish resurrected in the not so distant future. Justice will prevail. It would be the start of the new spring time in the DoR. Stay tuned!

  8. Jim says:

    Jim M. here: To anon 6:10…What planet are you from and where were you during all of the deliberations that took place over the past couple of years? I guess the truth is too painful for you. It’s so easy to drink the diocesan kool-aid, and pretend that nothing malicious is happening!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anon 11:55
    I think that is the point being made here. Fr.Horan knew that closing churches in Irondequoit was harmful to his flock but he wasn’t willing to stand-up for his convictions (or his flock). I don’t see the bashing here, just the truth be told.

  10. Jim says:

    Jim M. here: To anon 9:39…It looks to me like you and I are in agreement about the STA situation, the cluster priest and staff situation, and the kaotic mess that is the DOR. Kool aid drinker refers to those who blindly buy into a bad decision, without considering the consequences, proposed by the diocese. This blog gives us the chance to voice our opinions. If that comes across as a bratty sibling, I apologize.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7:20
    If Fr. Horan stood-up for his convictions, how come one had to have knowledge of the “inside scoop” to be aware of this? I thought the entire IPPG process was one of transparency? It is easy to stand-up behind closed doors. Why didn’t he stand-up for his convictions in front of the Irondequoit community? As I remember, he sat in the audience during the IPPG community sessions and never once raised his voice in opposition to the farce that was unfolding. Is this how a pastor should lead?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I did. He was willing to throw his own parish “under the bus” for some twisted notion of “consensus” (rather than the truth).

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