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Arch. Dolan Urges Lawmakers to Support School Choice

March 1st, 2011, Promulgated by b a

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The archbishop, speaking about the crisis in Catholic schools, said that of all of the education priorities of the Church in New York State, “it is in the area of parental choice that we see the gravest injustice perpetrated on families.”

He said the injustice extends not just to Catholic school families, but also to families with children in troubled public schools and those who struggle to send their children to yeshivas and other independent schools.

“There are thousands of children trapped in chronically low-performing government schools—schools that have been proven to be ineffective,” Archbishop Dolan said Feb. 15 at the joint legislative hearing on school funding in Albany.

“The cost to the taxpayer and society in general is exorbitant,” he said. “The cost to the family, in the form of shattered hopes and dreams and lost human potential is far deeper and more painful.”

The archbishop urged lawmakers to enact “a scholarship or education tax credit program that will provide meaningful assistance” to enable parents to choose the most suitable schools.

“All I’m asking is that, in justice, in your moves to promote education, please let it be for all our kids,” he said.

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