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Info Re: Fr. Corapi

March 25th, 2011, Promulgated by Hopefull

Statement of Santa Cruz Media, Inc.
Relative to Fr. Corapi’s Suspension

Santa Cruz Media, Inc. is the owner of all of Fr. John Corapi’s intellectual property and the DVDs, CDs, and books that flow from it. We are a secular corporation and not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way. As such, we are not under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church, although we have the utmost respect for Church authority.

We fully support Rev. John Corapi in this terrible trial, not surprisingly having begun on Ash Wednesday. Through the sacrifice and struggle of the desert and all of the dark moments that this entails, we are confident that the glory of the risen Lord will shine forth from the power of the Resurrection and Easter.

We have consulted with a number of canon lawyers. They have assured us that the actions of the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas are, on several points of canon law, illicit. It is our fervent hope that The Dallas Charter will be changed because of false accusations like this. There is no evidence at this time that Fr. Corapi did anything wrong, only the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee, who, after losing her job with this office, physically assaulted me and another employee and promised to “destroy” Father Corapi. We all continue to pray for this person, and we ask you to do the same.

We sincerely believe that the work Fr. Corapi has done is of greatest value to the Church, hence hated by the devil. We fully intend to make Fr. Corapi’s material available as a service to the Church and the world for as long as we possibly can.

The Church provides no financial support to Fr. Corapi. He has to pay for his own legal representation, medical costs, food, housing, etc. We have never accepted donations or charitable contributions of any kind. We are supporting Father’s efforts to defend himself. Your purchase of products from Santa Cruz Media helps provide the funding for Father’s continued work as well as the legal expenses he continues to incur as a result of these malicious allegations.

Father Corapi and all of us here at Santa Cruz Media, Inc. greatly appreciate your kindness, support, and prayers. Please continue to pray for Father Corapi and his accuser, as well as all priests who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bobbi Ruffatto
Vice President of Operations
Santa Cruz Media, Inc

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11 Responses to “Info Re: Fr. Corapi”

  1. Tammy Sime says:

    THANK YOU. For your update and in letting us know you have lawyers helping him out. Since I’ve heard this I’ve been so angry at the church and actually depressed over it. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful his talks have been to me and I know so many other as well. Tell him I’m anxiously awaiting his next talk in Appleton. I’ve been to the last two. This is just one more example, or proof I should say, how we can know God is what keeps his church going. It would never survive were it just for the stupid humans running it. I’m praying every day for him and also for the accuser, Fr. Corapi teaches to hate the sin and love the sinner. It’s interesting how this started on Ash Wednesday, the first of 40 days of suffering. I am hoping God allowed this because he is so loved that maybe it will get enough attention to get this stupid, unfair Canon Law changed.

  2. Dr. K says:

    Good information.

    Welcome aboard, Hopefull!

  3. Bill B. says:

    “it will get enough attention to get this stupid, unfair Canon Law changed.” Hmmmm, perhaps the lay preachers are thinking the exact same thing! A contest…

  4. James says:

    “The Church provides no financial support to Fr. Corapi. He has to pay for his own legal representation, medical costs, food, housing, etc”

    Don’t Priests receive room and board and medical coverage through the Church? I just found this surpising…

  5. jetscubs86 says:

    Good for you Santa Cruz Media. I won’t allow EWTN on any of my TV’s until Fr. Corapi comes back on. I believe there’s a phrase that goes “innocent until proven guilty”. That knife that the “lay run” EWTN stuck in Fr. Corapi’s back will leave a deep wound. I will wholeheartedly stand behind Fr. Corapi.

  6. Nerina says:

    Bill B.,

    How is your comment relevant? Again, another attempt to be funny, I guess, while this man’s reputation, livelihood and priestly function are at stake.

  7. Bill Benton says:

    Nerina: only funny enough to catch the simplistic statement regarding obtaining cannon lawyers to change a “stupid law” for the attacked priest in comparison to this diocese interpretation of cannon law to allow lay this and that. It is not funny about the acusatiion; however, since the church has a distinctive history in this arena, it may be better to place him to the side now to await results. Look at poor Father Stager. He gets broadsided for his possible straying. He did not get the chance to clear his name. He died! He still has a pall over himself because we don’t know. It is all in how you look at it.

  8. Hopefull says:

    I am happy to see that the EWTN local affiliate, WHIC, has continue to run Fr. Corapi programs at noon. Good for them.

  9. Hopefull says:

    A Canon Lawyer’s Update re Fr. Corapi…notice the apparent violation of Fr. Corapi’s rights.

    Father Corapi on Administrative Leave – Update from Rev. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L.

    Fr. John Corapi has been suspended from priestly functions because of an accusation against him from a former employee. There seems to be a great deal of speculation and confusion regarding what this entails.

    When an accusation arrives at the desk of a Religious Superior or a bishop, the procedure calls for a quick, confidential assessment as to the veracity of the accusation. With the advent of the Dallas Procedural Norms the necessary pieces of information required before imposing administrative leave varies from diocese to diocese and Order to Order. In most cases, if an accuser knows the name of the priest, the location at the time of the alleged incident and the year the priest was serving, the accusation is considered “credible.” The accused is supposed to be provided with the opportunity to respond to the accusations in a face-to-face meeting with his Superior prior to the imposition of suspension or administrative leave. In Father Corapi’s case, this never happened.

    When a priest is on administrative leave he is to refrain from any public actions as a priest, such as offering Mass or hearing confessions, or from dressing as a priest in any public forum. The decree from his superiors clearly spells out limitations upon Fr. Corapi, but does not preclude him from speaking publicly provided he does not dress as a cleric and does not offer Mass publicly. Fr. John Corapi has observed these directives. Church bodies are to observe these limitations, though the order does not apply to lay organizations or Church organizations beyond the scope of what has been decreed.

    Several Catholic media sources have removed Fr. Corapi from their outlets. This is over and above what is required by canon law and the Dallas Norms. Nothing in the order placing Father Corapi on administrative leave precludes distribution of previously recorded materials. Santa Cruz Media is in full compliance with Canon Law and the administrative leave under which Fr. Corapi is functioning.

    Fr. Corapi is doing all in his power to cooperate and work with his Religious Society to see that this allegation is quickly cleared up and he is allowed to return to full ministry. The length of this administrative leave is strictly up to the Society and their process of inquiry before a decision is rendered.

    We continue to ask everyone to pray for Fr. Corapi, for the accuser and for a quick resolution to this matter.

    God bless you,

    Rev. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L.

  10. mary johnson says:

    I am glad that at least Santa Cruz Media is sticking by Father Corapi. I am disgusted with this accusation against Father and I pray that it is over soon. It is a shame he is relieved of his priestly duties for now. But you are a Priest forever according to Christ. I am offering my Easter Mass and Holy Communion for you Father. Try to have a Happy Easter. God bless you. MJ

  11. militia says:

    Ticketmaster is listing the Boston Garden event in August with Father Corapi (sponsored by Catholic Radio) as cancelled. This may have already been reported, but I missed it.

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