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Crucifixion in the Grove

March 10th, 2011, Promulgated by Bernie

Refectory of the Holy Cross Fathers, Katpadi, (Near Udipi, Mangalore). Oil and acrylic on cloth pasted on board.

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One Response to “Crucifixion in the Grove”

  1. Bernie says:

    I found this crucifixion scene rather appealing for a couple of reasons. It has an overall harmony attained through the repeated use of the shapes of gnarled tree trunks and the angular bodies of the theives. There is a feeling of cross shapes in the arrangement of the tree trunks in the background. Squint a little and you will see what I mean. The body of the Lord is emphasized by its larger size and slightly different shape, with rendering in sweeping lines and shapes rather than angular ones. The color is, of course, an important element in this work with warm -almost hot- colors reserved for the crucified figures providing harmony and the slightly more nuetral purples of the tree trunks and green of the leaves providing contrast. The hot temperature of the colors perhaps expresses the tropical climate. A little like a stained glass window, I think. St. John, of course, is identified by his red cloak and Mary by her virginal, pure white robe. The bad thieve looks down, the good thieve up. The tunks of the trees conspire to frame the scene.

    I bet this paintng was done by one of the fathers or a local resident and recalls a grove on the property.

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